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  1. Heavy Duty Lifting Leveler

    Heavy Duty Lifting Leveler

    Lipped mounting bracket works to lift and creates greater stability. Each leveler has load-bearing capacity of 600 pounds. Adjust to within 2-1/4" . Minimum installation height is 3". Requires 5mm hex wrench to adjust. Foot measures 1-1/4" diameter. Bracket measures 2-1/8" high x 2-1/8" wide with…

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  2. Combination Leg Equalizer

    Combination Leg Equalizer

    Adjusts vertically and swivels for uneven floors. Mounting screws are not included. Technical Details:* 1-7/8" long bolt with 3/8" - 16 threading.* Base diameter is 1-3/4". * Zinc plated steel.* Mounting screws are not included.* Set of 4.

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  3. Plastic Leveler Glides

    Plastic Leveler Glides

    A simple way to level furniture, particularly on uneven floors! Heavy-duty levelers feature feet made of specially engineered plastic to provide a smooth gliding surface. Technical Details* Base is 1-1/8" in diameter x 3/8" high* Bolt Length: 1-1/2"* Stem is made of zinc plated steel Best Used With:…

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  4. Screw-On Tee Nuts-Choose size thread

    Screw-On Tee Nuts-Choose size thread

    …positive lock against rotation and ensures that tee nuts won't drop out with use, making them the preferred method for installing threaded furniture levelers and glides. Technical Details * Available in 5/16" x 18 tpi, and 3/8" x 16 tpi pitch threads * Top plate is 1-1/4" in diameter * Made of zinc…

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  5. Adjustable Leveler Leg

    Adjustable Leveler Leg

    These leveler legs adjust up to 2-3/16" to give you a range from 3-11/16" to 5-7/8". Toe kicks are removable--giving you easy access to plumbing and electrical fixtures! * Load rated at 400 lbs. per leg.* Foot measures 1-3/4" diameter.* Includes four plinth clips for attaching up to two toe kicks.*…

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  6. Heavy Duty Corner Levelers

    Heavy Duty Corner Levelers

    Lift and level even large cabinets or furniture with these heavy duty corner levelers. Stability is assured! Simply mount under cabinet edge or in a kerf, then adjust with a height range of 1" using an Allen wrench (sold separately) through a hole in the cabinet floor. Technical Details:* Load…

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  7. Adjustable Supports

    Adjustable Supports

    Includes a heavy gauge bracket, glide with bolt and a white plastic cap for the access hole. Also two great benefits: rugged construction and 3" adjustability for base cabinets. * Bolt is 3-1/2" long.* Adjusts within 3".* Bracket is 1-1/8" Wide x 1-5/8" High.

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  8. S/S Glide, 3/8"-16 Threading L=37MM W=40MM (MKRS-40N3)

    S/S Glide, 3/8"-16 Threading L=37MM W=40MM (MKRS-40N3)

    Height adjustable and leveling glideMaterial: Body - 304 Stainless Steel Bottom - RubberFinish: Body - Satin Bottom - BlackStainless steel fasteners not available * Catalog Page (PDF format)

  9. Felt-Bottom Levelers

    Felt-Bottom Levelers

    Soft, smooth felt offers the highest degree of protection for wood floors. 1" of threads. Base measures 1" diameter 1/4-20 threads. Requires a threaded insert or t nut with ¼ x 20 internal threading. Four to a pack.

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  10. S/S Glide, 3/8"-16 Threading L=36MM W=32MM (MKRS-32N3)

    S/S Glide, 3/8"-16 Threading L=36MM W=32MM (MKRS-32N3)

    Height adjustable and leveling glideMaterial: Body - 304 Stainless Steel Bottom - RubberFinish: Body - Satin Bottom - BlackStainless steel fasteners not available * Catalog Page (PDF format)

  11. Swivel Levelers

    Swivel Levelers

    Perfect for angled legs. Technical Details:* White nylon base.* 1-1/4" diameter.* Use with 1/4- 20 threaded inserts.* 4 per set.* Nickel plated.* Price per set.

