Tool Maintenance

  1. Rockler Router Bit and Saw Blade Cleaning Kit
    Rockler Router Bit and Saw Blade Cleaning Kit
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    Makes cleaning router bits and saw blades extremely easy.
  2. Rockler Pitch & Resin Remover

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  3. 37670

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  4. Bostik DriCote Aerosol Spray
  5. Boeshield T-9 Lubricant, 4oz Aerosol Can
  6. 47316 - Brass Brush
    Brass Brush
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Clean, sharp tools last longer, are safer to use and deliver superior results. Here are some things to look for in regular maintenance checks:

Pitch buildup on blades and bits: This will decrease the quality of the cut and cause heat buildup – which, in turn, will contribute to dulling of the cutter.
Rust on your tools' metal surfaces: Rust on the table of your table saw or the bed of your jointer will inhibit your ability to move the work across the cutter smoothly. The quality of cut will suffer; and, if the workpiece binds and kicks back, you could get hurt. The rust also is likely to damage the surface of your workpiece.
Cracking or misshapen drive belts: Your tools will run rougher if the belts are well past their prime.
Worn band saw guide blocks: Your band saw blade will wander without good guide blocks, reducing precision. Also check the band saw's tires and brush out dust from inside the cabinet.

With just a little attention and a few key maintenance products and accessories from Rockler, you’ll extend the life of your tools and get the most out of them.