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  1. Green Wood End Sealer-Select Option

    Green Wood End Sealer-Select Option

    Recommended for sealing the ends of freshly cut green lumber to control checking and splitting. Prevents rapid or uneven moisture loss during seasoning. Specially formulated for use in cold weather. Apply with a brush, swab or pressure sprayer. One gallon covers approximately 100 square feet.

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  2. Polyethylene Glycol PEG Green Wood Stabilizer

    Polyethylene Glycol PEG Green Wood Stabilizer

    Use to stabilize green wood to keep it from cracking, splitting and shrinking. Wood treated with Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) is ready for carving, shaping or machining. Polyethylene Glycol is dissolved in water. Wood is treated by submersing into the PEG/ water mix. 10 lb. container (10 lbs. will make…

  3. Zinsser Bulls Eye® SealCoat™

    Zinsser Bulls Eye® SealCoat™

    This is the only sanding sealer you will ever need! It gives depth and beauty to wood grain, and won't raise or swell the wood grain. 100% wax-free formula dries in minutes and sands easily. Please note that this item can only be shipped by UPS Ground to addresses within the continental United…

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  4. Pentacryl Wood Preservative for Green Wood

    Pentacryl Wood Preservative for Green Wood

    Protect wood from cracking and splitting while drying. Quick drying, non-toxic. Can reduce drying time up to 90 percent over wax-coating methods. Contains siliconized polymers. Can be applied by brushing on or soaking item if a small piece. Highly recommended for wood carving. Can be finished with…

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  5. Salad Bowl Finish

    Salad Bowl Finish

    Create a beautiful and safe finish on wooden bowls, cups, spoons, and countertops. Easy to apply - just wipe on with a soft clean rag. Achieves the sheen and resistance of a varnish. Dried film is non-toxic for food contact 72 hours after drying. Additional coats can be reapplied at any time if…

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  6. Butcher Block Oil

    Butcher Block Oil

    Safe for butcher blocks, cutting boards, wood utensils, salad bowls and other wood surfaces. A completely natural oil that meets all FDA requirements for surfaces that contact food. Deeply penetrates and protects wood. Easy to apply- just wipe or brush on liberally, let penetrate for 5 minutes and…

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  7. Toy Maker s Finish

    Toy Maker s Finish

    Safe for use on children's toys and furniture. A completely non-toxic finish when cured. Applies easily like an oil finish, yet looks like a varnish. Use on bare or stained wood surfaces.

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  8. Antiquax Original Wax Polish

    Antiquax Original Wax Polish

    A superior furniture polish developed in London by blending the world's finest waxes, including carnauba and beeswax, Antiquax applies easily and creates a soft mellow sheen that lasts and lasts. Safe for use with all finishes, it provides a first line of defense for fine furniture against spills…

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  9. Darkening Solution

    Darkening Solution

    If you own restoration hardware you should have a bottle of Darkening Solution. This solution effectively antiquates or darkens brass, copper or bronze. It changes the color gradually so you can control the darkness of your hardware. Easy to apply. For solid brass only. Not for use on lacquered…

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  10. Bloxygen Gas for Preserving Unused Finishing Materials

    Bloxygen Gas for Preserving Unused Finishing Materials

    Preserve unused finishing materials! Just spray in the can and seal. Bloxygen uses an inert gas to drive the oxygen out of your container. Simply blow the oxygen out of your container with Bloxygen and then seal the lid. The heavy, inert Bloxygen gas sinks down to block oxygen from the liquid…

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  11. Crystal Coat

    Crystal Coat

    Perfect for turned pens! Get a sophisticated, high-gloss finish that's also water- and wear-resistant. Quick, easy and no-mess! Can be applied to turnings right while they're on the lathe! Easy-to-use 6-ounce bottle. Designed as a final finish coat. Food-safe when dry.

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  12. Windsor Green Chair Paint

    Windsor Green Chair Paint

    High-quality water-based enamel paint. Specially mixed for historical authenticity.* Windsor Green color authenticated by the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities.* Easy to brush on, provides excellent coverage, resists abrasion – perfect for your reproduction woodworking.*…

  13. High Friction Build Polish

    High Friction Build Polish

    …applying Cellulose Sanding Sealer (sold separately), sand the sealer lightly when itis dry. Then apply small amount of High Build Friction Polish with a lint-free cotton clothwhile the wood is turning. Once the desired build is achieved, finish with the edge of acarnuba wax stick (sold separately)…

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