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  1. Rockler 45 Degree Miter Sled

    Rockler 45 Degree Miter Sled

    Perfect miters - no adjustments! Simply cut one piece on the leading face, one on the trailing face, and voila! Since both pieces reference off a perfect 90&deg angle, the miters will fit perfectly.* Pre-installed adjustable nylon pins provide a no-slop fit to the miter track.* Through-slots in…

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  2. EasyCoper for Crown Molding

    EasyCoper for Crown Molding

    …to quickly and easily cope crown molding with a power jig saw instead of a coping saw, reducing wrist, hand and arm stress. Coped crown molding is actually one piece of crown fitting over the other piece, instead of the two being mitered at the inside corner.* Handles up to 5-1/2" molding.* Durable…

  3. Bench Dog® Crown-Cut

    Bench Dog® Crown-Cut

    …and easiest way to cut crown and cove molding.* Fits all 10" and larger miter saws, regular or sliding.* Exclusive fence risers adjust to fit crown and cove molding up to 6" wide.* Integral setup guide prevents costly miscuts!* Completely portable. Does NOT need to be attached to your miter saw.

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  4. Bench Dog® Feather-Loc® (Pair) 40-011

    Bench Dog® Feather-Loc® (Pair) 40-011

    …the tension fast, easy, and repeatable. * Slides quickly into 1/4" T-tracks.* Featured on all Bench Dog® Tools fences, as well as most Rockler fences.* Sold as a pair.* Optional Miter Slot Adapter (27603, sold separately) allows you to secure Feather-Loc® to any 3/8" x 3/4" miter slot.

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  5. Kreg™ Precision Measuring Systems Kit

    Kreg™ Precision Measuring Systems Kit

    Complete measuring system for your miter saw, radial arm saw or drill press is faster and more accurate than putting a pencil mark on every board!* Just set precision lens cursor to desired length and place board against stop - you're ready to cut to length. Technical Details:* Kit includes four 2'…

  6. Incra® Miter Slider Bars

    Incra® Miter Slider Bars

    …repeatability! Extruded aluminum miter bar has adjustable aluminum runner for perfect sliding action and can be locked in place for stationary table saw and router table jigs. Make your own featherboards, small and large crosscut boxes, 45° miter jig and your own jig designs. Won't warp, swell…

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  7. Rockler Dovetail Miter Bars

    Rockler Dovetail Miter Bars

    Miter Bar excels. With its 14° wedge-shaped profile, it holds your jig firmly to the work surface for precision, consistency and repeatability where lifting is a concern. Whether you're cutting box joints, finger joints or thickness planing with a router, adding a Dovetail Miter Bar to your jig

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  8. Carter Accuright® Log Mill™

    Carter Accuright® Log Mill™

    …lets you make repetitive cuts or use with a stationary fence on your saw as a jig for same-thickness cuts* Turns raw logs into beautiful, ready-to-use lumberIncludes:* Heavy-duty steel frame* MDF log mill platform* Steel miter bar* Front clamping assembly* Back locking jaw* Self-adhesive Mylar slide…

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  9. Rockler Aluminum Miter Bar

    Rockler Aluminum Miter Bar

    Set up your jigs for smooth-sliding action on table saws, router tables, workbenches and more! These solid aluminum bars have nylon set screws in the miter bar that adjust in or out for a perfect fit in any standard 3/4" x 3/8" miter slot. Available individually in 18", 24" and 36" lengths.* Great…

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  10. Cutoff Platform for Rockler Cross Cut Sled

    Cutoff Platform for Rockler Cross Cut Sled

    …Table Saws. This platform zeroes out flush to the blade, preventing drop-off pieces from splitting off unpredictably or getting jammed in the throat plate. Additional features:* Aluminum miter bar has adjustable nylon set screws to ensure a snug fit in the miter track.* Locking clamp on miter bar…

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  11. Incra Build It Starter Kit

    Incra Build It Starter Kit

    …plus the plans for 5 useful workshop jigs. Warm up with the disc sander jig or the squaring jig for fast results. Then try the coping sled for clean, square rail-ends, throw the crosscut sled together for angled cuts on the table saw or build the tenoning jig for crisp tenons in almost no time. The…

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  12. Rockler Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

    Rockler Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

    Cut custom coves on your table saw without juggling all those fences and clamps! This jig includes everything you need for safe, easy coving in one easy-to-use package. Accepts stock up to 7" wide and 1-1/2" thick, enabling you to cut huge crown moldings that would cost a fortune from the…

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  13. Rockler Taper / Straight Line Jig

