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Carbide Turning Tools

Carbide Turning Tools

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced turner, you'll get great results from our Carbide Turning Tools. The carbide cutter heads are sharp right out of the box, and when one dulls, simply rotate it to expose a new, sharp edge. When all edges are dull, just replace the cutter head. No sharpening required! Handles are solid ash encased at the end in thick, molded rubber for excellent ergonomics and a sure grip. Check out all three sizes below to find the perfect turning tools for your projects.

Full Size Carbide Turning Tools

For your largest turning projects, our largest turning tools are up to the task. Tackle large spindles, vases, bowls, and more with these titans of turning.

Mini Carbide Turning Tools

Mid-size tools for mid-size projects. These are perfect for tool handles, kitchen utensil handles, and smaller spindles, plates, and bowls.

Pen Carbide Turning Tools

Made specifically for turning pens as the name suggests, these tools are also handy for other small projects such as key chain charms, bookmarks, bottle stoppers, game calls and more.