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  1. VM&P Naphtha

    VM&P Naphtha

    This fast-drying solvent can be used instead of paint thinner to accelerate drying time of oil-based paints, enamel and varnish. It also is excellent as a thinner for rubber cement, adhesives and oil-based coatings and works well for cleaning brushes and spray equipment. Often used as a lubricant…

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  2. Klean-Strip Green Odorless Mineral Spirits

    Klean-Strip Green Odorless Mineral Spirits

    This fast-acting, eco-conscious solvent is made with 65% renewable resources and gives off 65% less fumes! It quickly cleans wood, metal, brushes and equipment and will strip the grease off just about anything. Additional features:* Contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants (as defined by the EPA) and no…

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  3. Klean-Strip ''Green'' Pure Turpentine

    Klean-Strip ''Green'' Pure Turpentine

    Derived from all-natural tree resin, this high-grade thinner is made from 100% renewable resources. It contains no hazardous air pollutants (as defined by the EPA) and no ozone-depleting chemicals. Use it in your shop to thin varnish, stain, enamel, paint and more. Whether for equipment cleanup or…

  4. Behkol Solvent

    Behkol Solvent

    This unique blend of alcohols has been featured in many woodworking publications as "the" cutting solvent for shellac flakes. Use it to cut dry shellac, french polishes, manufactured spirit stains, varnishes and removers. Also works great for dissolving aniline dyes. Can be shipped only by UPS…

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  5. Denatured Alcohol

    Denatured Alcohol

    Denatured Alcohol is a gentle, multipurpose solvent that is essential for thinning shellac and cleaning brushes. It evaporates quickly, making it an excellent glass cleaner. Also works great for cleaning metal, water rings and color-safe fabrics, and it is even used as a hot, clean-burning fuel for…

  6. Nitrile Industrial Gloves

    Nitrile Industrial Gloves

    Offering greater protection than traditional gloves, nitrile gloves provide excellent resistance to most finishes, solvents, and chemicals. Nitrile material is also resistant to punctures, cuts, and snags. Gloves are pre-powdered and contain no natural rubber latex.

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  7. Micro Mesh 3" X 6" 12,000

    Micro Mesh 3" X 6" 12,000

    …either water or water/detergent as a lubricant. You may also use mineral oil, vegetable oil, lemon oil, etc but DO NOT use anything containing solvent as this will delaminate the MICRO-MESH. Sheets are offered in the following Micro-Mesh grades: 1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, 12000

  8. Klean-Strip "Green" Lacquer Thinner

    Klean-Strip "Green" Lacquer Thinner

    This eco-conscious solvent outperforms standard lacquer thinner and contains 99% fewer hazardous air pollutants! Perfect for furniture restoration and finish preparation, it quickly dissolves shellac, lacquer and epoxy. Medium drying speed. Sold in quarts and gallons. Please note that this item can…

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  9. Qualalacq™ Lacquer Reducer

    Qualalacq™ Lacquer Reducer

    This lacquer reducer promotes excellent flow and a smooth, even lacquer finish. Makes cleanup a snap! Special blend of solvents is specially formulated for use in nitrocellulose lacquers. Technical Details:* Quart.* Ideal for use with Qualalacq Sanding Sealer, and Qualalacq Lacquers. Can only be…

  10. Goof Off Ultimate Remover

    Goof Off Ultimate Remover

    It's potent, it's powerful, it's a woodshop essential! Goof Off quickly removescrusted-on glue, adhesive residue, dried latex paint and more. Ideal for cleaningclamps, recycling old workpieces, getting tough stains off equipment, and a varietyof non-shop jobs. Not recommended for use on plastics,…

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  11. Famowood Wood Filler Solvent

    Famowood Wood Filler Solvent

    This solvent works quickly to restore your Famowood Filler to its original, smooth texture. Also prevents filler from drying up, even when there is only a small amount left in the can. Easily doubles the shelf life of your filler! Simply mix in a small amount of Wood Filler Solvent to restore…

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  12. 100% Pure Acetone

    100% Pure Acetone

    Acetone is the strongest consumer-grade solvent available. It is ideal for thinning fiberglass resin, cleaning fiberglass tools and dissolving two-part epoxies and super glue before hardening. A heavy-duty degreaser, it is great for prepping metal before painting. Also thins polyester resins, vinyl…

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  13. Citristrip Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel-Select size

    Citristrip Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel-Select size

    Strips multiple layers!* No methylene chloride* Stays active up to 24 hours* For both indoor and outdoor use* Fresh orange scent Available in quart and 1/2 gallon sizes.

