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  1. Qualasole ™ ''The Modern French Polish''

    Qualasole ™ ''The Modern French Polish''

    …with age. This innovative product requires no oil when polishing, padding, touching up or renovating. It is applied with a pad in the same manner as French polish either to raw wood or over any cured shellac, varnish, lacquer, paint or enamel finish. Results in speedy, permanent new finishes or…

  2. Deft® Waterborne Clear Wood Finish

    Deft® Waterborne Clear Wood Finish

    …has very little odor, cleans up with soap and water and boasts the performance of lacquer in a water-based acrylic formula. Goes on crystal clear and will not yellow over time. Application is easy with a brush, pad, roller or spray gun. Provides good resistance to water, alcohol and stains, and…

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  3. Hand-Applied Finishes with Jeff Jewitt DVD

    Hand-Applied Finishes with Jeff Jewitt DVD

    …using simple tools and the correct techniques. Learn about preparing surfaces, using pore fillers, mixing stains, brushing on varnish, using pad lacquer and shellac, applying French polish, and rubbing out a finish. This DVD combines two videos: Hand-Appplied Finishes: Coloring Wood and Hand-Applied…

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  4. Furniture Refinisher

    Furniture Refinisher

    …conventional furniture strippers.* Always wear rubber gloves and protective eyewear.* Rub the surface with a mesh pad dipped in Furniture Refinisher.* Repeat as needed.* Resoak the pad and rub with the grain.* Allow the piece to set at least overnight prior to applying a new finish. Shipped only by…

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  5. Liberon Ring Remover

    Liberon Ring Remover

    …wood, and a wood bleach will be necessary.) Ring Remover removes white heat and water marks on many hard surfaces, including varnishes, shellacs, lacquer, French polish and polyurethane. One of Liberon's top selling repair products!* Easy to apply! Use a clean lint-free cotton cloth and rub in a…

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  6. LK-1 Lacquer Burn-In Knife

    LK-1 Lacquer Burn-In Knife

    Repair scratches and dents in one easy step with the LK-1 Lacquer Burn-In Knife – no sanding or staining necessary! Melts and smooths lacquer sticks into scratches and gouges for easy, seamless repairs. Heats up to 300° in under two minutes. Heating element is situated under the tip so the…

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  7. Liberon Steel Wool - #0000 Extra Fine

    Liberon Steel Wool - #0000 Extra Fine

    …has the longest continuous running fibers and is practically oil-free. Crumble-resistant. Ideal for applying paste wax and cutting back coats of lacquer, French polishes and shellacs.* Excellent liquid retention for evenly spreading strippers, solvents and cleaners.* Long life - even on a lathe!

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  8. Liberon Repair, Renovate, Revive Kit

    Liberon Repair, Renovate, Revive Kit

    …including French Polishes, lacquers, varnishes and modern hard finishes.* Wax and Polish Remover removes wax and grime, and cleans all interior wood. Will not lift veneers or raise the grain, making it suitable for even the most delicate surfaces.* Multi-purpose steel wool pads allow you to clean,…

  9. Wool-Lube ™

    Wool-Lube ™

    …lubricant for preparing furniture for final waxing and polishing. Quickly removes pack marks, soiling and fingerprints and can even be recoated with lacquer! It is water-soluble, silicone-free and cleans up very quickly. Use with water and apply with a 0000 steel wool, nylon pad or sandpaper. Pint.

  10. Mirka Abranet 5'' Sanding Discs, 9-Pack, Assorted Grits

    Mirka Abranet 5'' Sanding Discs, 9-Pack, Assorted Grits

    …finishes. They perform beautifully for topcoat sanding, with virtually zero pilling or corning. Includes a pad protector (black disc in image) to prevent premature wear on your sanding pad from dust migrating through the discs. Made in Finland. * Hook-and-loop design for easy grit changes* Aluminum…

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