May Sales

Sharpening Jigs and Guides

  1. Oneway Wolverine Vari-Grind 2 Jig
  2. Diamond Stone Truing Tool TT-50 for Tormek Sharpening Systems
  3. Tormek SVD-186 Gouge Jig
    Tormek SVD-186 Gouge Jig
    8 Review(s)
    Sharpen turning gouges, carving gouges and straight or curved V-tools with stunning precision and repeatability.
  4. Nova Finger Grind Jig
  5. Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig
    Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig
    13 Review(s)
    Grinds tools the easy and convenient way with the Oneway Sharpening Tool Rest!
  6. Nova Sharpening Center Attachment
  7. Planer/Joiner Blade Jig SVH-320 for Tormek Sharpening Systems
  8. Tormek DBS-22 Drill Bit Sharpening Attachment