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  1. Howard Restor-A-Finish - 8 Ounce

    Howard Restor-A-Finish - 8 Ounce

    …and restores the finish in one step - without removing any of the existing finish. With a simple wipe-on, wipe-off process, most finished wood surfaces that seem to need a refinishing job can be completely restored in a few minutes. Before you go to the extreme of stripping it, try restoring it!*…

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  2. RotFix Wood Restoration and Repair

    RotFix Wood Restoration and Repair

    …to use, low viscosity epoxy wood sealer, primer, and consolidant for repair and restoration of rotted, deteriorated, dried out or spongy wood. It creates a strong, water-resistant base for repair and restoration, suitable for both interior and exterior use. Recommended Uses: Use Rot Fix to penetrate…

  3. 3-1/2'' Solid Brass Bail Pull, Restoration Hardware

    3-1/2'' Solid Brass Bail Pull, Restoration Hardware

    * Solid brass.* Bright finish.* 3-1/2" boring.* 4-3/4" overall.

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  4. 3'' Solid Brass Bail Pull, Restoration Hardware

    3'' Solid Brass Bail Pull, Restoration Hardware

    * Solid brass.* Bright finish.* 3" boring.* 4" overall.

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  5. Rockler Restoration Beading Router Bits, 1/2" Shank

    Rockler Restoration Beading Router Bits, 1/2" Shank

    Our beading bits come in a range of sizes to suit many applications. Use the smaller bits to make beaded trim moldings, and the larger bits for bull-nosed edges on thicker stock. A 1/4" beaded molding mitered around doors and drawer fronts adds a subtle and strikingly attractive effect. In…

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  6. Repair it with Mr. Grip Furniture Repair Kit

    Repair it with Mr. Grip Furniture Repair Kit

    Repair loose rungs on chairs or restore worn screw holes, etc . Repair loose rungs on chairs or restore worn screw holes, etc. Cut product to size with scissors, place over dowel end and push into place. For screws, cut to fit in hole lengthwise and then insert screw. Furniture repair kit #33118…

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  7. Famowood Wood Filler Solvent

    Famowood Wood Filler Solvent

    …works quickly to restore your Famowood Filler to its original, smooth texture. Also prevents filler from drying up, even when there is only a small amount left in the can. Easily doubles the shelf life of your filler! Simply mix in a small amount of Wood Filler Solvent to restore spreadability and…

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  8. The Caner's Handbook

    The Caner's Handbook

    Otherwise known as The Caner's Bible this book makes it easy to restore cane rush splint Danish cord rawhide and wicker furniture. By Bruce w. Miller and Jim Widess. The Chicago Sun-Times says the instructions are precise and well illustrated. Includes 143 pages of step-by-step directions and…

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  9. High Chair Safety Strap

    High Chair Safety Strap

    Restore your antique baby chair while keeping your baby safe! This strong polypropylene belt and security buckle keeps your baby strapped into the chair by wrapping comfortably around the baby's waist and between legs. Technical Details:* Made of durable polypropylene* Keeps your baby safe while…

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  10. MirrorCoat® Bar/Tabletop Finish

    MirrorCoat® Bar/Tabletop Finish

    Obtain a gleaming, durable alcohol-proof and waterproof finish for your bar or tabletop! A pourable, self-leveling two-part epoxy coating, MirrorCoat works well on a variety of surfaces, including wood, ceramics, plaster, masonry and some plastics. Cures to a glossy, smooth finish that is scratch-…

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  11. Klean-Strip "Green" Safer Paint Thinner

    Klean-Strip "Green" Safer Paint Thinner

    This non-flammable, low-odor solvent thins, cleans and preps like regular paint thinner, only it's a lot better for the environment! The new, safer formula contains no hazardous air pollutants (as defined by the EPA), no ozone-depleting chemicals and is low VOC. It's also less harsh on skin and…

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  12. Green Wood End Sealer-Select Option

    Green Wood End Sealer-Select Option

    Recommended for sealing the ends of freshly cut green lumber to control checking and splitting. Prevents rapid or uneven moisture loss during seasoning. Specially formulated for use in cold weather. Apply with a brush, swab or pressure sprayer. One gallon covers approximately 100 square feet.

