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  1. Nylo-Tape Friction Free Drawer Slide Tape-Choose thickness

    Nylo-Tape Friction Free Drawer Slide Tape-Choose thickness

    Smooth sliding action! Guaranteed friction-free movement with this self-adhesive and self-lubricating nylon tape.* 1/2" and 3/4" wide tapes are ideal for drawers.* 3" wide tape works great on stationary machine fences.

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  2. Double Sided Turner's Tape

    Double Sided Turner's Tape

    Hold your turning blanks firmly to your faceplate without screw holes. Tape holds best to smooth, even and finished wood surfaces. With your blank held firmly, you can focus on turning your most beautiful pieces yet! Tape roll is 1" wide x 36 yards long.

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  3. Woodworking Tape, 1" x 50'

    Woodworking Tape, 1" x 50'

    Woodworking Tape is a thin double-sided tape with one permanent side and one reusable side. This allows you to use the tape over and over again with a single template to rout out multiple identical parts. Simply tear off as many pieces as you need (no scissors required) and adhere the permanent side…

  4. FastCap SpeedTape Double-Sided Tape

    FastCap SpeedTape Double-Sided Tape

    FastCap's SpeedTape provides a clean, efficient way of applying veneer, edging and even small moldings with no messy overspray or expensive hot-melt edging machines. Just peel off the liner on one side, apply to the edge, peel off the other liner, and roll on your edging. The adhesive increases in…

  5. X-Treme Tape for Dust Joints

    X-Treme Tape for Dust Joints

    …just got easier. X-Treme Tape stretches and bonds to itself to make an air-tight seal for plastic and metal dust joints, ducts, tool grips and more. Connect and seal dust joints and accessories without clamps. One 20' roll seals approximately 15 dust joints. X-Treme Tape contains no adhesive and…

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  6. Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

    Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

    This adhesive-backed measuring tape is ideal for miter saws, radial-arm saws, drill presses or anywhere you need accurate, easy-to-read measurements. Tape is 6' long and available in both left-to-right and right-to-left orientations.* 1/2" wide x 6' long* Peel-and-stick adhesive-backed steel*…

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  7. Dual Laser-Guided Parking System

    Dual Laser-Guided Parking System

    …System to emit two bright, vertical laser beams from a mounting location on the ceiling. Mount the system using the included screws or double-sided tape, and adjust the individual laser beams to shine on each of the two cars in any location. When you pull in to either space, you'll know exactly…

  8. Laser Guided Parking System

    Laser Guided Parking System

    …requiring only a Phillips screwdriver. The kit includes the laser beam module and a power transformer (110 Volt AC adapter), screws and hook-A-loop tape. For maximum mounting flexibility, the laser beam module can be operated by AC power with the included power transformer. You can also install a 9V…

  9. Marking Tool for In-Line Button-Fix Panel Couplers

    Marking Tool for In-Line Button-Fix Panel Couplers

    …Button-Fix® Panel Couplers (46476, sold separately), allowing you to mark out corresponding screw holes without the need to fumble with a tape measure. Simply clip the marking tools into the installed sockets, position your panel, and press down. Much like dowel centers, the marking tools…

  10. T-Track Tape Measures

    T-Track Tape Measures

    Need a measuring reference on your T-Track device? These 36'' plastic t-track tape measure inserts fit any universal T-Track (up to 48" in length) to give you accurate measurements to 1/16" along your fence for on the fly adjustments and more. Use for setting up fence measurement from the edge of…

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    From: $10.99
  11. Trim-Loc™ Installation Tool

    Trim-Loc™ Installation Tool

    Trim work will go like clockwork with the only tool on the market used to measure, mark, and install casement trim. With preset reveals and built-in tape measure hook slots, you'll be able to quickly measure all of your trim lengths and accurately cut trim stock for professional results. You'll find…

  12. Hot-Melt Edge Bandings   50' Rolls

    Hot-Melt Edge Bandings 50' Rolls

    An ordinary household iron is all you need to apply this premium hot-melt edge banding. Just position the edging on the edge of your plywood or other substrate and smooth it with a few passes of an iron or slide it through an edge-banding machine. Suitable for straight-line edges as well as…

