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  1. Drawer Sides-Select Size

    Drawer Sides-Select Size

    …Size is 1/2" thick and have a 1/4" dado for the drawer bottom located 1/4" from the bottom edge.* Simply cut to length and assemble with your drawer front.* Available in 4 foot lengths.* Sizes listed are width. Click here to see our exclusive Clamp-It Assembly Square, handy for assembling drawers.

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  2. Custom Drawers - Now with Dovetail Joints!

    Custom Drawers - Now with Dovetail Joints!

    …Our dovetail drawers are available in four species of solid wood (Red Oak, White Oak, White Maple and Beech), as well as Baltic Birch plywood. Drawers include the front, back, sides and bottom of a basic drawer box. You supply the decorative drawer front to match your cabinetry. Drawers are shipped…

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  3. Metal Drawer Slides and Sides

    Metal Drawer Slides and Sides

    …epoxy-coated steel drawer sides to let you make drawers like a pro! All you have to do is make the bottom, front and back and install. Thin drawer side material gives you more space; plus, it won't warp or split. Sides also have ready-made channel for 1/4" thick drawer bottoms.* Drawer sides are…

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  4. Drawer Front Adjuster

    Drawer Front Adjuster

    This adjuster allows perfect false front alignment.* Adjuster allows 360° of movement for any applied false front drawer face.* An eccentric hub adjusts up to 1/8" in any direction.* Requires a 25 mm hole.* Screws supplied.* 8 per pack.

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  5. Recessed Hardwood Pulls-Choose wood and size

    Recessed Hardwood Pulls-Choose wood and size

    Complete a natural all-wood look for drawers with a modern design that gives you access to drawer contents without metal hardware. These attractive Danish-made pulls are sanded and ready to finish. Installation requires the following mortise: 3-3/32" (W) x 1-1/16" (H) x 13/32" (D). Technical…

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  6. Beech Pull

    Beech Pull

    Used mainly for cabinet or desk drawers. Made from select european beech wood. Sanded and ready for finishing. Supplied with 1-1/4" trimmet screws. 3-7/8" wide overall with a 3/4" projection.* 2-1/2" boring.

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