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  1. iGaging Hooked Rulers

    iGaging Hooked Rulers

    Measure accurately down to the nearest 1/64" with a Hook Rule! High quality rules are made from hardened and tempered stainless steel and have an adjustable hook that may be used on either side. Use it to measure dimensions from the edge of any board. Precision etched for long life and readability,…

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    From: $9.99
  2. INCRA Precision Marking Rules

    INCRA Precision Marking Rules

    The first stainless steel rule with micro-fine guide holes for marking a fine dot with a sharp pencil or metal scribe.

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    From: $13.99
  3. 12'' Centerpoint Rule

    12'' Centerpoint Rule

    Targets the exact center every time. Find dead-center on your project by simply matching numbers. Just measure the end points (say, 7 3/8" ), then find the corresponding number (7 3/8" ) on the lower scale. Made of durable tempered stainless steel with etched, black-filled numbers in standard…

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  4. iGaging Precision Straight Edges with Rulers

    iGaging Precision Straight Edges with Rulers

    …and lapped for straightness and parallelism, and they feature a beveled edge with a precision 1/64" scale, which means they double as precision rulers. Available in 12", 24" and 36" lengths, they feature a hanging hole, and include a protective case if you prefer to store them in a drawer. Technical…

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    From: $26.99
  5. INCRA Precision T-Rules

    INCRA Precision T-Rules

    Easy to use, versatile and precise are the words which best describe the new INCRA T-Rule. Low glare, matte textured background for high contrast and easy legibility.

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    $26.99 From: $19.99

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  6. 18'' Measuring Kit for Jigs

    18'' Measuring Kit for Jigs

    Take your jigs and fixtures to new levels of accuracy! With this easy to use kit, you'll be able to set your jigs up for convenient repeatability and easier, more precise stop-block operation.* Includes 3 left-to-right and 3 right-to-left 18" tapes, as well as 2 plastic cursors for stop blocks.*…

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  7. Starrett 6'' Rule

    Starrett 6'' Rule

    We measured this rule with a precision caliper - the display read 6.000" on the dot. Now that's Starrett accuracy! Features 1/32" graduations on the short end of the rule, making it perfect for setting bit and blade heights. Compact size means it will always be handy in an apron pocket. The first…

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  8. Sorby Calipers

    Sorby Calipers

    Great for turning projects. Use the outside/inside caliper for getting accurate measurements on hollow- vessel turning. Double - ended caliper allows transfer of measurement without removing caliper from you work.

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    From: $27.99
  9. INCRA Precision Bend Rules-Rules

    INCRA Precision Bend Rules-Rules

    This unique rule is precisely what you need for layout and measurement along the edge of a board or other workpiece.

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    From: $19.99
  10. Magnetic Lock Combination Square

    Magnetic Lock Combination Square

    Six rare earth magnets hold the ruler in place instead of a clumsy screw lock. Body slides quickly and easily along the ruler through the magnetic lock. Heavy-duty cast zinc body is milled on all five sides for superior accuracy. 12" ruler is etched with markings to 1/16" and 1mm. Features onboard…

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  11. Long Leather Shop Apron

    Long Leather Shop Apron

    Protect your clothes from dust, spills and wear with this premium leather shop apron. Four pockets let you keep rulers, safety glasses, a tape measure and other equipment close at hand. Lower pockets feature cover flaps to keep out dust. Comfortable cross shoulder straps rest on you back - not your…

  12. Rockler Measuring Kit

    Rockler Measuring Kit

    This complete Rockler Measuring Kit includes three tools to help make all yourmeasuring and assembly tasks quicker and easier!* Square Check* EZ-Mark Line Cords* Biscuit Cutter Gauge Square Check Features:* Prevents your tape measure from slipping off the corner while measuring diagonals* 90°…

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  13. 4'' Solid Brass Caliper

    4'' Solid Brass Caliper

    Small size is great for the tool box or your pocket!* Features sliding dovetail way and rigid construction.* 4"/100mm rule with vernier scale.* Graduated in 1/16" and mm.

