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  1. Miter-Tight Picture Frame Clamp

    Miter-Tight Picture Frame Clamp

    Take the frustration out of frame joints with this convenient clamp. Spring-loaded jaws transfer clamping pressure directly to the joint. The large ergonomic knob easily tightens jaws onto frames 5/8" to 2-7/8" wide. Back jaws adjust up to 1° to ensure a perfect fit if joint is slightly out of…

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  2. Miter Vise

    Miter Vise

    The professional way to clamp square frames. Jaws and base are made of cast iron. This miter vise can be rotated, swung and locked into the most convenient position to make fastening frames easy. The heavy casting is machined as one part, guaranteeing that the jaws will be in perfect alignment.…

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  3. Spring Miter Clamp Set

    Spring Miter Clamp Set

    Master all your clamping needs!* Perfect for picture frames and furniture repairs. * Kit contains spreader tool and four each of the following clamps: 2-9/16", 3-3/8", 4-3/16" and 4-15/16".* Also includes four suction feet for attachment to clip ends to prevent marring.

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  4. Trim Clip Miter Clip

    Trim Clip Miter Clip

    Clamping miters couldn't get much easier than with the Miter Clip. Just position the Miter Clip and squeeze-the reverse cam mechanism applies pressure and holds the miter clamp firmly shut, while the notch keeps the tips of the miters neatly aligned. Once clamped, you can also rotate the clamp

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  5. Cutoff Platform for Rockler Cross Cut Sled

    Cutoff Platform for Rockler Cross Cut Sled

    …out flush to the blade, preventing drop-off pieces from splitting off unpredictably or getting jammed in the throat plate. Additional features:* Aluminum miter bar has adjustable nylon set screws to ensure a snug fit in the miter track.* Locking clamp on miter bar tightens with a single screw.

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  6. Kreg Large Face Clamp, with Soft Grip Handles

    Kreg Large Face Clamp, with Soft Grip Handles

    …(opposite the pocket holes), clamp with moderate pressure and drive a screw.* Features a large, easy-to-grip handle for maximum leverage in clamping.* Oversized 6" throat depth reaches across most frame widths.* Ideal for flat stock, including face and mitered picture frames.* Maximum opening:…

  7. Lamello Fixo — the Self-Clamping Biscuit

    Lamello Fixo — the Self-Clamping Biscuit

    …and more, and the H-Style Biscuits (25059) to join boards "on end" for cabinet bases, mitered boxes, etc. Technical Details: H-Style Fixo Biscuits (25059) have a multitude of applications:* Cabinet bases* Mitered boxes* Supporting connections* Extensions for boards and profiles* Picture frames* Fast…

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  8. Festool Kapex KS 120 EB Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    Festool Kapex KS 120 EB Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    …design, remarkable dust collection capability and a seemingly endless list of premium features, the Kapex is the most advanced sliding compound miter saw on the market today. It weighs only 47 lbs. and features a unique rail-forward design, allowing for easy transportation and operation right up…

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  9. BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Blocks, Pair

    BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Blocks, Pair

    …the circular clamping surface allows force to be applied at any angle, and with pinpoint precision. That versatility means you can say goodbye to those cluttered heaps of miter blocks that are good only for specific angles. In addition to handling virtually any miter, these easily clamp notoriously…

  10. Micro Jig ZeroPlay® Stop ZP9-S1

    Micro Jig ZeroPlay® Stop ZP9-S1

    More than just a miter stop! Small and versatile, this stop can also lock a jig in place or serve as a lock to secure a hold-down clamp (not included) in the miter slot. Fits standard 3/4" x 3/8" T-Style miter slots.

  11. Festool CMS Sliding Table

    Festool CMS Sliding Table

    …to the sliding table are multiple mounting points for the optional Miter Gauge assembly with fence (45173, sold separately). The Miter Gauge, in conjunction with the sliding table, provides the means to set angles, as well as clamp the material to the fence on the gauge and move the entire piece in…

  12. Trim Clip Miter Aid

    Trim Clip Miter Aid

    …with the Miter Aid. Simply clip it on with the integral spring clamp, and the Miter Aid provides a slot for your tape measure, perfectly aligned with the inside corner of a 45° miter. No need for an assistant and no need to measure from the one inch mark and subtract. The Miter Aid also provides…