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  14. Quick Cure 5-Minute Epoxy

    Quick Cure 5-Minute Epoxy

    Get permanent repairs on wood, fiberglass, concrete, ceramics, glass, leather and plastics in only five minutes! Easy to measure, solvent free. 8 oz.

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  15. Briwax Original Formula

    Briwax Original Formula

    …found on the shelves today contain the solvents turpentine or mineral spirits. Briwax uses a much hotter solvent, toluene, that allows it to emulsify more durable waxes like carnauba to give better protection to your finished surfaces. The use of a hotter solvent results in the wax setting much more…

  16. Citristrip Paint Stripper After Wash

    Citristrip Paint Stripper After Wash

    Use Citristrip Paint Stripper After Wash after paint stripper has been applied and removed. Excellent for removing paint stripper residue and loosened paint from wood, metal and masonry to prepare it for refinishing. Citristrip will not raise wood grain or loosen joints or veneer on fine furniture.…

  17. China Bristle Brushes

    China Bristle Brushes

    Finish that project with a fresh new brush! * 80% Brown China bristle/20% Ox, chisel construction * Softest formulation, fluid glide * Round rust-resistant steel ferrule * Treated maple wood handle * For solvent based coatings * Professional Quality

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  18. Klean-Strip ''Green'' Denatured Alcohol

    Klean-Strip ''Green'' Denatured Alcohol

    Made from 95% natural and renewable resources! Dissolve shellac with this eco-conscious solvent and enjoy a smooth film of high gloss and good color with improved working consistency. It also works great to clean brushes, equipment and more. Additional features:* Biodegradable* No ozone-depleting…

  19. Preval® Spray Gun

    Preval® Spray Gun

    This handy pocket-size tool sprays virtually any liquid: paint, lacquer, solvent, stain, oil, cleaners and more! Just fill the container with the mixture of your choice, attach the power unit and spray away. Lightweight compact size is great for touchups! Additional containers allow you to keep…

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  20. Famowood Wood Filler-Wood Filler (6 oz)

    Famowood Wood Filler-Wood Filler (6 oz)

    …Press wood filler into defect.* When dry, sand flush with surrounding surfaces.* Sand and finish after approximately 15 minutes.* Use Famowood Solvent (54684) for cleanup.* Over time, the filler in the can may thicken. Use Famowood Solvent (54684) to restore wood filler to its original consistency.

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  21. Replacement Preval Power Unit

    Replacement Preval Power Unit

    …away. Lightweight compact size is great for touch-ups! One Power Unit sprays up to 16 oz. of liquid. No CFCs. Easy cleanup - just a short burst of solvent cleans the Power Unit. Please note that Preval Power Units can be shipped only to addresses within the continental United States by UPS Ground…

  22. 2 oz. Quick-Set Glue Activator

    2 oz. Quick-Set Glue Activator

    …used with Quick-Set Glue for accelerating the bond. * Accelerates the cure when CA is applied to highly acidic surfaces* Pump sprayer uses a solvent carrier that does not affect plastics* Using too much activator may cause the CA to "boil" reducing the bonding strength or create unwanted whitening…

  23. 7 oz. Quick-Set Glue Aerosol Activator

    7 oz. Quick-Set Glue Aerosol Activator

    …accelerating the bond by applying directly to the CA.* Accelerates the cure when CA is applied to highly acidic surfaces.* Aerosol Activator uses a solvent that will affect plastics initially, but once evaporated the affect on appearance of the CA is less.* Using too much activator may cause the CA…

  24. TransTint® Dyes

    TransTint® Dyes

    …thinner for a fast drying, non-grain raising stain. For use as a finish toner, simply add the dye concentrate to shellac, water-base finishes, solvent lacquers, and catalyzed varnish or lacquers. * All colors are intermixable to produce custom shades. * Ideal for tinting woodworking glues, touch…

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