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Rockler 3/8'' Beadlock® Basic Starter Kit

Easily create rock-solid mortise and tenon joints.
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Create rock-solid mortise and tenon joints with just your hand drill and this Beadlock® Kit. Ribbed tenon design prevents racking and increases the amount of precious face-grain glue surface. The result is an extremely strong, totally concealed joint. Included shim set allows you to mortise a variety of stock thicknesses, as well as to offset your mortises.

  • Patented system overlaps drill bit holes precisely to accept a special Beadlock® loose tenon
  • Mortises in curved and tapered parts are simple
  • For narrow material, rip the tenon stock down to fewer "beads"
  • It's also ideal for reinforcing glass panel cabinet doors
  • Includes four .060" shims, two .030" shims, 3/8" HSS Drill Bit and a molded plastic case with added space for the optional accessory kits
  • All Accessory Kits include corresponding guide block, HSS drill bit and shim set
(1) Anodized Drill Plate
(1) 3/8" HSS Drill Bit
(1) 3/8" Drill Block
(4) 0.060" Shims
(2) 0.030" Shims
More Information
Brand Beadlock
Weight 1.7000
Tech Spec
  • Beveled cutout in the drill plate allows you to precisely align the jig with your reference marks
  • Handles stock thicknesses of 3/4" and up
  • Includes all necessary hardware for cutting 3/8" joints (Tenon stock sold separately)
  • Storage case is molded with additional spacing for optional 1/4" and 1/2" drill block sizes (#38088 and #34985, sold separately)
3.9 / 5.0
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Perfect tool for my projects.
July 19, 2019
3 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
it is easy to get it to work for my projects
June 7, 2019
5 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great tool
Great tool. Better than spending $1000 on a domino for someone like me. Make sure you use a screw clamp so that the Jag does not move.
Make sure you align the jig and layout marks and use a tight screw clamp (not trigger clamp)
Made this wooden screen door from poplar using the beadlock 3/8 jig and tenons. Great tool.
May 23, 2019
5 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Simple to use
The kit worked as advertised. I built the end table from Rockler's plan with a slight variation to the top and am well pleased with the result. It is very sturdy. The top is mahogany to match a bookcase I had previously built.
End table with mahogany top. Top has ogee edges instead of the slanted edge in the plan.
End table with mahogany top. Top has ogee edges instead of the slanted edge in the plan.
May 22, 2019
5 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great system
April 13, 2019
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
rerally works well
March 21, 2019
7 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
A good jig to make loose tenon joints
Just like everyone else who bought this jig have found out, the blocks didn’t line up after joining them with the Beadlock tenon. In my case, I found a discrepancy of about 1/32” between the two lines drawn on the blocks. The reference edge on the blue plate apparently does not line up with the center of the black drill block. The misalignment is about 1/64”. For a $30 jig, actually that is damn good. The solution of course is putting the reference line on the drill block itself. I adopted the method of putting a scribed center line on the back of the drill block; a method suggested by a previous commenter. To do this, I used a Kreg Multi-Mark to find the center line by trial and error, using masking tape to cover the block surface before the final line was determined. Using the new reference line, the blocks line up perfectly every time.

I am working primarily with 2x4’s so I have to use shim to move the mortises closer to the center. If the thickness is not even across the surface of the shim, the mortises will not line up parallel with the edge. The error will be doubled when you join the 2 pieces. It will appear as a twist between the two blocks, and is very noticeable when you have a long edge. The solution is to control the evenness of the shim. I end up using some plexiglass to make my shim. Using the new shim, the twist is minimized.
March 7, 2019
Woodworking Experience:
A good strong alternative to classic tenons on a large production run.
I bought this as I had 18 chair frames to make for an upholstery workshop. System is simple to set up and use and flexible enough to use standard width tenon inserts or cut them down for smaller pieces. The system cut production time down significantly and actually saved wood. The joints are equally as strong as standard tenons and if you use the optional cutter the fit can be adjusted as well.
