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  1. 3 Piece Waterstone Sharpening Set

    3 Piece Waterstone Sharpening Set

    …your tools in peak condition! The 3-Piece Waterstone Set is a sure savings over buying the individual stones. * The set includes one 800/4000 combination waterstone, one 6000 single grit waterstone and one Nagura stone.* The 800/400 combination waterstone is great for removing smaller nicks and for…

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  2. Combination Waterstones-Waterstones

    Combination Waterstones-Waterstones

    Waterstones: For preliminary sharpening where chips exist or bevel angle need to be changed, use the 250/100 waterstone. To remove smaller nicks and do a finish sharpening of woodworking chisels and other tools, the 800/4000 combination is the best choice. Finally, use the 1000/6000 waterstone for…

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    From: $26.79
  3. Norton Flattening Stone

    Norton Flattening Stone

    …grooves that allow waste material to easily escape. For waterstones only. Measures 9" x 3" x 3/4". * Comes in a padded plastic case.* For best results, bring the waterstone to the Flattening Stone.* To ensure the entire surface of the waterstone is flat, use a pencil to draw a grid on its surface…

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  4. HoneRite Gold Water Stone Additive

    HoneRite Gold Water Stone Additive

    …sharpened tools and grinding machines from corrosion.* Use with all brands of powered wet stone grinding machines, as well as handlapping stones such as waterstones and diamond whetstones.* Supplied as a concentrate - 250 mL (8.5 fl oz) of concentrate makes 6 liters ofcorrosion inhibiting fluid.

  5. Nagura Stone

    Nagura Stone

    Use with the 6000-grit side of the 1000/6000 Combination Grit Waterstone (47506, sold separately) to form a paste that will speed and enhance the polishing of a keenly sharpened tool edge.

  6. Waterstone Holder

    Waterstone Holder

    Hold your Combination Grit Waterstones for non-slip sharpening. The arms are made from chrome-plated steel that resists rusting. Holder handles stones 7"-9" long.

  7. Tormek Japanese Waterstone SJ-250

    Tormek Japanese Waterstone SJ-250

    Bring the ultimate fine surface finish to carving tools, knives, scissors, plane irons and more with virtually no visible surface marks. No further honing is necessary. Compatible with Tormek T-7 models. Technical Details* 4000 grit* 250mm Best Used With: Tormek T-7 Sharpening System

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