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Dust Right Click-Connect Upgrade Kit with FlexiPort Power Tool Hose Kit, 12' Fixed-Length

Enjoy fast Click-Connect switching of a single hose between multiple tools—includes the classic FlexiPort Fixed-Length Hose Kit, plus the Click-Connect Upgrade Kit.

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$23.58   Dust Right FlexiPort Power Tool Hose Kit, 1-1/2'' x 12' Fixed-Length (51170)
$6.28   Dust Right Click-Connect FlexiPort, 1-1/2'' ID (65884)
$6.28   Dust Right Click-Connect FlexiPort, 1-1/4'' ID (65529)
$6.28   Dust Right Click-Connect FlexiPort, 1'' ID (64545)
$6.28   Dust Right Click-Connect FlexiPort, 3/4'' ID x 1-1/4'' OD (64358)
$6.28   Dust Right Click-Connect Hose Adapter for FlexiPort 12' Fixed-Length Hose (61118)



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    Rockler's Click-Connect Upgrade Kit adds click-in, click-out functionality to the included Fixed-Length FlexiPort Power Tool Hose Kit. Now you can leave the included rubber Click-Connect FlexiPorts on your tools and switch the hose from port to port quickly and securely—there is no need to unscrew the Click-Connect FlexiPorts. The Upgrade Kit includes four Click-Connect FlexiPorts of varying diameters, plus the Click-Connect Hose Adapter, which threads onto the Fixed-Length FlexiPort Hose. Three of the four FlexiPorts have a clasp that you can ratchet down for a secure connection to the tool. The Click-Connect Hose Adapter also features a vent collar for adjusting the amount of suction. This is a great feature for orbital sanders, which leave swirl marks if too much vacuum is exerted. 

    Includes both classic and Click-Connect FlexiPorts!
    For most tools, the Click-Connect system is a clear winner for speed and convenience. But you can still use the two classic FlexiPorts that are included with this kit—you just need to unthread the Click-Connect Hose Adapter and thread on the classic FlexiPort. Use them for less-used tools, while leaving the Click-Connect FlexiPorts permanently installed on your main tools.

    Click-Connect FlexiPort Details:

    • Click-Connect system lets you move a single FlexiPort fixed-length hose from tool to tool, leaving the Click-Connect FlexiPorts on the individual tools
    • Rubber ends flex to fit ports on most handheld power tools—rigid ends click securely onto hose
    • Three largest ports have cinching plastic clamps to ensure a tight connection
    • Squeezing the side tabs on Click-Connect Hose Adapter releases Click-Connect FlexiPorts
    • FlexiPorts swivel to prevent tangling and have a molded elbow to help keep the hose off your work
    • Hose Adapter features vent ring for reducing suction when needed
    • Hose Adapter reverse threads onto hose for a secure, leak-free connection
    • Includes four Click-Connect FlexiPorts: 3/4'' ID x 1-1/4'' OD; 1'' ID; 1-1/4'' ID and 1-1⁄2'' ID
    • Includes four classic FlexiPorts: 3/4'' ID x 1-1/4'' OD; 1'' ID; 1-1/4'' ID and 1-1⁄2'' ID
    • Additional Click-Connect FlexiPorts available separately to outfit all your tools

    Note: The Click-Connect Hose Adapter in this kit is compatible with the 12' Fixed-Length Hose only. A separate adapter (#68066) is available to fit the 3' to 12' Expandable Hose. The flexible rubber Click-Connect FlexiPorts will click onto both Hose Adapters, allowing you to use both types of hose with your tools.

    Tip for Disconnection: The Click-Connect Hose Adapter is designed to switch from port to port while also ensuring that it doesn't disconnect unintentionally. To disconnect, press both side tabs at the same time and then pull back on the adapter, moving it from side to side if necessary.

    Dust Right FlexiPort Power Tool Hose Kit, 12' Hose
    (1) 1-1/2'' OD x 12' Fixed-Length Hose with 2-1/4'' OD Vacuum Coupler
    (1) Classic FlexiPort, 3/4'' ID x 1-1/4'' OD
    (1) Classic FlexiPort, 1'' ID
    (1) Classic FlexiPort, 1-1/4'' ID
    (1) Classic FlexiPort, 1-1/2'' ID


    Dust Right Click-Connect Upgrade Kit for FlexiPort Hose Kit, 12' Fixed-Length Hose
    (1) Click-Connect Hose Adapter for Fixed-Length Hose
    (1) Click-Connect FlexiPort, 3/4'' ID x 1-1/4'' OD
    (1) Click-Connect FlexiPort, 1'' ID with locking clasp
    (1) Click-Connect FlexiPort, 1-1/4'' ID with locking clasp
    (1) Click-Connect FlexiPort, 1-1/2'' ID with locking clasp

    More Information
    Brand Rockler Dust Right
    Tech Spec
    • Brand: Rockler
    • Manufacturer Part Numbers: 51170, 61118, 65884, 65529, 64545, 64358
    • FlexiPort Diameters (both classic and Click-Connect): 3/4'' ID x 1-1/4'' OD, 1'' ID, 1-1/4'' ID and 1-1/2'' ID
    • FlexiPort Material: Rubber/polymer
    • Hose Material: PVC
    • Vacuum Coupler Diameter: 2-1/4'' OD
    • Hose Length: 12' FlexiPort Fixed-Length Hose
    • Hose Outside Diameter: 1-1/2''

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