February 25, 2019
8 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Inexpensive floating tenon option
Been using Dowels for a while and wanted to try another system. Was debating on getting the Pro system but wanted to test out the smaller one 1st. Tested it out on a small project 1st(Picture Frame) and I have to say I really like it so far. Having the Kreg clamp is really helpful for speeding things up. One suggestion I would tell anyone if they want to get one it to use a red pencil. Its so much easier to see the lines when you are marking your pieces. I also think on some projects it may be easier to reference off of the sides of the pieces instead of using the lines. I will be looking to get the Pro System here shortly and would recommend it to anyone.
User submitted image
User submitted image
February 22, 2019
8 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Works well
November 30, 2018
11 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
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Why did you choose this?
Rockler Store
Easy mortise and tenons
Ron M on Sep 12, 2019
Easy and efficient way to produce sturdy joinery.
Richard C on Aug 4, 2019
Easy mortise and tenons
Ron M on Sep 12, 2019
Good reviews
David C on Aug 12, 2019
Easy and efficient way to produce sturdy joinery.
Richard C on Aug 4, 2019
wanted to try this joining system
Dan M on Aug 1, 2019
Making a bench from an old disassembled piano.
Eric S on Jul 26, 2019
Building end table from Rockler plans
Mark B on Apr 23, 2019
This looks as if it would make it a lot easier to create quality joints.
Gregory C on Apr 9, 2019
Wanted to give it a try and see how good it works.
Jake C on Mar 11, 2019
this looks like a simple system for making good strong tenon joints.
Wes S on Jan 4, 2019
Good start to see if we like this method with the add on accessory gives us two sizes.
Pamela M on Dec 29, 2018
Kathleen C on Dec 15, 2018
After looking at other joining methods this system seem the easiest.
James A on Dec 2, 2018
Saw a review in Family Handyman
L. Gene L on Dec 2, 2018
Christmas gift for my son saw it in Familyu Hanhyman Magazine
Beth U on Nov 29, 2018
If the basic system works as I hope, I will spring for the Pro Kit and the router bit to make my own stock, a $206.00 investment!
Bruce D on Nov 28, 2018
The Beadlock Joinery system looked like a very convenient and almost equally strong alternative to using conventional mortice and tenon joinery. It certainly appears to be quite easy to implement.
Gerald B. C on Nov 22, 2018
Building a bed
Austin K on Oct 2, 2018
Looks easier than dowel and stronger than pocket screws.
Blair W on Jul 26, 2018
I'd like to try this type of joiner. Seems easier than other methods.
James B on Jul 16, 2018
want to try it
Al G on Jul 1, 2018
can't afford a domino.
Julie C on Jun 21, 2018
gift for my husband
Raelyn D on May 22, 2018
Plan to make a bench and need a secure way to put legs on
Leon H on May 20, 2018
I want to try it out, never used this type of connector before
Lawrence H on Mar 24, 2018
to start
BARBARA T on Mar 9, 2018
just going to try it out
Jeff V on Mar 7, 2018
I do not have one so I thought I would try it.
Charles S on Feb 12, 2018
Trying this product as an alternative to the $1000 Festool Domino
Luigi S on Feb 12, 2018
Looks like a great product can't wait to try it.
Richard L on Feb 11, 2018
Watched the video and read reviews..can't wait to try this out on a project
Patricia S. P on Feb 9, 2018
Building frame
Anthony C on Feb 5, 2018
want to try this system rather than all the set up and work to cut tenon and mortise jpoints
Ronald W on Jan 7, 2018
Works for my project.
Zach J on Dec 20, 2017
Borrowed this from a friend and found it easy to use and it produced a great joint. Much easier than the several other options I have used.
Robert M on Dec 17, 2017
As rarely as I would need to do loose tenon joinery, this should meet my needs very well.
Tom H on Dec 4, 2017
to be able to join wood and have a strong joint
Lamar M on Dec 1, 2017
For the option
Curtis T on Oct 22, 2017
This company has excellent products and its tools provide perfect solutions to our jobs
I need it for a project
Lee on Sep 17, 2017
Recommended by Sawdust Girl<br />Planning to make doors in bathroom
Jim O J on Aug 7, 2017
need a basic mortise & tenon jig for a small project - this looks like it will work, based on the videos
Doug P on Jul 13, 2017
kelly L on Jun 17, 2017
Making a dresser with some loose tenon joinery.
