Retrofit Drawer Slides

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  1. Roller Runner Soft Close Mechanism

    Roller Runner Soft Close Mechanism

    …to be complicated - or expensive. Simply install this two-piece system and eliminate violent slamming for good. Instead of loud, uncontrolled action, you'll enjoy drawers that settle closed gently, automatically and without a sound. Recommended for use with Blum Epoxy Drawer Slides or similar style.

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  2. Hafele SmartCab™ Base Cabinet Pull-Out With Soft-Close Slides

    Hafele SmartCab™ Base Cabinet Pull-Out With Soft-Close Slides

    …width, making it ideal for remodelers and retrofitting. Technical Details:* The SmartCab™ is designed to fit a 15" wide or 18" wide (when used with optional Side Caddy) base cabinet opening with a drawer above it. Because the slide unit mounts to the bottom of the cabinet, however,…

  3. Nylo-Tape Friction Free Drawer Slide Tape-Choose thickness

    Nylo-Tape Friction Free Drawer Slide Tape-Choose thickness

    Smooth sliding action! Guaranteed friction-free movement with this self-adhesive and self-lubricating nylon tape.* 1/2" and 3/4" wide tapes are ideal for drawers.* 3" wide tape works great on stationary machine fences.

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  4. Custom-Fit Slide Glides

    Custom-Fit Slide Glides

    drawer openings that have a center, T-shaped guide rail. The set consists of one adjustable center-mount plastic backplate and two L-shaped nail-on glides for drawer edges. Backplate adjusts to fit guide rails from 1" to 1-7/16" wide. Technical Details* Use for new projects or as retrofit slides for…

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  5. Custom Drawers - Now with Dovetail Joints!

    Custom Drawers - Now with Dovetail Joints!

    …30" * Available in height from 2" to 12"* Drawer side thickness: 1/2"; Beech is offered in 1/2" or 5/8"* You can have all the edges lightly eased for $1 per drawer.* For only $2 per drawer, you can have them pre-notched for these types of undermount slides:* Accuride Eclipse* Blum Solo* Blum Tandem…

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  6. Drawer Front Adjuster

    Drawer Front Adjuster

    This adjuster allows perfect false front alignment.* Adjuster allows 360° of movement for any applied false front drawer face.* An eccentric hub adjusts up to 1/8" in any direction.* Requires a 25 mm hole.* Screws supplied.* 8 per pack.

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  7. Corner Mounting Bracket

    Corner Mounting Bracket

    drawer fronts! These durable plastic brackets install in minutes and allow for vertical and horizontal adjustment of drawer "false" fronts. Package includes six brackets (enough for 3 drawers) and screws. Technical Details* Slotted screw holes permit vertical and horizontal adjustment of drawer

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  8. White Plastic Guide Rails for 17mm 21/32'' Grooved Drawers

    White Plastic Guide Rails for 17mm 21/32'' Grooved Drawers

    Add stability to your drawer with easy-to-install, screw-on side-mount plastic rails.* Product Dimensions: 285mm (11.22") long x 8mm (.32") thick x 16 mm (.63") high* The groove in the drawer needs to be 17mm (.67") high* Includes screws* White

  9. Metafile


    Metafile converts any drawer into a filing cabinet. Just install Blum's Metafile in a spare drawer to create a functional filing system in minutes. * Installation requires no special machining.* May be used with both Pendaflex letter and legal folders.

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  10. Nail-on Drawer Glides

    Nail-on Drawer Glides

    These nail-on drawer glides are pressed or hammered into place for quick yet secure installation, saving wear and tear on drawers.* Drawers move smoothly over plastic glides.* Made of 3/32" thick molded plastic.* Tan color.* Measures 1/2" deep x 3/8" high x 3/4" wide overall.* 8 per pack.

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  11. Clip On Drawer Divider Supports

    Clip On Drawer Divider Supports

    Drawer Divider Supports are easy to install and readjust. Just position these divider supports over drawer sides measuring 7/16" to 1/2" thick and insert 1/4" dividers between the supports. No modification of the drawer is necessary. * Plastic supports are 2- 7/16" high.* Dividers not included.* 4…

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  12. Drawer Divider Holders

    Drawer Divider Holders

    Drawer Divider Holders are clear plastic and 60" long. Easy to apply with a peel and stick self-adhesive.* Refer to " B" measurement to determine the thickness of divider to use.* "A" dimension refers to height of divider.

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  13. Drawer Sides-Select Size

    Drawer Sides-Select Size

    Our solid birch veneer plywood drawer sides are ready-made, for fast drawer assembly.* Size is 1/2" thick and have a 1/4" dado for the drawer bottom located 1/4" from the bottom edge.* Simply cut to length and assemble with your drawer front.* Available in 4 foot lengths.* Sizes listed are width.…

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  14. Drawer Stops

    Drawer Stops

    Great prevention from pulling drawer out too far.* Drawer stops are excellent for protecting curious children from pulling drawers out too far.* Prevents contents from being spilled over the floor.* Drill one hole to install.* 4 per pack.

  15. Stem Bumper Glides

    Stem Bumper Glides

    Stem bumper glides are inserted into a 3/16" diameter hole drilled into either the drawer or drawer frame to create a friction-free surface.* 8 per pack.

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  16. Tack-In Drawer Glides

    Tack-In Drawer Glides

    Not all drawers require traditional slides to operate smoothly. In fact, for many smaller, lightweight drawers these simple tack-in glides may be all you need. They install in seconds, creating a smooth low-friction surface that reduces wear.* Hard plastic pads measure 11/16" x 1/2".* 10 per pack.

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  17. Slipit© Sliding Compound

    Slipit© Sliding Compound

    Slipit© reduces friction on moving wood and metal parts. Use this specially formulated, silicone-free lubricant for wooden windows, doors, drawers and any other wood-on-wood application. Slipit© won't gum up or cause pieces to jam, and won't harm finished wood surfaces or skin. Applies…

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  18. Folder Hanger Easy Slip-On

    Folder Hanger Easy Slip-On

    …PVC folders hangers to transform desk drawers into hanging file systems. The "h" shaped folder hanger can be cut to length and placed on the top edge of both sides of a drawer. Hanger is designed for 1/2" thick drawer sides. Allow at least 1" above drawer to the top of the cabinet opening to provide…

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  19. Drawer Bracket for Steel Router Cabinet

    Drawer Bracket for Steel Router Cabinet

    …of up to two shelves or drawers. Technical Details:* Bracket holes are perfectly aligned with pre-tapped holes in the Rockler Steel Router Cabinet * Rated to hold up to 100 lbs. Best Used With: Rockler Steel Router Table Cabinet (#41427) 16" Centerline Series CL-757 Full-Extension Slides (#29528)

  20. Natural Cork

    Natural Cork

    …cork over 1/2" lauan or other soft grade plywood substrate to make your own bulletin board. Natural cork is also great for coaster linings, drawer liners, scratch guards and more! 24" x 48" roll. * Natural tan color.* Can be cut with scissors or utility knife and straight edge.* Can be attached…

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  21. Drawer Stop

    Drawer Stop

    This Drawer Stop prevents drawers from unintentionally being pulled out while keeping the option of easy removal. Just tip the out-stop forward, eliminating the need to tilt the drawer when removing it.* 4 per pack.

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