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  1. Board Buddies ® Anti-Kickback Hold Down

    Board Buddies ® Anti-Kickback Hold Down

    Maintain even pressure against the table and fence for safe, clean cutting on table saws and router tables. Two per Package. Technical Details:* Yellow wheels turn clockwise to prevent kickback on table saws and router tables.* Mounts to fences 3" to 3-1/2" high x 1" or wider.* Sold in pairs.*…

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  2. 17-Piece Universal T-Track Kit

    17-Piece Universal T-Track Kit

    …Two 1" x 5/16" T-bolts* Two 1-1/2" x 5/16" T-bolts* Two 2-1/2" x 5/16" T-bolts* Four T-knobs* Four 5-star knobs Additional lengths of track are sold separately. For added versatility and functionality, combine T-Tracks with 5-1/2"L x 1-1/8"W Hold Down Clamps and 3-1/2"L x 3/4"W Hold Down Clamps.

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  3. Miter Slot Hardware Kit

    Miter Slot Hardware Kit

    Make your own jigs and hold-downs!* Excellent for attaching featherboards, hold-downs and special jigs to your table saw, router table, disc sander or any other tool with a standard 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep miter gauge slot. Hardware kit allows you to make your own jigs and hold-downs. * 4-3/4" long…

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  4. Rockler T-Track Table Top

    Rockler T-Track Table Top

    …the utility of theRockler T-Track Table Top is virtually limitless. Clamp objects at the edge of the table, in the center of the table and anywhere in between for fast, stable sawing, sanding, routing or assembly. Use it with any of our many T-Track Hold Downs, or with our Bench Cookie Work Grippers…

  5. Magswitch Vertical Featherboard Attachment

    Magswitch Vertical Featherboard Attachment

    Table Featherboard and Magswitch Workholding System. When attached to the Pro Table Featherboard or Workholding System, the Vertical Featherboard Attachment can be mounted in a vertical position from the top for pressure down on the material at the same time the horizontal featherboard is holding

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  6. Magswitch Pro Fence Featherboard

    Magswitch Pro Fence Featherboard

    The Magswitch Pro Fence Featherboard is perfect for holding wood down on any steel woodworking table tool fence. Features two on/off Magswitches with 150lb/67kg holding force each. Use for right side feed on Table Saw or Band Saw blade. Low profile. Precise easy tensioning. Technical Details:* Ideal…

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  7. Powermatic SLR12 Straight Line Rip Saw

    Powermatic SLR12 Straight Line Rip Saw

    …2HP feed motor with variable speed to perfectly match the feed rates with your production and finish requirements. A series of seven stock hold downs keep each work piece flat and straight throughout the cutting cycle. Dual anti-kickback devices help prevent discharge of work pieces. The heavy-duty…

  8. Incra Miter Express Miter Sled

    Incra Miter Express Miter Sled

    …True zero-clearance tearout control on both sides of the table.* Works with any brand of miter gauge. Miter gauge not included. For extra-large crosscuts, the non-drag support provided by the sliding panel - along with the extra holding power of the included hold-down clamps - adds stability and…

  9. Magswitch® Ultimate Thin Stock Jig/Rip Guide Attachment

    Magswitch® Ultimate Thin Stock Jig/Rip Guide Attachment

    …stock. Ideal for thin stock hold down or in/out feed on a table saw. Enhances safety by keeping your fingers away from the blade while also minimizing chatter for clean cuts. This tool features core advantages of Magswitch including fast, strong set up anywhere on steel table or cast Iron fence. Low…

  10. Magswitch T-Handle Magnetic Workholding Square

    Magswitch T-Handle Magnetic Workholding Square

    Super-strong magnet provides a versatile hold-down without interfering in your work space. Great for reinforcing a fence anywhere on a steel table!* 90° corners for squaring.* Switches in and out of fixtures with ease.* Does not included Resaw Guide shown Magsquares allow for the attachment of…

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  11. Incra Miter 5000 Sled

    Incra Miter 5000 Sled

    The ultimate miter cutting workstation for the table saw!* Three-panel miter sled with patented Incra incremental angle control delivers perfect, repeatable accuracy.* Includes 36"-64" telescoping miter fence and dual flip stop.* With 364 precision indexed angle stops over +/-90° to produce…

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  12. Jet® 12'' Sliding Dual-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

    Jet® 12'' Sliding Dual-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

    The powerful JET® B3NCH 12" dual-bevel compound miter saw has been designed to make easy work of your toughest jobs. The quick cam miter lock table makes it a breeze to change miter settings. And the Innovative Green XACTA Laser™ – the high-performance laser system exclusively from…

  13. Taper / Straight Line Jig

    Taper / Straight Line Jig

    …easy — each mark represents 1° of taper.* Dual tape measures provide convenient reference and also help set angles.* Two wide-body hold down clamps prevent stock from drifting dangerously from your fence.* Clamps have non-marring rubber caps for enhanced grip.* Three adhesive strips…

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  14. Bench Cookie Plus® T-Track Kit

    Bench Cookie Plus® T-Track Kit

    …work surface that is fixed firmly in place, but the additional height creates space for saw blades and router bits beneath the workpiece. Simply spin the Bench Cookies and they tighten themselves down, then add a final cinch for good measure. Bench Cookie Plus® T-Track Kit Includes:* Bench…

  15. Micro Jig ZeroPlay™ Guide Bar System

    Micro Jig ZeroPlay™ Guide Bar System

    …of jigs and fixtures and are easy to retrofit. Includes two guide bars, two ZeroPlay™ stops and assembly hardware as well as plans to build a table saw crosscutting jig with off cut deflector, jointing fence alignment jig for the router table, and hold-down clamps made from scrap materials.

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  16. 3rd Hand Roller Stand Combo Offer

    3rd Hand Roller Stand Combo Offer

    …marring* May also be used vertically to hold up to 150 lbs. 12" FastCap Outfeed Roller (45913)* Stainless steel 12'' support roller with precision ball-bearing construction* Provides a smooth outfeed roller for longer stock while cutting on your table saw* Ideal for both heavy wood and metal stock*…

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