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  1. Porter-Cable Door Hinge Template

    Porter-Cable Door Hinge Template

    …routing template is highly adjustable, allowing you to rout hinge mortises for various door thicknesses and hinge lengths. Once adjusted, just tap the included double-headed nails through the guide holes to hold it in place, and rout out your hinge mortise with the included bearing-guided router

  2. 1/2'' Pattern Router Bit

    1/2'' Pattern Router Bit

    …ideally suited for routing hinge mortises and shallow dadoes. At 1/2" wide, you can rout dadoes in multiple passes to precisely fit stock of almost any thickness. Two flutes for fast, smooth, accurate trim cuts. Ball-bearing guide makes it ideal for pattern or template cutting. Carbide-tipped. Shank…

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  3. Bosch Colt™ Variable-Speed Palm Router Kit

    Bosch Colt™ Variable-Speed Palm Router Kit

    …the Bosch RA-Series Template Guides. #37072 (RA1100) Template Guide Adapter for threaded templates allows use of conventional threaded template guides with the #22142 (PR009) round sub base. Allows you to use Porter-Cable template guides in the following Bosch Routers: 1613, 1613AEVS, 1613EVS,…

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  4. Router Bushing Set

    Router Bushing Set

    Make your router even more useful with this Router Bushing Set! Turns your router into a precise cutting tool for duplication work, cutting dovetails, cutting custom signs, or following your favorite templates. Includes 1/2" and 1/4" Dovetails, a Stanley F 3, Butt Hinge, Lock Face, two general…

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  5. Rockler Concealed Hinge Router JIG IT®

    Rockler Concealed Hinge Router JIG IT®

    hinge cup holes with your router instead of a drill - a nice option when you don't have space for a drill press. Since your hinge mounting screws serve double-duty as clamps, setup is simple. Just screw it on, rout and repeat!* Can be adjusted for either 3mm or 5mm tabs.* Designed for Blum hinges.*

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  6. Template Guide Lock Nut

    Template Guide Lock Nut

    Use to secure Router Template Guide Bushings 43646, 43877, 60531, 60549, 63065, 63073 and 60540 (sold separately) to any router base with a 1-1/4" diameter center hole.

  7. Router Guide Bushing Kit

    Router Guide Bushing Kit

    …11-piece template guide kit will work with any template, pattern or jig for perfect duplicate routing. Ideal for stair, pattern and hinge routing, dovetailing and craft/hobby work. Fits any base with a 1-3/16" diameter center hole. Also available from Rockler, the Guide Bushing Router Plate (sold…

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  8. Porter Cable 1/4'' Panel Pilot, 1/4'' Shank

    Porter Cable 1/4'' Panel Pilot, 1/4'' Shank

    This Porter Cable 1/4" Panel Pilot Bit is just the thing for cutting template designs, cutting openings for power outlets in drywall, paneling, siding, and a lot more! Use it on hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, MDF, aluminum sheeting, insulation and drywall. * Tipped with micrograin carbide.* Shank…

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  9. Festool Guide Rail for LR 32 Hole Drilling System

    Festool Guide Rail for LR 32 Hole Drilling System

    …for use with Festool Routers and the LR 32 Hole Drilling System (43027, sold separately) to construct cabinets using the European frameless 32mm system for shelf pins and hardware. Allows you to quickly and easily align and machine holes for shelf pins and 35mm cup hinges. As part of an integrated…

  10. 1/8'' Double Flute Straight Bit

    1/8'' Double Flute Straight Bit

    …rout dadoes and rabbets, cut grooves for inlays, rout mortises (both for hinges and tenons), flatten or shape panels, rout specially shaped holes and cleanly cut round holes, and shape and duplicate parts with a template. Plus, you'll get a lot of life out of it. It's manufactured using the finest…

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