Push To Release Latch

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  1. Mini-Latch Automatic Spring Catch

    Mini-Latch Automatic Spring Catch

    …until you want them to open with the Mini-Latch Automatic Spring Catch! A gentle push activates the release, allowing the door to open. Perfect for keeping pets out of cabinets as well as, from what our customers tell us, keeping doors shut even during an earthquake! Easy to install and affordable,…

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  2. Double Magnetic Touch Latch-Select color

    Double Magnetic Touch Latch-Select color

    This Double Magnetic Touch Latch is the perfect answer for double doors. Each side works independently, and releases when door is pushed. Available in Black or Brown. Press to open and close. 5/8" H x 1-5/16" L x 2-5/16" W. Easily surface mounts to cabinet side, bottom or underside of a fixed shelf.

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    From: $5.59
  3. Keyless Cam Locks-Locks

    Keyless Cam Locks-Locks

    …* Push the change button in (located on bottom of the lock) with a paper clip while setting a new combination. With the combo set at 0 0 0 turn the threaded cylinder while keeping the front housing and cam stationary.* Set the combination to the number that opens the lock.* Release pressure…

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    From: $17.99
  4. Positive Action Push Button Catch

    Positive Action Push Button Catch

    Positive Action Push Button Catch is ideal for boats, trailers, recreational vehicles. Unobtrusive in tight walk through spaces. Just push the knob to lock or release the catch. * Requires a 26mm hole.* Use for inset or overlay applications on 3/4" stock.* Measures 1- 3/4" High x 2" W.* Knob…

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  5. Elbow Catch

    Elbow Catch

    The Elbow Catch is an economical option for securing one door to the cabinet in double door applications. Made of brass plated steel. Can be used on wood or metal doors. Allows for door to lock shut when pushed. Requires releasing hook to open the door. Supplied with 5/8" screws.

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