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East Indian Rosewood Bowl Blank, 5" x 5" x 2"

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East Indian Rosewood has graced the curving sides of countless guitars with its rich dark tone and gorgeous striped figure. Its density and stability also make it an excellent candidate for turning, and its high resin content allows you to attain a fine polish. These turning blanks are available in an assortment of sizes for bowls, platters, carvings, bottle stoppers, chess pieces, tool handles, table legs, spindles, finials, candlesticks and whatever else your imagination can conjure up!

Due to high demand and limited supply, we cannot always guarantee that this item will be in stock. Turning Blanks come rough sawn to nominal thickness and are coated with wax.

  • Native To: Southern India and Java.
  • Color: Purple-brown heartwood with darker streaks. Heartwood is clearly demarcated from the sapwood.
  • Grain: Narrow and interlocking. Often exhibits a ribbon grain figure.
  • Texture: Moderately coarse and uniform. Somewhat oily.
  • Common Uses: Decorative and ornamental items, fine furniture, musical instruments, luthiery, and turnery.
  • Working Characteristics: Fairly difficult to saw and machine. Sharp tools are essential. Turns well.
  • Polish: Can be polished to an exceptional finish.
  • Average Dried Weight: 53 lb/cubic ft.
  • Strength: Very hard, heavy and dense.

(1) East Indian Rosewood Bowl Blank

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number E INDN RSWD BWL 5 x
Weight 1.950000
Length 5"
Width 5"
Thickness 2"
Blank Type Wood
Species East Indian Rosewood