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CarveWright Memory Card

This Memory Card, along with the Memory Card Programmer (#59346, sold separately) lets you transfer projects from your computer to your CarveWright CNC unit.
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The CarveWright 8MB Memory Card allows you to transfer files from your home computer to the CarveWright CNC unit. Thanks to this file transfer system, you can view and edit files on your computer in the comfort of your home, and your valuable computer need not be exposed to the damaging dust and temperature swings of the shop environment. The memory card is large enough to store 30 to 40 typical projects and scans, but the exact number will depend on the size of the individual projects. When the card fills up, it's easy to delete files using the Flash Manager in the software. Be sure to keep all project files saved and backed up on your computer hard drive. Once on the memory card, the files cannot be brought back into the software for editing.

(1) 8 MB CarveWright Memory Card

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Brand CarveWright
Manufacturer Part Number A2079
Weight 0.080000