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  12. Self-Leveling Glides

    Self-Leveling Glides

    Get maximum versatility! Allows chairs to glide smoothly, and conforms to floor and furniture differences. The only glide on the market that automatically adjusts for angled or uneven legs! Works on indoor and outdoor wooden furniture. Allows chairs to glide smoothly, and conforms to floor and…

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  13. Leveler Block

    Leveler Block

    …ready to install, pre-drilled blocks make leveling cabinets and bookcases a snap. The threaded nylon tipped glide is adjustable to a height of 2" either from the top, through a hole in the cabinet floor, or from below using an open end wrench. Leveling blocks are easy to install with glue and the…

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  14. Heavy Duty Concealed Leveler

    Heavy Duty Concealed Leveler

    With a load rating of 650 pounds each, there is not much these levelers can not take on! They work perfectly for the heaviest desks and partitions. The protective caps help protect wood floors from marring and scratching. Adjustable to 1" . Maximum required panel thickness is only 3/4" . Requires a…

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  15. Oak Murphy Door Shelving Unit Kit-6' Murphy Door Kits

    Oak Murphy Door Shelving Unit Kit-6' Murphy Door Kits

    …selected door should be at least 12" wider than the opening* Selected door should be at least 5" wider than the opening to fully conceal the doorway.* Manufacturer's lifetime warranty on the hardware* Made in USA Tools Required:* Drill* Level* Plumb bob* #2 Philips screwdriver* 7/16" socket

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  16. Phenolic Table Saw Insert Kit

    Phenolic Table Saw Insert Kit

    …Just use our exclusive Phenolic Countersink Drill Bit (34423, sold separately) for the leveler holes. It is machined especially for phenolic, cuts quickly and won't wander. * Insert Kit includes two phenolic plates with 12 screws for leveling.* Phenolic plates measure 3-7/8" x 14" x 1/2" thick.

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  17. Flush-Mount Temperature Sensor

    Flush-Mount Temperature Sensor

    …reliable, conditional macros that always maintain the perfect temperature. For example, if the sensor detects a temperature above a pre-determined level, your controller can close the motorized drapes, turn a ceiling fan on, or, if need be, crank-up the air. If your home is equipped with electronic…

  18. Two-Tier Cookware Organizer

    Two-Tier Cookware Organizer

    …the bottom tier features adjustable dividers to store a variety of larger pots and pans. Made with a heavy-duty chrome plated wire frame, both levels feature full-extension 100-lb. load rated ball bearing slides. This attractive, quiet-operating organizer is designed for Base 15 cabinets and…

  19. Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

    Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

    …within 0.1° resolution. The zero button calibrates the angle gauge to any reference surface so there's no need to worry if your table saw isn't leveled perfectly. Works great for miter saws and table saws, and for setting the angle of your jointer fence and band saw table. Technical Details: *…

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  20. iGaging 9' Digital Level with Laser

    iGaging 9' Digital Level with Laser

    Horizontal and vertical spirit levels help you find level in conjunction with a digital level sensor. Once level is achieved, a push-button laser projects a crosshair pattern horizontally on the level plain to aid in leveling, marking and installation tasks anywhere in the room. Hold, tilt % and…

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  21. Adjustable Corner Support

    Adjustable Corner Support

    Levels heavy cabinets. Includes a heavy gauge bracket with a 5/16" - 8mm threading screw for solid, steady support of heavy cabinets. Adjusts within a 2- 3/8" range. Bolt is 2-3/4" long. Price for single bolt.

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  22. Picture Hanging Level

    Picture Hanging Level

    A decorator's dream! This one-of-a-kind level lets users mount pictures, towel bars,shelf brackets, and more with maximum speed and precision. It offers four integralslides to transfer mounting points from object-to-wall, level vials to read either levelor plum, and ruled edges graduated to 1/16".…

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  23. Dining Tables Book

    Dining Tables Book

    …of projects for various lifestyles. Technical Details: * Attractive, practical projects that are accessible to most woodworkers above the novice level * Projects in a variety of different styles, such as Country, Shaker, Traditional Colonial, and Queen Anne * A chapter on general construction…

  24. Plate Glass Sharpening System-Coarse

    Plate Glass Sharpening System-Coarse

    …other expensive tools honed to perfection using this 12'' square x 1/4'' thick plate glass system. The plate glass is guaranteed to be the most level surface you can find to lap all your tools. The Coarse Sharpening System includes the glass plate, honing guide, 25 soft plastic feet, and two each…

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