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  1. iGaging Ebony Marking/Mortise Gauge

    iGaging Ebony Marking/Mortise Gauge

    …ebony, this marking gauge is an excellent value, yet cuts no corners when it comes to quality. And when it comes time to cut those mortises, the fine lines laid out by this gauge will guarantee precise results. One side of the beam has two pins for use as a mortise gauge when laying out the outlines…

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  2. Digital Wheel Marking Gauge

    Digital Wheel Marking Gauge

    …compartment.* Beveled wheel cutter pulls gauge against stock.* Slices through grain rather than tearing, or following the grain.* Screw in wheel cutter is recessed for easy zeroing, and also enables the gauge to be used as a depth gauge.* Area where bar enters gauge face is recessed to prevent dust…

  3. Festool DOMINO® DF 500 Q Joiner with SYS 2 T-Loc Systainer

    Festool DOMINO® DF 500 Q Joiner with SYS 2 T-Loc Systainer

    …alignment during the joining process. Built-in features such as an adjustable fence angle, retractable stop pins, adjustable cutter height with step gauge, and precise mortise depth stop enables perfect mortise placement and spacing. Complete the joint with extremely durable, pre-fabricated, beech…

  4. iGaging Digital 3-in-1 Marking/Mortise Gauge

    iGaging Digital 3-in-1 Marking/Mortise Gauge

    …Digital 3-in-1 Marking and Mortising Gauge does everything a traditional gauge does and more. But that's not all. As a digital gauge, it does it all with an accuracy of 1/1000th of an inch. Versatile 3-pin design allows you to set up the gauge in several different configurations, depending…

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  5. iGaging Snap Depth Gauge

    iGaging Snap Depth Gauge

    Measure depths from 0 to 4" with inch, metric or fraction readout modes! Springloadedtravel provides accuracy to 0.001". Check the depth of slots, dovetails, mortises,dadoes and more. Quickly quantify table saw runout and measure the flatness of yourblade. Interchangeable 1" and 2" measuring bars…

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  6. No-Mortise Bed Rail Brackets

    No-Mortise Bed Rail Brackets

    …maintain a perfect 90° angle. The 5/16" connecting bolt is held captive in the bed rail bracket, so you never have to worry about losing it. Made from 0.072 gauge zinc-plated cold-rolled steel. Assembled dimensions:1-3/8"W x 3-9/16"H. Includes enough brackets for one bed. Screws not included.

  7. Rockler Glue Applicator Set

    Rockler Glue Applicator Set

    …integral fold-away tip plug to prevent tip from becoming clogged.* Ergonomically designed with angled head.* Tip is easily visible so you can gauge your glue flow visually.* Thread is compatible with Titebond 16 and 32 oz bottles. Mortise Glue Applicator * Flattened design fits into traditional…

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  8. Woodworker's Journal 25 Jigs and Fixtures, CD

    Woodworker's Journal 25 Jigs and Fixtures, CD

    …Fixture* Crosscut Sled* Circle Cutting Jig* Cutting Perfect Miters* Slot Tenon Jig* Grinder Stand* Hold-Down Miter* Ultimate Angle Jig* Marking Gauge* Mortise Centering Jig* Miter Clamping Jig* Plywood Storage Rack* Router Jig for Stopped Dado* Round Object Drilling Jig* Sawhorse Outfeed Table*…

  9. The Best of Woodworker's Journal, 3 Book Set

    The Best of Woodworker's Journal, 3 Book Set

    …Easy Access Storage Bins* Battery Charger Cabinet* Simple Veneer Press* Handcrafted Joiner's Mallet* Plane Making 101* Trapped-Wedge Layout Gauge* Tabletop Downdraft Jig* Downdraft Workbench* All-Purpose Shop Table* All-Purpose Accessories Cart* Mobile Clamping Cart for the Small Shop* Ultimate…

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