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Sandwiches large, thick panels to hold them flat while drying—no bowing when pressure is applied!

Damstom 38'' Panel Clamp

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Get perfectly flat panels every time with the Damstom Panel Clamp. With its two straight, parallel bars adjusted to firmly sandwich the panel, you'll completely eliminate the problem of glued panels that buckle and bow under pressure. This makes it an excellent solution for table tops, wide door panels and thick bench tops. Tool-free knobs allow you to adjust the parallel bars to clamp panels from 3/4'' thick to a massive 4-1/2'' thick. Plenty of clearance for the handle makes it easy to wind the clamp closed. Constructed from steel with a powder-coated blue finish and rugged Acme thread.

(1) Damstom 38'' Panel Clamp
More Information
Brand Damstom
Manufacturer Part Number SJD-0300-BLU
Weight 4.4500
Tech Spec
  • Opening Capacity: 38''
  • Maximum Panel Thickness: 4-1/2''
  • Material: Powder-coated steel
Prop 65 WarningWARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

3.7 / 5.0
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Good Clamps
I have used three damstom clamps to make two side panels and a top for a large walnut dresser and am very satisfied with them. Setup is fairly easy and I am well pleased with the results. I have no complaints.
July 16, 2019
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Works great, was easy to set up and use right out of the box.
April 22, 2019
4 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
I loved them - they work great
April 15, 2019
5 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great clamps. I grab for these first
February 17, 2019
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
Excellent product.
February 13, 2019
7 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
These clamps worked very well and keep the panel for bowing or warping. Very Satisified.
January 26, 2019
7 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Damstrom 38" panel clamp
Perfect panel clamping system
December 6, 2018
9 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
They have worked very well on my cutting boards!
December 3, 2018
9 months ago
Well made, works as advertised
We purchased 6 of these to clamp cabinet door panels and they do the job just fine.

I am suprised by the 30% not so good reviews and can probably add the following.

1.) For the task at hand they are not flimsy, but I would probably not use them for large live edge slabs, or lumber which is crooked and not milled true.

2.) A clamp on the other end is not needed, the technique of how to use them is important. Downward pressure in the center before tightening the front clamp knobs and again downward pressure when applying clamping force flattens and aligns the panels perfectly.

