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Workshop Safety

  1. 53685
    Rockler Fence Featherboard
    23 Review(s)
    For both infeed and outfeed applications.
  2. Micro Jig GRR-Ripper® Basic 3D Push Block System GR-100
    Micro Jig GRR-Ripper® Basic 3D Push Block System GR-100
    70 Review(s)

    Safer and more precise than conventional push blocks.

  3. Rockler 4-Piece Safety Kit
    Rockler 4-Piece Safety Kit
    Includes table featherboard, push stick and two push blocks featuring the same grippy rubber as our Bench Cookie® Work Grippers.
  4. Comfortable, lightweight corrective protection.

    Starting at: From $7.99

  5. Grr-RipperĀ® 15th Anniversary Package
    Grr-Ripper® 15th Anniversary Package
    6 Review(s)
    Provides unrivaled control over your work—includes two Grr-Ripper GR-200 Push Block Systems, plus two each of four different accessory kits and an instructional DVD.

    Regular Price: $279.50

    Special Price $259.99

  6. Rockler Double Featherboard
    Rockler Double Featherboard
    29 Review(s)
    For use with any tool with a standard miter slot.
  7. Vibe 29 Earmuff Hearing Protectors

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price $19.99

  8. Two straps provide adjustability to fit
  9. Nitrile Industrial Gloves
    Nitrile Industrial Gloves
    26 Review(s)
    Offering greater protection than traditional gloves, nitrile gloves provide excellent resistance to most finishes, solvents, and chemicals. Nitrile material is also resistant to punctures, cuts, and snags. Gloves are pre-powdered and contain no natural rubber latex.

    Starting at: From $17.99

  10. Easily increase your featherboard height for vertical routing operations by adding this kit to your existing Rockler Table Featherboard (#53677).
    Rockler Retrofit Double Featherboard Kit
    7 Review(s)
    Engineered for safer and cleaner cuts.
  11. Magswitch Universal Featherboard
    Magswitch Universal Featherboard
    16 Review(s)
    The easiest featherboard you have ever used.
  12. Adjustable Safety Glasses
  13. Magswitch Vertical Featherboard Attachment
  14. Magnifying Tweezers
    Magnifying Tweezers
    9 Review(s)
  15. Gorilla Gripper handles sheet material up to 3/4" thick
  16. Skins Heavy Duty Work Gloves

    Starting at: From $5.99

  17. Thumb and Finger Guards

    Starting at: From $4.99

  18. Forearm Forklift Moving Straps
    Forearm Forklift Moving Straps
    12 Review(s)
    Move objects up to 700 pounds with ease.
  19. Protects your lungs from solid and liquid particles that don't contain oil with up to 95% efficiency
  20. Ear Defenders for Trend® AirShield Pro
  21. Hearing Protectors have an NRR of 26
    ZEM Hearing Protectors
    19 Review(s)
    Allows you to hear useful sounds while blocking harmful noise.
  22. Magswitch Pro Table Featherboard
  23. Dust Bee Gone Mask
    Dust Bee Gone Mask
    8 Review(s)

    Starting at: From $39.99

  24. Battery for Trend® AirShield Pro
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