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Rulers, Calipers, Protractors, and Squares

  1. Twice the thickness of standard drafting triangles for long-lasting durability
    Woodworker's Adjustable Triangle
    4 Review(s)
    Get durability, accuracy, and convenience.
  2. Holds all shapes and sizes of stock steady for a safer cut
  3. Crown 4'' Mini T-Bevel
    Crown 4'' Mini T-Bevel
    2 Review(s)
    Small size is well-suited for apron pockets and tight spaces—features premium rosewood handles and solid brass fittings.
  4. iGaging DigiCal Outside Caliper
  5. Crown Molding & Trim Book and Installation Kit
  6. Starrett 7" ProSite Protractor - Durable Aluminum
  7. Starrett Protractor Angle Finder
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