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Bench Dog® Cast Iron Router Table, Pro Router Lift, Pro Fence, & Steel Cabinet

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Meet the ultimate router table - complete with a fence, plate, steel cabinet, and a router lift! At 24" x 32" x 1-1/2", the Bench Dog Cast-Iron Router Table is the largest, flattest, and most durable option on the market. Weighing in at nearly 100 lbs, the one-piece top provides more than 5 square feet of ultra-flat work surface. Add to that the included steel cabinet with it's unique internal dust bucket, and you have something that looks more like an industrial shaper than a router table. Its 12-point plate-leveling/locking system guarantees a secure, flush interface with the included Bench Dog ProLift Router Lift. ProLift is compatible with Porter-Cable 7518 & 7519; adapters for other routers available separately. Plus, you get the 32" ProFence, a precision-milled aluminum fence with two MDF sub-fences, front and rear T-tracks, a 2-1/2" dust port and an integrated bit guard.

If you're after the ultimate table top - the pinnacle of size, stability, and durability - look no further than the ProMax RT. Weighing in at nearly 100 pounds, it's built from one solid piece of 1-1/2" thick cast iron to absorb vibration better than any table on the market. The end result? A long working life of incredibly smooth operation. Plus, it's loaded with features:

  • Dual T-tracks in the table: a standard miter slot and a Universal T-track for accessories.
  • Cast iron table top measures 24" x 32" x 1-1/2" - over 5 square feet of surface area.
  • Universal T-tracks accept 1/4" and 5/16" T-bolts as well as 1/4" hex bolts-perfect for hold-downs, stops, featherboards and more.
  • 32" Pro Fence is precision machined for flatness and squareness, and includes front- and rear-mounted universal accessory T-tracks.
  • Enclosed steel cabinet is built of solid galvanized steel.
  • Cabinet includes integrated dust bucket for superior dust collection.
  • Two integral casters allow you to tip and roll the entire router table.

Tech Spec

Brand Bench Dog
Manufacturer Part Number 25574/27279/28827/41
Weight (lbs) 241.1000

What's included:

(1) Bench Dog Cast Iron Table
(1) Steel Cabinet
(1) Bench Dog ProFence
(1) Bench Dog ProLift Router Lift
(1) 2-1/2" Dust Port
(1) Bit Guard

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Robert Posted February 21, 2014
I ordered this package as a Christmas/Retirement Present to myself. The cabinet arrived 1 week later and the lift arrived 2 weeks after ordering. The table arrived 7.5 weeks after ordering. I knew when ordering this package that Rockler had a back-order status from BenchDog on the table. I was willing to wait this amount of time for a top quality product.

I assembled the cabinet when it arrived and wrote a review with a "5 Star Rating" on Jan 1st. You can read this review on the web page for the cabinet. Be very careful when assembling the cabinet, there are a lot of sharp edges. I used a file to blunt some of the edges and wore gloves most of the assemble time. You will especially want to blunt the edges of the door opening for the dust enclosure.

I mounted a new Porter Cable 7518 in the lift with no problems. The lift is made for this size router with no adapters involved.

When the table arrived I mounted it to the cabinet by myself and this was the only problem I had for the complete assembly. Mount the almost 100 lb. table is NOT a 1 man job!! Have someone help with this part of the assembly. All of the bolt holes line up properly and the bolts screw in hand, the table is just to heavy to handle for one person.

I didn't ordered the Off/On Switch that mounts on the cabinet. I have a foot switch that I planned to use. After a couple of uses I decided I prefer the cabinet switch and will order it soon. Opening /closing the cabinet doors and dust enclosure door is to much of a hassle to start & stop the router.

This package was absolutely worth the wait!! All of the parts fit together very well and are all very high quality! The lift operates very smooth and accurate. As another reviewer mentioned, the fence is nothing special but gets the job done. I stood a nickle on edge, then started the PC 7518 on the highest speed setting. With the soft start the nickle never moved even 1 minute after starting. The top is very smooth and flat which allows easy movement of material.

There are only 2 Cons for me; 1st would be the 2 leveling feet on the left side of the cabinet which can easily be corrected. Second, this is a very heavy assembly. You need to lift up on the table to move it. If you plan on moving the unit in a small shop as I do, there needs to be some type of handle on the cabinet or install a mobile base.

Overall I am TOTALLY SATISFIED with this purchase and look for to a lot of use for it!!

I ordered this complete package and...

Dan S from Katy, TX Posted March 12, 2013
I ordered this complete package and received all the parts over a 2 month period. During that time I purchased a new router for this table. Once I got it I found that you need an adapter for a 3 1/2" router to fit in the Bench Dog lift o I purchased that too. finally got the metal cabinet, everything went together fine. I love the cast iron top. Very smooth and easy to slide material across it. I really like the Lift, but a finger wheel would have been nicer, but this one work nice too. The fence is nice, but nothing special to me. I have two con's on this package. If you purchase this get the on\off switch {which they show, but doesn't come with it}. I don't care for having to open the front door to the cabinet and open the dust compartment door to turn on and off the router. The other thing is the front door when opening and closing them as much as I have had to do I keep feeling like I'm going to cut my hand on the edge of the door. Might never happen, but it feels like you might. Other than that I really like the ease of raising and lowering the router. Like the very smooth top. I'll probably order the switch for it soon and the drawer that goes on the inside too. Also I'll use some Aluminum foil tape on some of the dust box corners as some of the dust comes out into the cabinet from the front ones for me. I think the pros of this router table out weighs the cons that I have found with it.

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What People are Saying:

I have been using Rockler for years, your products are always the best that can be purchased and your prices are very reasonable. Ann you have always done your best to make me feel as though I was your very best customer. Thank you for great service."

- Daniel F.

What People are Saying:

I have been using Rockler for years, your products are always the best that can be purchased and your prices are very reasonable. Ann you have always done your best to make me feel as though I was your very best customer. Thank you for great service."

- Daniel F.
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