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  1. Wood Identification & Use Revised and Expanded, Book

    Wood Identification & Use Revised and Expanded, Book

    …include:* Introduction* What is wood? * Forest types * Seasoning and sawing * Figure in wood * Defects in wood * Glossary of wood terminology * Toxic woods * Wood Directory* Introductory note * Woods listed alphabetically by botanical names * Additional woods in brief * About the author *…

  2. Ultimate Woodwork Bible Book

    Ultimate Woodwork Bible Book

    …popular Ultimate Bible Series books. The Ultimate Woodwork Bible is a hard cover reference book for novices and experienced woodworkers looking for new ways to tackle old projects. Technical Details:* The essential workshop* Hand tools* Power tools* Woodworking machines* Wood and materials* Project…

  3. The Real Wood Bible, Book

    The Real Wood Bible, Book

    …Introduction: page 6* Sustainability: page 12* Buying Woods: page 16* Trees to Boards: page 22* Storing Lumber: page 30* Wood Directory/How to Use This Book: page 34* Wood Selector: page 37* Principal Woods: page 42* Secondary Woods: page 206* Special Effects: page 230* Glossary: page 250*…

  4. Understanding Wood Finishing Book

    Understanding Wood Finishing Book

    …inspiring woodworkers with his writings and teachings on wood finishing. Now, from this best-selling author comes the long-awaited and completely updated second edition of Understanding Wood Finishing - the most practical, comprehensive book on finishing ever published.* Technical updates on…

  5. Making Wood Signs, Book

    Making Wood Signs, Book

    This is the definitive classic on making wood signs, and it's back in a newly revised edition! You'll learn the essentials of great craftsmanship including choosing the right wood, using the best adhesives, design tips, safety tips, and so much more. Over 200 color photos. 224 pages by Patrick…

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  6. No-Fuss Wood Finishing Book

    No-Fuss Wood Finishing Book

    Throw away those expensive gimmicks and learn how the pros get a perfect finish every time. This practical new book filled with shop-tested advice from the craftsman contributors at American Woodworker magazine will show you how. Inside you'll find a wealth of expert guidance for choosing, preparing…

  7. How to Season and Dry Your Own Wood Book

    How to Season and Dry Your Own Wood Book

    …or small scale user, these pages guide you through the complicated process of identifying, processing, seasoning and drying your own timber. Learn anatomical structures of wood, seasoning and drying requirements, potential problems and solutions, health and safety considerations and more. 192 pages.

  8. Taunton's Wood Carving Basics Book

    Taunton's Wood Carving Basics Book

    …techniques, this volume contains a broad sampling of creative projects with step-by-step instructions and colorful photos to help you turn wood into art. By the end of the book, you will have the confidence to try more complicated projects and experiment with ideas you dream up yourself.

  9. Complete Manual of Wood Bending Book

    Complete Manual of Wood Bending Book

    Throw some curves into your woodworking with this comprehensive manual on the art of bending wood. You'll learn the secrets of steam bending, bent lamination and countless clever methods for machining curved parts. Build an inexpensive steam box from readily available equipment: a tea kettle, a deep…

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  10. Understanding Wood: A Craftsman's Guide to Wood Technology, Book

    Understanding Wood: A Craftsman's Guide to Wood Technology, Book

    …finishes brings this book into the 21st century, while more than 300 photographs bring important visual information to life. This edition covers the nature of wood and its properties, the basics of wood technology, and the woodworker's raw materials. Understanding Wood was written for woodworkers…

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  11. Turning Wood with Carbide Tools, Book

    Turning Wood with Carbide Tools, Book

    …profiles. But how do woodturners get the most out of these new tools? "Turning Wood with Carbide Tools" by John English teaches you everything you need to know to make the most of this exciting new technology. The book, the very first to comprehensively discuss carbide-tipped tools for the craft of…

  12. Illustrated Cabinetmaking Book

    Illustrated Cabinetmaking Book

    …and Construct Furniture that Works is your go-to guide for all things wood. The beginning of the book covers basic joinery, carcase construction, and ways of allowing for wood movement, while the lion's share of the book is packed with beautiful and functional furniture projects. Technical Details:*…

