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Canarywood Pen Blanks, 5-Pack

Enjoy a myriad of warm colors and easy working characteristics with this 5-pack of canarywood pen blanks.
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Canarywood ranges in color from pale orange to reddish brown, often interspersed with darker streaks. It has a fine to medium grain texture with a nice natural luster, and excellent working characteristics. The grain is usually straight, with a banded appearance that gives a rainbow effect. Over time, the colors will tend to darken and blend. It boasts excellent stability and finishes nicely. This 5-pack of canarywood blanks has been dimensioned and is ready to turn.

(5) Canarywood Pen Blanks
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number CAN001.5
Weight 0.400000
Tech Spec
  • Overall Dimensions: 3/4'' x 3/4'' x 5''
  • Material: Canary/canarywood