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Measuring Tools

  1. #29190 - Clamp-It Assembly Square
    Rockler Clamp-It® Assembly Square
    251 Review(s)
    Align it, clamp it, and fasten it to get perfect 90° angles every time!
  2. Rockler Center/Offset Marking Tool
    Rockler Center/Offset Marking Tool
    198 Review(s)
    Straddles your board to mark a perfectly centered line, or you can use the notches to mark offset lines from 1/16'' to 1/2'' from the edge in 1/16'' increments.
  3. 33586 - Adjustable Clamp-It Assembly Tool
    Rockler Adjustable Clamp-It® Assembly Square
    68 Review(s)
    Rotates from 45 degrees to 315 degrees.
  4. INCRA Precision T-Rules

    Starting at: From $18.99

  5. Wixey Digital Angle Gauge with Backlight
    Wixey Digital Angle Gauge with Backlight
    106 Review(s)
    Attaches magnetically to your blade to provide a precise angle reading—now featuring an easy-to-read backlit screen.
  6. Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

    Starting at: From $9.99

  7. 27767 - Mini Clamp-It Assembly Square
    Rockler Mini Clamp-It® Assembly Square
    58 Review(s)
    Perfect for creating doll houses and music boxes.
  8. Rockler Radius Gauge Set
    Rockler Radius Gauge Set
    5 Review(s)
    Quickly gauge both inside and outside curves ranging from just 1/16'' all the way up to 1'' in diameter, in 1/16'' increments.
  9. Rockler 3-in-1 Bar Gauge
    Rockler 3-in-1 Bar Gauge
    65 Review(s)
    Three sets of interchangeable tips let you check diagonals for square, transfer dimensions, draw perfect circles and more!
  10. Displays a digital readout of fence positions between 0" and 60"
  11. INCRA Precision Protractor
  12. Fits most 6" calipers and sets tight with the red locking knob
  13. Rockler Precision Brass Setup Bars
    Rockler Precision Brass Setup Bars
    87 Review(s)
    Accurately set depth of cut, fence to cutter distanced, and material thickness.
  14. Great for squaring up any rectangular assembly.
  15. FastCap ProCarpenter Lefty/Righty Tape Measure
  16. Rockler Precision Brass Setup Bars-Master Set
    Rockler Precision Brass Setup Bars-Master Set
    25 Review(s)
    These brass height gauges give you a foolproof way to set your depth of cut, fence-to-cutter distance and much more—includes 11 sizes from 1/8'' to 3/4'' in 1/16'' increments!
  17. Makes setting calipers quick and easy
  18. INCRA Precision Marking Rules

    Starting at: From $13.99

  19. Wixey™ Mini Digital Height Gauge
    Wixey™ Mini Digital Height Gauge
    84 Review(s)
    Measures the height of bits and blades, or use it to measure the depth of dadoes or mortises! Boasts digital accuracy to 0.001".
  20. Little Wizard II
    Little Wizard II
    25 Review(s)
  21. Rockler Story Stick Kit
    Rockler Story Stick Kit
    3 Review(s)
    Slide the indicators onto a stick (not included) and set them to indicate drawer spacing, shelf spacing, or cabinet positions on a wall.
  22. Biscuit Cutter Gauge
    Biscuit Cutter Gauge
    25 Review(s)
  23. 4'' Steel Engineer Square
  24. INCRA Precision Bend Rules-Rules

    Starting at: From $19.99

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