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  13. De-Glue Goo Glue Remover

    De-Glue Goo Glue Remover

    De-Glue Goo dissolves water-based glues and is recommended in the repair and building of furniture and musical instruments.* Quickly and safetly removes old glue to give you a great bond!* All-natural.* Non-toxic. Ideal for caning (spline groove cleaning), removing old canvas on tambours,…

  14. Famowood Wood Filler-Wood Filler (6 oz)

    Famowood Wood Filler-Wood Filler (6 oz)

    …Press wood filler into defect.* When dry, sand flush with surrounding surfaces.* Sand and finish after approximately 15 minutes.* Use Famowood Solvent (54684) for cleanup.* Over time, the filler in the can may thicken. Use Famowood Solvent (54684) to restore wood filler to its original consistency.

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  15. Autocloser - Garage Door Timed Closer

    Autocloser - Garage Door Timed Closer

    Have you ever left for work in the morning only to realize that you accidentally left the garage door open all night long? Restore your peace of mind with the Autocloser-GA, an automatic garage attendant that automatically closes your garage door when you inadvertently leave it open. The…

  16. Polyethylene Glycol PEG Green Wood Stabilizer

    Polyethylene Glycol PEG Green Wood Stabilizer

    Use to stabilize green wood to keep it from cracking, splitting and shrinking. Wood treated with Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) is ready for carving, shaping or machining. Polyethylene Glycol is dissolved in water. Wood is treated by submersing into the PEG/ water mix. 10 lb. container (10 lbs. will make…

  17. Pentacryl Wood Preservative for Green Wood

    Pentacryl Wood Preservative for Green Wood

    Protect wood from cracking and splitting while drying. Quick drying, non-toxic. Can reduce drying time up to 90 percent over wax-coating methods. Contains siliconized polymers. Can be applied by brushing on or soaking item if a small piece. Highly recommended for wood carving. Can be finished with…

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  18. Liberon Ring Remover

    Liberon Ring Remover

    Those pesky white rings appear everywhere! Hazy marks can occur in certain finishes within 15 minutes! What's happening is that moisture or humidity is getting trapped within the hard finish layer. (If a black mark appears it has penetrated through the finish onto the wood, and a wood bleach will be…

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  19. Liberon Repair, Renovate, Revive Kit

    Liberon Repair, Renovate, Revive Kit

    It's easy to keep the furniture and woodwork in your home looking beautiful! This handy kit includes everything you need to repair, renovate and revive small surface damage. Enables you to remove white ring marks, remove sticky wax buildup and spray polishes, fill nail holes and deep scratches, and…

  20. Furniture Refinisher

    Furniture Refinisher

    H. Behlen Furniture Refinisher easily removes shellac, varnish or lacquered finishes by quickly melting through the old finish without stripping the wood of its natural oils and patina. Works well on furniture, cabinets and woodwork and leaves the wood rich, warm and free of residues that can cause…

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  21. 100% Pure Acetone

    100% Pure Acetone

    Acetone is the strongest consumer-grade solvent available. It is ideal for thinning fiberglass resin, cleaning fiberglass tools and dissolving two-part epoxies and super glue before hardening. A heavy-duty degreaser, it is great for prepping metal before painting. Also thins polyester resins, vinyl…

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  22. VM&P Naphtha

    VM&P Naphtha

    This fast-drying solvent can be used instead of paint thinner to accelerate drying time of oil-based paints, enamel and varnish. It also is excellent as a thinner for rubber cement, adhesives and oil-based coatings and works well for cleaning brushes and spray equipment. Often used as a lubricant…

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  23. Denatured Alcohol

    Denatured Alcohol

    Denatured Alcohol is a gentle, multipurpose solvent that is essential for thinning shellac and cleaning brushes. It evaporates quickly, making it an excellent glass cleaner. Also works great for cleaning metal, water rings and color-safe fabrics, and it is even used as a hot, clean-burning fuel for…

  24. Goof Off Ultimate Remover

    Goof Off Ultimate Remover

    It's potent, it's powerful, it's a woodshop essential! Goof Off quickly removescrusted-on glue, adhesive residue, dried latex paint and more. Ideal for cleaningclamps, recycling old workpieces, getting tough stains off equipment, and a varietyof non-shop jobs. Not recommended for use on plastics,…

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