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  • European Hinges for Lipped Doors

    Salice european-style hinge mounted on a lipped door

    Until recently, if you wanted to outfit the popular 1940s and 1950s "lipped" style of cabinet door with new hinges, your options were limited.

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  • Video: Making a Kitchen Island Cabinet

    Reclaimed wood kitchen island cabinet

    In this video, Paul Jackman shows the construction of a sturdy cabinet for under a kitchen island made from reclaimed wood.

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  • How to Make a Cutting Board
    assortmaent of handmade cutting boards

    Composed of strips of premium hardwood, cutting boards are a beautiful, durable and environmentally sustainable way to keep your knives sharp and your countertops pristine. And, a cutting board as handsome as this is just as well-suited for serving as it is for cutting. Mix and match the various wood species to create the unique look and total cutting board width that you need. Cutting boards are a great way to use up scraps in your shop, or you can purchase precut strips to create your custom design.

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  • Drawer Building Options

    Assembling two drawers for a sideboard

    As you may have discovered, there are many ways to build a drawer box. What's your favorite? Whatever it is, your method of choice almost certainly reflects the importance you place on durability, aesthetics and last but not least, getting done fast.

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