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  13. Turning Bowls Book

    Turning Bowls Book

    …Turning Wood with Richard Raffan. Completely revised and updated, this classic is the definitive book on turning. With new techniques and up-to-date information on tools, this book is a great resource for every turner. This book covers the tools you'll need and how to select the best wood for bowl…

  14. Complete Book of Woodcarving

    Complete Book of Woodcarving

    …introduced beginners to seasoned carvers, this book has something to enhance every woodcarver's skills. Brimming with expert instruction and nine attractive projects, all the classic carving styles, techniques and fundamentals are covered. Wood and tool selection, sharpening, creating a workspace,…

  15. Beginning Woodcarving, Book

    Beginning Woodcarving, Book

    …A variety of the most admired authors guide you progressively, until you have a firm understanding of the fundamental principles of turning a block of wood into an attractive piece of craftsmanship. 8-1/4" X 11-3/4". All in color. 256 pages PB-Trade Paperback Pub Year : 2002 ISBN: 1-86108-280-0

  16. Best Finishing Techniques, Book

    Best Finishing Techniques, Book

    …Techniques"! This informative book is packed with tips and techniques from the world's most knowledgeable craftsmen. Includes 500 step-by-step photos showing how to achieve flawless finishes with proper preparation, choosing dyes or stains that compliment the wood, how to master the art of applying…

  17. Learn To Turn, Book

    Learn To Turn, Book

    …troubleshooting guide and artist's gallery.* Full-color photos.* Softcover.* 112 pages.* Sections include: safety, choosing turning wood, sanding, finishing, spindle turning projects, faceplate turning projects, and more. * Also instructs you on how to market and sell your wood turning projects.

  18. Intarsia Woodworking Projects Book

    Intarsia Woodworking Projects Book

    …artist Kathy Wise presents this collection of 21 original designs with full-size plans and expert instruction for all skill levels. 3 complete step-by-step demonstrations take readers through Rose, Mallard and Lion projects along with tips on wood selection, tool use and shop setup. 80 pages.

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  19. Building Kitchen Cabinets, Book

    Building Kitchen Cabinets, Book

    …distinctive. Arched doors, custom cornice treatments, oversize pantry cabinets, and solid wood end panels are just a few of the options to consider. If you're comfortable using a router, tablesaw, and drill, this book will show you how to build beautiful cabinets in your own workshop. What's inside:…

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  20. Router Fundamentals Book

    Router Fundamentals Book

    …accessories; Table-mounted router techniques; Shop-made router jigs and fixtures; Maintenance and troubleshooting; and Router projects.* Projects are desk clock, circular keepsake box, a set of picture frames inlaid with contrasting woods, and a stylish trivet routed from a single piece of wood.

  21. Rustic Furniture Basics Book

    Rustic Furniture Basics Book

    …chair, slab top coffee table and more. The projects are designed to demonstrate all of the basic techniques necessary to make a wide range of rustic furniture. By using hand tools, low-tech procedures and recycled or scavenged wood, this is one of the "greenest" woodworking processes you'll find.

  22. Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects Book

    Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects Book

    …valuable insight and experience in the construction of woodworking projects. Complete with instructive photography in a reference book you'll want to keep close by in your wood shop! Technical Details:* Techniques to help you become a better craftsman* 38 projects including the World's simplest toy…

  23. Woodworker's Guide to Carving, Book

    Woodworker's Guide to Carving, Book

    …guide tells you everything you need to know to get a start in wood carving. Includes photos, illustrations, and tips on what tools are best to use and how to maintain them. Plus, you'll enjoy detailed plans on a variety of wood carving projects. Contents:* Carving tools* Getting started* Incised…

  24. The Little Book of Whittling

    The Little Book of Whittling

    Whittle away the hours in peace and contentment with The Little Book of Whittling as your guide! With over 20 simple projects and detailed instruction, this book will keep your mind full of creative ideas, and your hands full of fun projects. The projects run the gamut from useful to whimsical:…

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