3.) I suspect that the poor reviews eminate from users who tried to clamp panels which are of uneven thickness and slightly warped. Those present a challenge regardless of equipment and methodology.
November 26, 2018
10 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great for cutting boards
I've had much better keeping my cutting boards and other flue ups flat with these clamps. Very easy to use and better results than with my parallel clamps.
November 23, 2018
9 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
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Why did you choose this?
Rockler Store
To prevent bowing while joining for raised panels to be correctly and uniformly routered.
Carl W on Aug 11, 2019
I have 2 of these and I love them! Will be nice to add one in the middle for longer panels.
Tatiana L on Jul 2, 2019
To prevent bowing while joining for raised panels to be correctly and uniformly routered.
Carl W on Aug 11, 2019
wanted a 4th panel clamp. They are great for keeping the project flat and straight
John K on Jul 6, 2019
I have 2 of these and I love them! Will be nice to add one in the middle for longer panels.
Tatiana L on Jul 2, 2019
Building a kitchen table. These should help me make sure the surface is flat and without lips from board to board.
James M H on Jul 1, 2019
love it
bill l on Jun 30, 2019
I wanted something easier to use and a more solid clamp then my homemade cauls.
John F on Jun 30, 2019
Hope to see improvement over my homemade cauls
Timothy S on Jun 15, 2019
will make gluing up cabnit doors easier
William W on Jun 9, 2019
I use hand made, wooden boards with clamps to do this, now. It takes a good deal of time to set up, while glue is drying. This should be much faster and better.
Craig T on May 31, 2019
Father's day gift for my husband.
Monica S on May 31, 2019
my wife is a wood worker and requested this for her birthday
S Grant S on May 28, 2019
I make slabs from strips of wood often, and wound like to save time plaining them.
David A D on Apr 23, 2019
Best design for keeping gluing boards flush to each other
Michael W on Mar 18, 2019
The right tool for the job of gluing panels.
Wayne H on Mar 7, 2019
Making lazy Susan's. This better help to prevent wrapping when gluing boards together.
Jerry B on Feb 19, 2019
i am making cabinet doors and chest tops
Charles N on Feb 9, 2019
To make flat panels.
bruce m on Feb 9, 2019
I fabricate panels and need the capability of a “ strong back” on both sides of the boards making up the panel while the glue sets up (cures).
Lowell M on Jan 30, 2019
Keep glue-ups flat.
Alvin L on Jan 30, 2019
I have had trouble in past glue up’s of panels. This should speed up the process.
Paul on Jan 13, 2019
I work with recycle pallet wood and this is great for creating wider panels!
Robert T on Jan 8, 2019
Gift for my husband
Shannon K on Jan 5, 2019
I have a large cabinet top to glue up
gary c on Jan 4, 2019
I am about to make three bedroom doors, and I think this will make it a litter easier.
WILLIAM M on Dec 24, 2018
Will be perfect for a project I am planning
Margaret T on Dec 21, 2018
To keep panels flat while clamped. I have never used them before.
ROCHELLE H on Dec 20, 2018
Reviews seemed supportive. I need for large table top glue up -oak 7’x20 inches for commissioned piece (son’s Christmas) could have made but sale and extra headache made this an easy purchase.
Mark D on Dec 20, 2018
The price is good and again I trust rockler.
William Clouser I on Dec 20, 2018
Patricia G on Dec 18, 2018
ease of use
jim b on Dec 17, 2018
Most reasonable price I could find for this product. I have a drop leaf table top to mill and assemble. I need good clamps.
Wilfredo A on Dec 16, 2018
My husband wanted them for Christmas.
Kathy J on Dec 13, 2018
'cause I like clampin' me some big ol' panels!
Ross L on Dec 11, 2018
Hoping to make glueups quicker and less messy
Daniel M on Dec 10, 2018
I read the product reviews. They are helpful.
Victor F on Dec 9, 2018
husband circled it in catalogue
laura l on Dec 9, 2018
Wanted to try this approach at keeping panels flat.
Kevin K on Dec 9, 2018
Less time for setup.
Steven B on Dec 8, 2018
Christmas gift for my son who has several of your items & says they are of very good quality.
Eileen S on Dec 7, 2018
S L on Dec 7, 2018
I have six panels to make quickly. I think this will help me save tons of time.
Larry G on Dec 7, 2018
I bought 1 - and did not realize it should be two!
Mohammad A on Nov 17, 2018
Think this will help with some of my task to prevent bowing
Paul O on Nov 16, 2018
I like big blocks of wood and I cannot lie
Matthew K on Nov 12, 2018
On sale. Make my life easier.
Marc R on Nov 11, 2018
I am making little occasional tables and need to glue up wider tops.
Robert Scott T on Nov 11, 2018
upcoming project
Rick W on Oct 29, 2018
Hopefully easier set up than multiple long clamps and cauls.
DAN S on Oct 28, 2018
Two of these and some good clamps will make gluing up panels a breeze. Less time with surface preparation and sanding.
Robin R on Oct 16, 2018
Great product
Mark M on Sep 25, 2018
wanted a 4th panel clamp. They are great for keeping the project flat and straight
John K on Jul 6, 2019
Building a kitchen table. These should help me make sure the surface is flat and without lips from board to board.
James M H on Jul 1, 2019
What differences, if any, are there between the Damstom D300 Black Edition Panel Clamp (38 inches) clamp and the Damstom clamp offered exclusively by Rockler? We have the obvious Rockler-blue, but is the material the clamp is constructed of different? What about coating / finish?
Jay A on Jan 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The difference, other than the color, is the knobs. The knobs on the Rocker are plastic with a metal thread while the original Damstom Black clamps have metal knobs with a metal thread.
what holds down the opposite side from the clamp. ? does not look like there is a clamp there ??
ROBERT S on Nov 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: There are two square vertical post with a stop on one side. Shown on the far side of the image. Place them at the far end of the wood you wish to clamp. The turn the adjustable clamp handle to tight and add pressure to the gluing wood. The clamp is also adjustable for different thickness wood. I have used the clamp several times and I am very happy with it.
How many total clamps are in the package? Does it come with just one clamp or two?
Terry B on Oct 30, 2017
What is the max spacing of these clamps?
Duane H on Dec 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I have found that in a normal kitchen panel of 29" to 30" long
I have used one per foot with cull's. But with three or more board as in a butcher block top or cutting board I would go with one every 10" with cull's
Hi how much downward pressure do they provide?
Paul C on Mar 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Not as much as I would like to see. I always need to add a clamp at the back of the clamp to hold the
bars together and still not satisfied. Easier to use than the 2-way pressure clamp but like them better.
If you do a lot of edge gluing of long or wide material would not recommend.
Is both top and bottom parts considered 1 clamp ?
Brent C on Jun 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: There are the 2 pieces in the kit. it clamps very well horizontally, but he back side needs 2 small clamps in the back to keep it nice and tight. Also if glueing up cutting boards you have to do alot of work to do to remove the glue squeeze out after you remove the clamps and if the piece is wide you will need a center clamp.
Are they made in the USA?
Christopher F on Jul 13, 2019
BEST ANSWER: These clamps are made in Canada. They work very well.
is this for one clamp or a pair of clamps?
Don H on Sep 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I purchased two clamps. A clamp consists of 2 bars , a screw device and a square backing pin.
are there longer Damstom clamps? can they be extended?
Scott A on Oct 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, that's all the longer they are. You may be able to modify them to make them longer but I have not needed to do that yet, or at this time.
i am gluing up 1 by boards 14 1/4" long, 57" long, 30 3/4" long &18 3/4" long.
How many clamps do I need on each?
Pappy on Jul 18, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I do t see any problem with any of the boards with the possible exception of the 57. Presume they are each separate glue ups. You might need two clamp sets side by side to do a proper job on those 57" pieces. Clamps are easy to use and do a nice job. Let set for about s half hour and remove squeeze out - will make finishing tasks easier and better. Hook luck,
I need one for 48 inch wide panel. Is there that size?
Frank A on Dec 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Not yet. Currently (Nov 2018) Damstom says they are considering a clamp in the 50-52" range. Hopefully they will release one soon.