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Spring Clamps

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Shop Rockler for spring clamps in many designs to help you accomplish your woodworking goals quicker. Whether you need bandy clamps, hose clamps (jubilee clips), or standard spring clamps, we keep them in stock.

Types of Spring Clamps

Spring clamps provide a lasting clamping force at a specific point to keep two or more pieces of wood, plastic, metal, or fabric together while you work with them. Some of these spring clamps also hold a hose in place to keep it out of the way while you work. Rockler carries the three main types of woodworking clamps each having their own application:

  • Standard spring clamps
  • Bandy clamps
  • Hose clamps (jubilee clips)

Standard Spring Clamp

Use a standard spring clamp when you need to affix a stop block on a jig or fence. They work well for clamping a power cord in place and out of your way. Use them to hold a freshly glued woodworking project together while it dries.

Bandy Clamp

When manufacturers add a stretchy band to the interior of a spring clamp, it becomes a bandy clamp, a handy tool for holding together workpieces. The addition of the band creates added forward pressure. This three-way pressure provides an “extra hand” to hold together molding edges or repair loose pieces of veneer or laminate. This tool also works well for holding wires and hoses in place while you work, reducing clutter.

Hose Clamp (Jubilee Clip)

Three names refer to the same device in woodworking – hose clamp, jubilee clamp, and hose clip. You might even read a reference to a jubilee clip sometimes. A hose clamp features a rubber strap that can fit around any hose up to 2.5 inches in diameter. Clamp your dust collection system’s hose into place on the edge of your work table with a few of these clips and it stays in place while you work. Use these clips/clamps when working on your vehicles or plumbing jobs.

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