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  1. 16-inch Tool Tote

    16-inch Tool Tote

    Our 16-inch Tool Tote is ideal for woodworkers on the move. Compact and portable, it still manages to store a huge volume of tools. It has a spacious opening for easy access and great visibility, and soft sides that won't bang up your knees when toting your tools from jobsite to jobsite. Roomy…

    $24.99 $12.49

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  2. Blitz BOX Stackable/Wall Mountable Storage Unit

    Blitz BOX Stackable/Wall Mountable Storage Unit

    …organization, mobility, and vertical storage, whether in the shop, the garage or on the go. Keep all your finishing supplies in a Blitz Box and tote it to your workbench or truck only when you need it. Blitz Boxes can be stacked, and each one includes an innovative, easy to install wall-mount…

  3. Festool Guide Rail Tote Bag

    Festool Guide Rail Tote Bag

    Protect your investment in Festool Guide Rails with the durable nylon Carrying Case for Festool Guide Rails. For convenient and protected transport or storage of up to two FS 1400/2 or shorter guide rails. Durable nylon construction protects your guide rails from scratches and dings. Guide rails…

  4. FastCap Magnetic Dust Barrier Door

    FastCap Magnetic Dust Barrier Door

    …behind you. It even seals itself to the metal rail along the bottom for the greatest possible dust containment. No hands are required, so if you're toting lumber, the procedure is the same. The system is designed to work with the FastCap 3rd Hand HD Extensions (68849, sold separately), which serve…

  5. The Toolbox Book

    The Toolbox Book

    …A student tool-chest project; Designing in-shop tool storage; Wall cabinets; Standing tool cabinets; Rolling tool carts; Designing site boxes; Open shoulder totes; Lidded totes; Wheeled site boxes; A toolbox for the road.* Jim Tolpin is a cabinetmaker and best-selling author. The Toolbox Preview

  6. Tool Pouch with 8-inch Clip Rail

    Tool Pouch with 8-inch Clip Rail

    This Tool Pouch acts much like a compact, lightweight tool tote, but unlike a tote, it doesn't take up space on your benchtop. Instead, it slips onto the included 8" Clip Rail, which is attached to the side of your bench, work table, or to the wall. If desired, additional Clip Rails can be purchased…

  7. Shop-Vac Air Cleaner

    Shop-Vac Air Cleaner

    At only 25" long and 13" in diameter, and only 15 pounds, it's easy to tote, and it can even be tucked between ceiling joists for maximum space savings. The air cleaner features an induction motor for quiet operation, and moves 235 CFM of air, filtering down to 5 microns. Includes a 10' cord with…

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