Scott W on Apr 6, 2017
I like the simplicty and sturdiness.
vinnie g on Mar 28, 2017
Looks like it makes things a lot easier.
Ronald B on Mar 9, 2017
for dowel joinery
RAFAEL R on Feb 27, 2017
It was new, and highly recommended. Worked great.
Tedd F on Feb 23, 2017
Project I am working on
Frederick J on Feb 12, 2017
easy to use
Ivan D on Jan 14, 2017
Awesome tool. A great easy and inexpensive way to make a corner joint that is strong and square.
JOHN S on Dec 26, 2016
Good reviews
David C on Aug 12, 2019
wanted to try this joining system
Dan M on Aug 1, 2019
How do you make a beadlock mortise on the face of a wide board? For example you wish to cut a mortise 2 inches in on a 10 inch board.
Lawrence K on Feb 8, 2017
Has anyone cut the tab off that prevents you from using drill bit collars? issues?
Bob D on May 13, 2017
Can the 1/2" Beadlock® Pro Accessory Kit ($59.99 each) be used with the Rockler 3/8'' Beadlock® Basic Starter Kit ($29.99
each), Or I'm I stuck buying the Rockler Beadlock® Pro Joinery Kit ($149.99 each) to make 1/2" mortises?
I'm joining some 2x6 cedar for deck railing caps and making mitered joints, but I don't want to blow my deck project budget any more than I already have. Any and all comments and suggestions would be appreciated at this point.
Joe D on May 28, 2018
Rockler 3/8'' Beadlock® Basic Starter Kit
Rockler 3/8'' Beadlock® Basic Starter Kit
Rockler 1/2
Rockler 1/2" Beadlock® Pro Accessory Kit
Rockler Beadlock® Pro Joinery Kit
Rockler Beadlock® Pro Joinery Kit
BEST ANSWER: I bought the Rockler 3/8" Beadlock Basic Starter Kit Item # 34802 ($29.99 each) and the Beadlock 1/2" Accessory Kit Item # 34985 ($27.99 each). They worked great together and the accessory kit pieces store in the starter kit's box.
Can this be set up on a mitred joint?
Danielb on Jul 31, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, provided there is sufficient width of stock to receive the tenon.
Can you use the 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch beadlock accessories with the 3/8 inch basic kit?
George K on Feb 24, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, 38088 & 34985 ARE designed to work with this Basic Jig (34802); there is space in the case to store them as well and their bits.
Rockler 1/4
Rockler 1/4" Accessory Kit (Guide Block, Drill Bit and Shim Set)
Beadlock® 1/2
Beadlock® 1/2" Accessory Kit
Does it come in a case like it is shows in the video?
Derrick T on May 16, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Mine did come in a case as shown in the video. Case has space for both of the other sizes.
Can this jig be used to join 3/4 in stock to 1.5 inch stock (1 by lumber to 2 by lumber)?
David E on Jul 30, 2019
BEST ANSWER: yes, that's where the shims come into play. I have used it for up to 21/2 inch stock.
What about through mortises how's it look after?
Butch S on May 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You could do through tenons, but I don't think it would look good. The tenon material has a ribbed shape.
How easy is it to shim it to get precisely centered on 2x material? Should I just get the pro system instead?
ekill 1 on May 18, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Recommend the pro system upgraded mine to the pro system
i'm making interior closet doors from 5/4 " x 3" wide clear ponderosa pine . for 36" wide doors . ideally ,what length should my tenons extend into each mortise , looking to confirm that the 3/8" thick tenons are adequate .or suggest otherwise ? the doors will have rather light weight panels also . any carpenters here built interior doors using the 3/8" beadlock system ? i've got 30 years experience. thank you .
w g on Dec 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Beadlock system is terrific. Strong and fast. Tenons should be at least an inch long.
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