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Includes two expansive router bit sets, the scanning probe package, double sanding mop, and Project Designer PRO 3 software package with a full suite of seven add-on modules.

CarveWright CX PRO Accessory Box

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The PRO Accessory Box includes the 9-piece PRO Cutting and Carving Bit Set, 11-piece Full Decorative Bit Set, Scanning Probe, 240-Grit Double Sanding Mop, and Project Designer PRO 3 software package with a full suite of seven add-on modules.

The PRO Cutting and Carving Bit Set features nine top-quality solid carbide bits designed for durability and precision. Each bit (except for the 1/16'' cutting bit) features a 1/4'' shank that is permanently fitted with a CarveTight adapter for a slip-free fit.

The bits in the 11-piece Full Decorative Bit Set set are carbide-tipped. Use them for a variety of decorative effects, dados, recesses and edge profiles. The set also includes a 1/4'' Split Collet and 11 rubber stop collars, necessary for installation in the CarveTight spindle.

The Scanning Probe lets you reproduce unique carvings, architectural elements, and decorative components of antique furniture. Nearly any material can be scanned, even soft materials like clay or wax. Just plug the probe into your CarveWright CNC, set the desired scan area, and watch the probe map out the contours of your master. Once the scan is finished, the included software will allow you to clean up the scan and make any necessary edits.

The Double Sanding Mop is the ideal tool for quickly and efficiently cleaning up your CNC carvings and other contoured woodworking projects. Simply chuck the mop into a drill press or portable drill to quickly remove machining marks and prepare your projects for finishing. With 3'' of thickness, the double mops are great for larger projects. The included rubber spacers and nylon stabilizers can be rearranged to adjust the softness of the mop.

Project Designer PRO is an upgraded software package that features numerous advanced design tools and uploading capabilities not included in the basic software package. All available add-on modules are also compatible with Designer PRO, seven of which are included with the PRO Accessory Box (see below for details).

Features of Designer PRO:

  • Ability to perform two-sided carving
  • Deep carving of up to 2'' deep when used with Long-Reach 1/16'' and 1/8'' Carving Bits
  • Compatible with 1/32'' Carving Bit for the finest detail carving
  • Advanced text controls, including kerning, line spacing and point size per letter/word/line of text
  • Preview text on board while editing
  • Decorate with text to apply to vector path
  • Edit Envelope tool allows you to warp or distort text or patterns
  • Decorate with patterns along a vector path
  • Basic materials (textures) and the ability to manipulate those to create your own unique textures
  • Vector Groups for adding chip carving
  • Centerline Text algorithms rewritten for more efficient and cleaner cut (Centerline Text required)
  • 3D puffing of Raster Text (3d Pattern Modeling Suite required)
  • Open with preview option for patterns and projects
  • Rotate virtual board to view front or back in landscape and portrait
  • Custom feather option
  • Lithopane preview (Open GL 2.1 or higher required)
  • Automatic check for updates option

Add-On Modules included with the PRO Accessory Box:

  • Vector Drawing Suite: The Vector Drawing Suite (2D Advanced) is an add-on that features advanced drawing tools and image tracing abilities previously available only with 3rd party software packages.
  • Pattern Modeling Suite: The Pattern Modeling Suite (3D Advanced) allows the modeling of 3D relief patterns within CarveWright Project Designer. These tools are easy-to-use and make your own custom patterns fun and simple.
  • Pattern Sculptor: Pattern Sculptor is a sculpting and editing software tool for creating 3D relief carvings. Quickly and intuitively smooth, smudge, add or remove details to prepare patterns for carving.
  • STL Importer: The STL Importer lets you open 3D STL models and slice them into patterns for use within the CarveWright Designer software. You can then carve these slices to assemble full 3D carvings.
  • DXF Importer: Lets you import 2D vector files saved in the DXF (Drawing eXchange Format) file format. Manipulate the files to the size and layout needed to cut on your CarveWright.
  • Centerline Text Add-On: The Centerline Text feature adds an additional rout mode for the Text Tool feature. This feature uses the 60° and 90° V-groove bits to follow the center of the letters for a clean engraved, v-cut look.
  • Conforming Vectors: Conforming Vectors allows for v-bit routing along a carved surface. Without Conforming Vectors, these types of routs can only be made on flat surfaces. You can apply the conform feature to any type of vector cut.
  • Any item that has been used, and is accepted by CarveWright for return within 30 days of the date of purchase, will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Also, a fee will be charged for any missing components or damage to the machine, parts, accessories, and shipping.
(1) CarveWright PRO Cutting and Carving Bit Set (Includes 1/32'' Carving Bit, 1/16'' Cutting Bit w/split collet, 1/16'' Carving Bit, 1/8'' Cutting Bit, 1/8'' Carving Bit, 3/16'' Cutting Bit, 3/16'' Carving Bit, 1/16'' Long-Reach Carving Bit, 1/8'' Long-Reach Carving Bit)
(1) Decorative 11-Piece Bit Set (Includes 60° V-Groove, 90° V-Groove, 1/4'' Diameter Ball Nose, 1/2'' Ball Nose, 3/8'' Straight, 3/8'' Radius Classic Ogee, 1/2'' Radius Classic Ogee, 1/8'' Radius Roman Ogee, 3/16'' Radius Roman Ogee, 1/4'' Radius Roundover, 1/2'' Radius Roundover, 1/4'' Split Collet, (6) 1/4'' Rubber Stop Collars, (5) 1/2'' Rubber Stop Collars)
(1) CarveWright Scanning Probe with Jumper Cable and Retainer Clip
(1) 240-Grit Double Sanding Mop with Spindle

(1) Project Designer PRO 3
(1) Vector Drawing Suite Add-On Software Module
(1) Pattern Modeling Suite Add-On Software Module
(1) Pattern Sculptor Add-On Software Module
(1) STL Importer Add-On Software Module
(1) DXF Importer Add-On Software Module
(1) Centerline Text Add-On Software Module
(1) Conforming Vectors Add-On Software Module
(1) Pattern Editor Software License
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Brand CarveWright
Manufacturer Part Number CW-PRO-ACC
Weight 4.9000
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Rockler Store
I wanted everything I might possibly need for my new carvewright cnc.
THOMAS R on Jan 7, 2018
I wanted everything I might possibly need for my new carvewright cnc.
THOMAS R on Jan 7, 2018
To make experience limitless
Kenneth J on Jun 21, 2017
To make experience limitless
Kenneth J on Jun 21, 2017
Will the CarveWright cx cut out a neck through guitar?
Steven M on Nov 17, 2016
are the tutorials available for viewing prior to purchase?
Randy E on Oct 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes. Visit the Carvewright site to view tutorials. You can also download for free the Basic and Designer Pro software to try for 30 days, which I highly recommend.
CarveWright CX - 3D CNC System
CarveWright CX - 3D CNC System
Can this unit scan an item and then cutout wood so the item can go into it? Like box that a pistol will go in?
James V on Jan 9, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The PRO set does include the scanning probe. You can buy it separately too. You should be able to create that inset space for your box. To get a better idea about using the software to create your project, check out the YouTube channel and their website for how-to. I've used lots of software, but the CarveWrright isn't exactly like the others so I'm still learning. Discussions on their Forum are helpful also.
Training or classes available?
Uncle Bill on Dec 26, 2018
It looks as though the shanks for the bits are not custom -- can anyone explain why the bit sets might be necessary?
The Foundry on Apr 30, 2018