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  1. Hut Wood Finish-Select finish type

    Hut Wood Finish-Select finish type

    An easy to apply finish designed for wood pens and other turned wood items. Creates an instant durable finish. No drying time required. Non-toxic. 2 ounces. This finish is designed specifically for applying to wood pens or other wood turnings as they are spinning on the lathe. Use the satin gloss…

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  2. Stick Fast CA Wood Finish Starter Kit

    Stick Fast CA Wood Finish Starter Kit

    …CA Wood Finishing Kit! This remarkable finish has all the fast-curing properties of other CA finishes, along with a longer working time of 50-60 seconds. It also boasts increased flexibility, which eliminates the cracking that sometimes occurs with other CA finishes. Ideal for use as a pen turning

  3. Shellawax Cream Friction Polish

    Shellawax Cream Friction Polish

    …beautiful and durable finish on your turned items with ease - ideal for pens! Shellawax Cream Friction Polish is a durable, one-application woodturner's friction polish, and is also ideal for woodcarvers and for use on small flat surfaces. Shellawax is for use on unfinished wood only. Designed to be…

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  4. Red Mallee Figured Burl Turning Blanks

    Red Mallee Figured Burl Turning Blanks

    An Australian wood species with striking reddish heartwood bound by pale sapwood, Red Mallee is ideal for turning tool handles, bottle stoppers, and other small projects. It is dense, with a smooth feel, and the burls feature twisting grain, varied color, and tight eyes. Small checks and inclusions…

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  5. Zinsser Bulls Eye® SealCoat™

    Zinsser Bulls Eye® SealCoat™

    …to sand/recoat in 20-40 minutes Other Great Features * Fast drying pre-stain conditioner * Bond coat over stearated finishes * Gives depth and beauty to wood grain * Will not raise or swell wood grain * Will not turn yellow or darken with age * Can be applied in temps as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit

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  6. Water-Based Wood Turner's Finish

    Water-Based Wood Turner's Finish

    …of an oil-based finish with the fast dry time of a water-based finish with Wood Turner's! This easy-to-use finish allows you to apply multiple coats in less than an hour, leaving a durable gloss finish with a hint of amber. Afterwards, rub it just a bit to get a satin finish or buff it to a high…

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  7. Behlen Woodturner s Finish

    Behlen Woodturner s Finish

    Quickly create a stunning, professional, high-gloss look for your small turning projects. Ideal for spindles, lamp bases, pool cues, pens and more! Technical Details:* 16 oz. bottle* Simply apply and buff while your project is on the lathe* May be applied to raw wood or cured finish

  8. Polycryl® Wood Fortifier

    Polycryl® Wood Fortifier

    wood, the better the penetration. It will not penetrate hard wood. Polycryl should be used before Pentacryl. All types of finishes and glues can be used once Polycryl has dried. The final product should be finished to seal Polycryl into the wood. DIRECTIONS: The wood should be rough-carved or turned

  9. Cherry Turning Blanks

    Cherry Turning Blanks

    With its unique reddish-pink hues and superb finishing quality, Cherry is one of the most desirable turning species. One of the most consistent quality hardwoods, it is a fine choice for projects with multiple pieces. A natural sheen and beautiful grain delivers display-worthy results.

  10. Turning Finishing Kit

    Turning Finishing Kit

    …shapes in minutes with reusable 2" x 2" Finishing Pads! These aluminum oxide sanding pads are color-coded for easy identification of six different grits; includes 600, 800, 1500, 2400, 4000, and 12,000. Ideal for turning work and sanding stabilized woods, acrylics and all solid surface materials.…

  11. Non-Stick Pen Bushings for CA Finish

    Non-Stick Pen Bushings for CA Finish

    Using CA glue to finish your pen turnings results in a lustrous, glossy polish,but it can also fuse your pen blank to the bushings. Not so with these non-stick polyethylene bushings in place, however. These bushings are made fromUHMW, the same super-slippery polymer used in our Plastic Jig Stock.…

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  12. EEE-Ultra Shine Woodturner's Finish

    EEE-Ultra Shine Woodturner's Finish

    …marks from most woods and can greatly reduce your sanding time. Delivers a blemish-free surface - pre-polished and ready for finish application.* Designed to be used in conjunction with Shellawax Cream and Liquid, or as a finish on plastics and some stone.* Many other finishes will also be greatly…

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  13. Figured Maple Woodturning Bowl Blank 3'' x 3'' x 12''