  14. Safety Speed Cut C4 Vertical Panel Saw

    Safety Speed Cut C4 Vertical Panel Saw

    …sheets of material. This industrial saw runs on 15 amps with a 3-1/4" HP Milwaukee motor, 4 roller bearing systems, rotating saw head, adjustable rulers and a spring-loaded saw counter-balance system. Also available from Rockler, the Safety Speed Cut C4 Vertical Panel Saw w/Accessory Package. Please…

    From: $1509.00
  15. 16'' Woodworker's Ruler

    16'' Woodworker's Ruler

    …in drawer fronts when locating pulls and knobs. Nearly 1/4" thick, its rigidity and the tapered edges yield straight, true lines. The 0 marks are set in from the ends for maximum accuracy when lining up the ruler, and the first inch is graduated in 1/32"and the rest in 1/16" for ease of reading.

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  16. iGaging 12'' Center Rule & Angle Gauge

    iGaging 12'' Center Rule & Angle Gauge

    Use this multifunction ruler to dial in the angle on your bevel gauge, find centers for drilling drawer knobs, set the height on your table saw or router table, or simply as a standard ruler. One face features a precision angle gaugefrom 0-50°, while the other has a 6" x 6" center rule along one…

  17. Woodturner's Caliper Set

    Woodturner's Caliper Set

    Three-piece set is designed for reliable, accurate layout and measuring. Technical Details:* Contains inside caliper, outside caliper and divider, all in convenient 8" size.* Finely machined nuts run cleanly and quickly to secure legs exactly to dimension.* Divider legs are precision ground to fine,…

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  18. INCRA Precision Centering Rule

    INCRA Precision Centering Rule

    Find the exact center of any workpiece up to 12" wide. Has a built-in protractor, too.

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  19. Lumber-Lok™ Plate Vise™

    Lumber-Lok™ Plate Vise™

    Multiple Grip Ports™ hold dozens of different lumber shapes and sizes tight for safe, accurate cutting, measuring, drilling, for finishing!* Elevates stock off the ground, won't let pieces twist or move while cutting* Frees hands from holding stock, lets you concentrate on cutting* Increases…

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  20. iGaging 6'' Fractional Digital Caliper

    iGaging 6'' Fractional Digital Caliper

    With its simple design and operation, this lightweight polycarbonate caliper makes precise measurement a breeze. Just push a button to toggle between millimeters, inches, and fractions of inches. With 0.001" accuracy and an easy-to-read digital display, it eliminates guesswork altogether. The…

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  21. 4'' Trim Gauge™ Multi-Purpose Tool

    4'' Trim Gauge™ Multi-Purpose Tool

    The little tool that can do it all! Easy-to-adjust sliding scale has horizontal and vertical spirit levels, locking thumb screw and 3/16" reveal. Conveniently handles a wide variety of workshop tasks: set trim and hardware, level, establish reveals, adjust power tool settings, scribe lines,…

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  22. 3-Piece Engineer Square Set

    3-Piece Engineer Square Set

    This handy set is great for setting up and checking machines and projects for extreme accuracy to 0.00063".* Includes 2", 4" and 6" precision steel squares.* Hardened spring steel blades are permanently fixed to the stock with tapered self-locking rivets for complete rigidity.* Working edges of the…

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  23. 12'' Wooden  Ruler

    12'' Wooden Ruler

    This desk ruler really measures up.Pencil notch on the end is great for marking lines parallel to an edge. Graduated in 1/16ths on one side, millimeters on the flip side. Ruler only. * 12" Desk Ruler* Solid beech* Graduated in 1/16ths on one side, millimeters on the flip side* Brass bound edges

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  24. Oshlun 6'' Fractional Dial Caliper

    Oshlun 6'' Fractional Dial Caliper

    Ideal for woodworkers who prefer precision measurements in fractions! Eliminates the error potential of converting decimals to fractions. Graduated in 1/64" increments on the outer ring of the dial, while decimal measurements in 100th increments are on the inner scale. Technical Details:* For…

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