May Sales

Marking Tools

  1. Rockler Center/Offset Marking Tool
    Rockler Center/Offset Marking Tool
    277 Review(s)
    Straddles your board to mark a perfectly centered line, or you can use the notches to mark offset lines from 1/16'' to 1/2'' from the edge in 1/16'' increments.
  2. Features a hardwood handle that works equally well for left- or right-handed users
  3. JotSpot 2-1/2'' Erasable Writing Tablet
    JotSpot 2-1/2'' Erasable Writing Tablet
    5 Review(s)
    Always have your notepad handy at your hip—wipes clean with a swipe of your thumb!

    Starting at: From $0.99

  4. EZ-Mark Marking Lines
    EZ-Mark Line Cords
    34 Review(s)
    Provides an easy way of marking internal construction components.
  5. 18'' 46 cm Flexible Curve
  6. Carpenter's Pencil
    Carpenter's Pencil
    3 Review(s)
  7. 3 Piece French Curve Set
  8. Simple Scribe
    Simple Scribe
    5 Review(s)
    Seven faces are preset to scribe at precise 1/8'' increments—just insert your pencil and slide it along the wall!