    Rockler Taper / Straight Line Jig

    …chair legs, table legs and more. Jig fits snug in any standard 3/8" x 3/4" miter slot and features a large, ergonomic handle for smooth push-action performance throughout the cut. Plus, with the miter bar removed it doubles as a stable straight line ripping jig. * Measures 31-5/8" x 7-3/4".*…

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  14. Rockwell® Blade Runner™ Jig Saw, Multi-Purpose Precision Cutter

    Rockwell® Blade Runner™ Jig Saw, Multi-Purpose Precision Cutter

    Get more bang for your buck with a saw that does it all! This multi-purpose saw makes straight cuts or curved cuts on everything from wood and metal to ceramic tile, plastic, PVC and more.* Use it in your shop or take it to your job site - weighs just over 17 lbs.* Uses standard T-shank jigsaw…

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  15. Micro Jig ZeroPlay® Guide Bar

    Micro Jig ZeroPlay® Guide Bar

    Each Micro Jig ZeroPlay Guide Bar is composed of two interlocking plastic bars that adjust laterally to theexact width of your miter slot to stabilize your jigs. Guide bars are easily calibrated from the top of jigs and fixtures and are easy to retrofit. The ZeroPlay Guide Bar is a "One-Touch…

  16. Segmented Bowl Setup Angles

    Segmented Bowl Setup Angles

    …bowl segments? Now you can take the guesswork out of your next setup! Set of seven angle blocks allow you to quickly and accurately set up your miter gauge or blade angle to cut precise segmented bowl pieces.* Compare to aluminum angle blocks that cost $100 more!* Includes 45° block (for 4…

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  17. Rockler Miter Slot Hardware Kit

    Rockler Miter Slot Hardware Kit

    Make your own jigs and hold-downs!* Excellent for attaching featherboards, hold-downs and special jigs to your table saw, router table, disc sander or any other tool with a standard 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep miter gauge slot. Hardware kit allows you to make your own jigs and hold-downs. * 4-3/4" long…

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  18. Kapex Crown Stop with Base Extension

    Kapex Crown Stop with Base Extension

    …sliding compound miter saw, the Crown Stop with Base Extension supports nested workpieces at any angle, and provides enhanced material support to the left or right of the saw. Integrated t-slots enable additional clamping capability, expanding the use of job-specific jigs when used with Festool…

  19. Bench Dog® Tandem Feather-Loc®

    Bench Dog® Tandem Feather-Loc®

    …this tough polymer attachment on 1/4" T-tracks or standard miter slots to secure tall stock for safe, clean cutting. Great for edge routing tall panels, resawing stock on the band saw, or ensuring chatter-free cuts on the table saw. Technical Details:* Ergonomic T-knobs make for comfortable…

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  20. Micro Jig Microdial Tapering Jig

    Micro Jig Microdial Tapering Jig

    …index holes, and set the jig by lining up your layout marks. The tapering jig is designed to interface seamlessly with the optional Grr-Ripper GR-200 (30737, sold separately) for the ultimate in safety and versatility. Technical Details:* Ideal for use with your table saw, but can also be used with…

  21. Woodsmith Box Joint Jig

    Woodsmith Box Joint Jig

    …Woodsmith Box Joint Jig attaches to any miter gauge and works on any table saw or router table. The box joint jig provides an easy, accurate way to get perfect-fitting box joints. Use the Freud Box Joint Cutter Set (sold separately, 27371) to make precise joints on your table saw, or our 4-Piece…

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  22. Heavy-Duty Tenoning Jig

    Heavy-Duty Tenoning Jig

    Safety, accuracy and repeatability are the hallmarks of this heavy-duty tenoning jig. Designed to fit any table saw with a 3/4" x 3/8" miter groove, this jig will hold your stock in precise position. The adjustable back stop will support stock from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. The width of the cut is…

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  23. Micro Jig ZeroPlay™ Guide Bar System

    Micro Jig ZeroPlay™ Guide Bar System

    …exact width of your miter slot to stabilize your jigs. Guide bars are easily calibrated from the top of jigs and fixtures and are easy to retrofit. Includes two guide bars, two ZeroPlay™ stops and assembly hardware as well as plans to build a table saw crosscutting jig with off cut deflector,…

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  24. Rockler Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig

    Rockler Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig

    …eliminating the danger of pushing narrow strips between the saw and fence. Since the strip is not trapped between the blade and fence, there is also less risk of binding and kickback. It's simple to use; a single knob locks the jig into the miter track and locks your setting at the same time. Ball…

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