  13. Incra Build-It System Components

    Incra Build-It System Components

    …anything from simple shooter boards to deluxe crosscut, miter and coping sleds. It's perfect for expensive specialty items like tenoning jigs. Unlike conventional jigs, you can add features or redesign at any time. Right Angle Brackets, Clamp and Knobs all work seamlessly with the T-slot for easy…

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  14. Powermatic TS29 Shaper, 7-1/2HP 3PH 230/460V with Sliding Table

    Powermatic TS29 Shaper, 7-1/2HP 3PH 230/460V with Sliding Table

    …addition, on board the table is a large miter head complete with stock hold-down clamp and a 56" miter fence with flip stop. The large table can easily accommodate a stock feeder for longer production runs.* Sliding table with 4-foot stroke works with miter head, hold-down and fence to accomodate…

  15. 45° Lock Miter Router Bit -1/2'' Shank

    45° Lock Miter Router Bit -1/2'' Shank

    Tight miter joints are a hallmark of fine woodworking, and this bit will cut them in spades. Once cut, the miters interlock mechanically, and clamping is easy since the parts can't slide around. There is also more gluing area, so the joint is stronger than a straight miter. Machining parts with the…

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  16. Incra Miter Express Miter Sled

    Incra Miter Express Miter Sled

    …Safely handles large and extra small workpieces.* Excellent crosscut and mitering control.* Comes with hold-down clamp and aluminum miter bar.* With quick-release feature.* Works with any miter gauge in your shop! The Miter Express features removable front and rear T-Slot Retaining Clips for sled…

  17. 45 Degree Miter Sled

    45 Degree Miter Sled

    …Since both pieces reference off a perfect 90&deg angle, the miters will fit perfectly.* Pre-installed adjustable nylon pins provide a no-slop fit to the miter track.* Through-slots in the base allow you to securely clamp moldings at table level.* Can be easily drilled to add extended fences…

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  18. Dual Function Swiveling Base

    Dual Function Swiveling Base

    Swiveling Base attaches to the Rockler Miter-Tight Picture Frame Clamp (sold separately) and features a matching hole pattern for easy mounting. Base serves to elevate your work and allows you to gain improved work angles for access to outside frame edges.

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  19. Dowelmax Classic Doweling Jig

    Dowelmax Classic Doweling Jig

    …that can be flush, offset, mitered, face type, t-type, double or triple row, and of any length or thickness. The standard clamping capacity for work piece thickness is 4 inches which can be expanded to any width by detaching the clamp bracket and using an external clamp. No measuring is required;…

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  20. Bosch 12'' Glide Miter Saw

    Bosch 12'' Glide Miter Saw

    …up front for fine miter angle adjustment* Bevel Detents: 0°, 33.9°, 45° Left/Right for accurate cuts* 90% dust collection is optimized for cutting 2x material with a vacuum* Ergonomic ambidextrous trigger handle with soft grip* Includes a 12'' 60T blade, material clamp, and a dust bag*…

  21. Festool MFT/3 Kapex Table

    Festool MFT/3 Kapex Table

    …especially for use with the Kapex miter saw, it delivers the full versatility and features of the Festool multifunction table system. On the jobsite or in the workshop, use the MFT/3-Kapex as a supplemental work surface for sanding, jointing, clamping, or just about anything else. The perforated…

  22. Nobex Proman Miter Saw

    Nobex Proman Miter Saw

    …setting quick and easy. The multi directional fast action clamp can be used in two positions holding the wood securely in place while cutting. For longer pieces of wood, the Proman features a telescopic length stop. The Nobex Proman Miter Saw comes with a 24TPI blade making it ideal for very fine…

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  23. Jet® 10'' Sliding Dua-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

    Jet® 10'' Sliding Dua-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

    …15-amp motor for various cutting applications* Hold-down clamp ensures an accurate cut by stabilizing the work piece* Oversized ergonomic knobs provide ease of use and maximum control* Upfront controls for safety and ease of use* Quick cam miter lock conveniently adjusts and stops at 10 detents:…

  24. Great Book of Woodworking Tips

    Great Book of Woodworking Tips

    …How to move, store and saw 4x8 sheets all by yourself.* How to make drawer slides that really glide and never wear out.* How to joint and plane to thickness without maddening snipe.* How to clamp and glue awkward miters and curved parts.* How to flatten warped wood (it's easier than you think!).

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