    Figured Maple Woodturning Bowl Blank 3'' x 3'' x 12''

    Nothing is quite so impressive as the holographic shimmer of figured Maple under a fresh coat of finish. These turning blanks are hand sorted for the best figured grain. Approximate dimensions listed. Price is for one (1) bowl blank. Please Note: Sizes are approximate (3'' x 3'' x 12'') and may…

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  14. Single Razor Stand

    Single Razor Stand

    …for our turn-your-own Razor Handles (sold separately). Technical Details:* The Single Razor Stand measures 1-3/4" wide at the base x 4-1/4" tall.* The hook for the razor handle measures 13/32" wide.* Chrome-plated finish is attractive and easy to clean.* Heavy base prevents tipping.

  15. Hut Lite Turning Wax

    Hut Lite Turning Wax

    …Use it on newly turned pens or other wood turning projects. Hut wax removes fine scratches, eliminates fingerprints, and gives a final durable finish in one step. Technical Details * Durable hard wax finish for turnings * For use on lathes or buffers * One 4 oz. bar finishes several small projects

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  16. Marblewood Turning Blanks

    Marblewood Turning Blanks

    …intricate as you turn it on the lathe. Features:* Heartwood is yellow to brown with darker brown or black streaks* Sapwood is paler and lacks contrasting streaks* Grain is straight to slightly interlocking* Very durable in resisting decay* Dense—use sharp tools* Glues, turns and finishes well

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  17. Myrtle Turning Blanks

    Myrtle Turning Blanks

    …strong, dense wood that has a wide spectrum of colors and figures! This Myrtle Bowl Blank is the perfect start to your next turning project. Choose from three sizes: 4" x 4" x 4", 6" x 6" x 3", and 8" x 8" x 3". Technical Details:* Tree grows up to 120 feet high* Hardwood holds a finish well* Grain…

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  18. Brown Ebony Turning Blanks

    Brown Ebony Turning Blanks

    …Ebony is very hard, and can be difficult to work. Keep tools very sharp. Turns well. Glues well. Cuts easily. Pilot holes are recommended when screwing. Holds finish well, though its polishing properties may render finish unnecessary.* Polish: Takes an excellent polish.* Natural Durability:…

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  19. Ebony Turning Blanks

    Ebony Turning Blanks

    …challenge to work, but with patience the results can be stunning. Whether carved or turned, it can be polished to a gleaming, jet black finish, with smooth surfaces reminiscent of polished stone. These turning blanks are available in an assortment of sizes for pens, carvings, bottle stoppers, chess…

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  20. Woodworker's Journal Turning Projects CD

    Woodworker's Journal Turning Projects CD

    …Gavels* Pen Turning Basics* Turning Green Wood* Lathe Sanding Secrets* Starting Up in Woodturning* Finished Green Turning* The Soft Underbelly of Bowls* How to Turn a Single Barley Twist* Cherry Bedside Table* Zestful Turnings* Etched-Mirror Turned Jewelry Box* Turned Ornaments* Apple-Shaped…

  21. Rockler Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Turning Kit, Chrome Finish

    Rockler Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Turning Kit, Chrome Finish

    …a 5/16" threaded insert to attach the handle and to remove it for dishwasher cleaning. Patent pending. Also available in a brass finish. See our complete line of Turning Stock to complete your project. Methods to consider for installing the threaded insert are: Use a 5/16" bolt and double nuts on a…

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  22. Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Turning Kit, Brass Finish

    Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Turning Kit, Brass Finish

    …and to remove it for dishwasher cleaning. A 7/16'' drill bit is required for soft woods or a 1/2'' drill bit for hardwoods. Patent pending. Also available in a chrome finish. See our complete line of Turning Stock to complete your project. Methods to consider for installing the threaded insert…

  23. 6-Piece Sorby Turning Tool Set

    6-Piece Sorby Turning Tool Set

    …limited number of these top-quality Robert Sorby turning sets at a great price. Contains all the essential tools for spindles and bowls, making it the perfect set for beginners and veterans alike. Highly polished flutes ensure a smooth finish, while precisely profiled edges provide the best possible…

  24. Turning Projects, Fine Woodworking DVD

    Turning Projects, Fine Woodworking DVD

    …a small bowl; turn a trivet and hollow vessel; support a long, thin spindle; turn a perfect sphere and beads; and sand and finish on the lathe.* Richard Raffan is an internationally acclaimed turner and teacher. He is the author of Turning Wood, Turning Projects, Turning Boxes and Turning Bowls.

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