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  1. CNC Shark® Touch Probe

    CNC Shark® Touch Probe

    The CNC Shark® Touch Probe attaches to the router in any CNC Shark® Routing System to trace objects down to 0.001" detail allowing the user to import image data for replicating objects, shapes and patterns. Simply program the Shark to operate at the same detail level as the Touch Probe scan…

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  2. Rockler Router Guide Bushing Kit

    Rockler Router Guide Bushing Kit

    duplicate routing. Ideal for stair, pattern and hinge routing, dovetailing and craft/hobby work. Fits any base with a 1-3/16" diameter center hole. Also available from Rockler, the Guide Bushing Router Plate (sold separately). Affordably priced and designed with maximum utility in mind, this router

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  3. Interlock Signmaker's Templates - Letters, Numbers, and Symbols

    Interlock Signmaker's Templates - Letters, Numbers, and Symbols

    …appropriate carbide router bits and bushings (3/8" for 2-1/4" kits & 5/8" for the 4" Kits ). Secure patterns to your work surface with masking tape, Self-Adhesive Discs, or double stick tape (sold separately). Each Letters Kit includes a total of 40 letters with duplicates of common letters and…

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  4. Routers and Router Tables (Book)

    Routers and Router Tables (Book)

    …tool in your shop! Your router is capable of shaping profiles, making duplicate copies, flush-trimming, and cutting nearly every joint used to build cabinets and furniture. This comprehensive guide from the editors of Fine Woodworking will show you how best to put that router to use. You'll find all…

  5. Router Bushing Set

    Router Bushing Set

    Make your router even more useful with this Router Bushing Set! Turns your router into a precise cutting tool for duplication work, cutting dovetails, cutting custom signs, or following your favorite templates. Includes 1/2" and 1/4" Dovetails, a Stanley F 3, Butt Hinge, Lock Face, two general…

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  6. Incra Miter 1000HD Miter Gauge

    Incra Miter 1000HD Miter Gauge

    …adjustable miter bar, a telescoping fence, a premium dual-arm flip stop, and superior duplicating ability, and you've got a can't-miss solution for better results. Perfect for both table saw and router table applications, the Miter 1000HD allows you to produce perfect, gap-free hairline glue…

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