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CarveWright CX Rotary Accessory Box

Includes the Rotary Jig, 9-piece PRO Cutting and Carving Bit Set, 240-Grit Double Sanding Mop, and Project Designer PRO 3 software package with STL Importer Add-On module.
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The Rotary Accessory Box includes the Rotary Jig, the 9-piece PRO Cutting and Carving Bit Set, 240-Grit Double Sanding Mop, and Project Designer PRO 3 software package, complete with the required STL Importer Add-On Module.

The Rotary Jig allows you to carve the entire perimeter of an object, rather than just a single face. A simple example would be a cylindrical post, but the pieces need not be cylindrical. Faceted posts can also be carved on all faces and complex figurines can be carved all the way around from start to finish. Just load your material, calibrate the jig, and start carving. Includes rotary software.

The PRO Cutting and Carving Bit Set features nine top-quality solid carbide bits designed for durability and precision. Each bit (except for the 1/16'' cutting bit) features a 1/4'' shank that is permanently fitted with a CarveTight adapter for a slip-free fit.

The Double Sanding Mop is the ideal tool for quickly and efficiently cleaning up your CNC carvings and other contoured woodworking projects. Simply chuck the mop into a drill press or portable drill to quickly remove machining marks and prepare your projects for finishing. With 3'' of thickness, the double mops are great for larger projects. The included rubber spacers and nylon stabilizers can be rearranged to adjust the softness of the mop.

Project Designer PRO is an upgraded software package that features numerous advanced design tools and uploading capabilities not included in the basic software package. All available add-on modules are also compatible with Designer PRO, one of which is included with the Rotary Accessory Box (see below for details).

Features of Designer PRO:

  • Ability to perform two-sided carving
  • Deep carving of up to 2'' deep when used with Long-Reach 1/16'' and 1/8'' Carving Bits
  • Compatible with 1/32'' Carving Bit for the finest detail carving
  • Advanced text controls, including kerning, line spacing and point size per letter/word/line of text
  • Preview text on board while editing
  • Decorate with text to apply to vector path
  • Edit Envelope tool allows you to warp or distort text or patterns
  • Decorate with patterns along a vector path
  • Basic materials (textures) and the ability to manipulate those to create your own unique textures
  • Vector Groups for adding chip carving
  • Centerline Text algorithms rewritten for more efficient and cleaner cut (Centerline Text required)
  • 3D puffing of Raster Text (3d Pattern Modeling Suite required)
  • Open with preview option for patterns and projects
  • Rotate virtual board to view front or back in landscape and portrait
  • Custom feather option
  • Lithopane preview (Open GL 2.1 or higher required)
  • Automatic check for updates option

Add-On Modules included with the Rotary Accessory Box:

  • STL Importer: The STL Importer lets you open 3D STL models and slice them into patterns for use within the CarveWright Designer software. You can then carve these slices to assemble full 3D carvings.
(1) CarveWright PRO Cutting and Carving Bit Set (Includes 1/32'' Carving Bit, 1/16'' Cutting Bit w/split collet, 1/16'' Carving Bit, 1/8'' Cutting Bit, 1/8'' Carving Bit, 3/16'' Cutting Bit, 3/16'' Carving Bit, 1/16'' Long-Reach Carving Bit, 1/8'' Long-Reach Carving Bit)
(1) 240-Grit Double Sanding Mop with Spindle
(1) CarveWright Rotary Jig

(1) Project Designer PRO 3 Software Package
(1) STL Importer Add-On Software Module
(1) Rotary Jig Software License
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Brand CarveWright
Manufacturer Part Number CW-ROT-ACC
Weight 7.450000