    From: $13.49
  13. Delta UNISAW Tablesaw, 5 HP, with 52" BIESEMEYER Fence System, Model 36-L552

    Delta UNISAW Tablesaw, 5 HP, with 52" BIESEMEYER Fence System, Model 36-L552

    …can then add the anti-kickback paws and guard to the riving knife without tools * BIESEMEYER Fence System provides hairline pointer and built-in tape allowing you to make precision set-ups, cut after cut. 9-ply fence faces have improved tolerances like no other as well as an improved cam front lock…

    From: $3,399.99
  14. 95dB Window Alert

    95dB Window Alert

    …added security this window alarm provides from window tampering and breakage. The 95dB Window Alert installs easily using the included mounting tape. Just slide the glass-break sensor's switch to the ON position for instant security. The battery is pre-installed. A 95dB Entry Alert is also…

  15. Mail Chime

    Mail Chime

    …position.* 300-foot range* Easy to install* Manufacturer: Hanna Simply mount the sensor on your mailbox door using the included double-face tape and plug the receiver into an electrical outlet anywhere in your home. When the mailbox door is opened, the battery-powered sensor (battery included)…

  16. Plastic Preglued Edge Banding, Melamine   Select Option

    Plastic Preglued Edge Banding, Melamine Select Option

    …curves, and is ideal for taping the raw edge on melamine or Formica sheet goods and shelving materials. Trimming is easy with a razor or veneer edger. Won't become brittle from heat used to activate hot-melt adhesive. Choose from white, almond or black edge tape. Flexible polyester construction.…

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  17. Channel Vision All-In-One IR System

    Channel Vision All-In-One IR System

    …8 devices* Manufacturer: Channel Vision Technology How it WorksMount the IR receiver on the side of your television using the included double-stick tape or insert it into one of the included holders to place it on a cabinet shelf or desk. Your IR commands will travel from the IR receiver to the hub,…

  18. FastCap ProCarpenter Lefty/Righty Tape Measure

    FastCap ProCarpenter Lefty/Righty Tape Measure

    …side of this 16' tape. It also boasts a host of innovative features like erasable notepad and tape surfaces, dual thumb and finger locks, superior ergonomics, compact rubber casing, and a stainless-steel pencil sharpener. Add a SpeedClip (sold separately)to carry your tape and a pencil without…

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  19. Peel-and-Stick Edge Banding   25' Rolls

    Peel-and-Stick Edge Banding 25' Rolls

    The easiest possible way to install solid wood edge banding – just peel and stick! No need for an expensive edge bander; bandings are impregnated with a premium 3M peel-and-stick adhesive that creates a permanent bond. The bandings are also pre-sanded and readily accept stains and finishes.…

    From: $14.49
  20. Green® Painter's Tape

    Green® Painter's Tape

    …project. Green® tape bends easily to adhere to hard-to-reach areas, while forming a tight bond to prevent paint seepage. You'll know how good it really is when you inspect the final results! 1" wide x 60 yards long. Technical Details:* Painter's Mate Green® painting tape is compatible…

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  21. FastCap® SquareNTape™

    FastCap® SquareNTape™

    No need to use a builder's square or chalk box; using the peel and stick backing, simply attach SquareNTape™ to any standard tape measure (sold separately) then slide and mark your board with the 8-in-1 SquareNTape™ from FastCap®! SquareNTape™ features include a 90° squared…

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  22. Universal Tape Gauge

    Universal Tape Gauge

    The Universal Tape Gauge is a new and patented tool for use with any standard tape measure which provides highly accurate inside and outside measurements that can be accurate to 1/64" or better. The UTG eliminates the old and inaccurate method of bending the tape measure to take an inside…

  23. 16-inch Clip Rail

    16-inch Clip Rail

    …attachment to a stud wall or to the side of your workbench. Technical Details:* Steel with black painted finish.* Use with Rockler tool pouches, tape measures, or any tool pouch with an open belt clip.* Pre-drilled 16-inch on center for easy attachment to a stud wall or to the side of your…

  24. Cabinet Refacing Banding

    Cabinet Refacing Banding

    Easy-to-apply pressure sensitive banding is perfect for covering face frames and updating cabinets. Adhesive backing allows simple peel, position, and press-in-place application of the unfinished real wood banding.

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