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Hiddenbed® Fold-Out Bed and Desk Mechanism, Twin
Hiddenbed® Fold-Out Bed and Desk Mechanism, Twin Item #44833
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$379.99 Each
Hiddenbed® Fold-Out Bed and Desk Mechanism, Double
Hiddenbed® Fold-Out Bed and Desk Mechanism, Double Item #46658
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$399.99 Each
Hiddenbed® Fold-Out Bed and Desk Mechanism, Queen
Hiddenbed® Fold-Out Bed and Desk Mechanism, Queen Item #47642
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$399.99 Each

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Hiddenbed® Fold-Out Bed and Desk Mechanism

This space-saving system converts your bed to a full-featured desk in only seconds!

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Save space and add functionality by letting your bed double as an office workstation. When you're ready to work, simply fold your bed up against the wall, and the mechanism lifts your desktop to working height with all of your items intact from the previous day. Objects up to 17'' high can remain on the desk as you transform it back into a bed. If all you need is a short nap, you can even leave a full cup of coffee on the desk and it won't spill a drop! The balancing mechanism allows safe, smooth operation with up to 50 lbs. on the desk top. Each kit includes a fitting set, plus instructions on how to download technical drawings for several bed styles in CAD and PDF. (Drawing measurements are in metric.) No building material or fasteners are included, but a complete fastener kit is available separately (#46521) for both the Twin and Double sized mechanisms.


  • Patented balancing mechanism allows easy, safe and smooth operation
  • Build your Hidden bed with as little as 4 sheets of 4' x 8' plywood
  • Downloadable Instructions for Several Bed Styles: The Ritzy is available as Twin. The Splendid is available in Twin/Full and Queen. Measurements are in metric.

  • (1) Hiddenbed® Fold-Out Bed and Desk Mechanism 
  • (1) Set of instructions on how to download CAD and PDF drawings (in metric)

More Information
Brand Hiddenbed
Weight 16.1100
Tech Spec
  • Twin: Holds a standard 39'' x 75'' twin mattress
  • Double: Holds a standard 54'' x 75'' double or full mattress
  • Queen: Holds a standard 60'' x 80'' queen mattress
  • Tested for 10,000 cycles (approximately 30 years)
  • 7-year warranty
3.2 / 5.0
13 Reviews
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Built 3 of these so far. Great product
I am not an experienced woodworker, but I am pretty good at following the directions. My first one is horrible compared to my thrid one, I have learned so much. FIRST, if you want to save a lot of money decide right away to make a paint quality version. The materials are cheap and you can cover a lot of mistakes by sanding and painting and major mistakes won't cost a lot in extra lumber. SECOND, don't worry about getting metric drill bits. When you drill the holes, have the installation sheet handy and for holes that are for screws, go closest imperial size rounding down, if it is for opening for pins or whatever, go closest imperial size rounded up. THIRD, as soon as you get your plans from Rockler, contact HiddenBed right away and get the most current plans. The newer ones are much more visible in that each page not only has the part you are working on, but where the part fits into the big picture, some have cut sheets, and some typos have been fixed. FOURTH, if you make 1 twin, consider making 2. You will have lots of left over materials just building 1, so the price per unit goes way down if you just make up your mind to build 2 because you will only have buy plywood for the few long straight pieces.
November 25, 2017
over 3 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
I enjoyed building it. Got a great sense of satisfaction seeing the finished product and how it worked. NOT a beginner project!!!
June 9, 2016
over 5 years ago
Wow, off the charts...Love showing it off to my friends...
I purchased this hardware kit for my spare bedroom, seemed like a great idea. I put it together with my wife in one weekend (actually about 7 hours time) and it works beautifully. We purchased all the wood at Home Depot for less than $250.00 and used nice Oak Veneer Plywood, not cheap particle board. Now that small room is my office and guest room.
January 20, 2016
Woodworking Experience:
Plans are in PDF on flash drive
You must have AutoCAD to use the CAD files. I used the metric files that were in PDF and they worked great. I had little trouble reading them and highly recommend using the metric plans, just get a metric ruler, much easier than converting to inches. Very happy with finished results and my son loves it!
July 21, 2015
Woodworking Experience:
I reccomend changes in design and diminisions
the length of parts 3,4,5,6,7 need to be at least 1 inch longer (11/2 would be better ) to provided space between the metal desk support arm and the side of the desk top. Not to mention part 2 will fit as designed. rabbiting the top and back of the sides so the screws can be put in concealed (drive the screws in through the back instead of the sides). off set the screw hole 1/16 to accommodate keeping the screws in the middle of the back. if a person rabbits the back and top cut parts 4,6,7 to 81 1/4. I didn't predrill the pieces on the ends I found that clamping the pieces together then drilling the end hole kept me from misalignment of holes. also I used wood screws in place of the hardware screws provided the square head screws provided kept stripping out. they are so soft I could drive a screw driver in on one screw that was in flush and stripped out, to get it out. the photo needs to be changed to match the finished product. the wide section of the bed frame is out not the narrow as shown in the photo. there is a lot here that is negative but when I finished the piece it is beautiful. the hardware works smooth and as advertised my customer absolutely loves it. I will continue making and selling this product but with the above mentioned changes.
April 30, 2015
Woodworking Experience:
Great product - Not for the amateur builder
This is a great product and very well designed. I built it for my son and it is beautiful and slides up and down every day like a dream. All the stuff on his desk stays exactly in place and the bed is large and comfortable, the desk is massive. Strong and durable. He just straps his bedding in, in the morning and closes it and his room is twice as big and twice as comfortable all day. It stays much neater too. So why not 5 stars. I am not a professional carpenter, but I am very good and very precise in my work, I design and make custom picture frames. I am warning any weekend warrior - this may not a project for you, especially if you don't have very good tools. If your work is imprecise, even by an 1/8 of an inch, you will not be happy with the results. For the mechanism to be assembled and used, you must install and assemble the parts VERY precisely. Also, there are errors in the plan. It was designed in centimeters and converted to inches and fractions. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work perfectly. 1 millimeter is not 1/16, it is smaller. If you are comfortable with the concept, I would suggest using the metric design plan (included) and build it with a metric tape measure. Other notes: There is not a materials list, you have to figure it out. I think it took at least 5 sheets of 3/4 ply, 2 sheets of 1/4 ply, a lot of hardware, 12 - 1x6 slats, 2-7 foot long square steel tubes, stain and finish, etc. I think the materials were over $700. Add a mattress and you are touching $1,500 for this set up. Worth it, but you might look into buying this pre-cut and just assemble the parts (look on the Internet, there are several choices). If you buy and build this, here are the errors that you should check on the metric plan: exact position of lift mechanism mounted to side panels, thickness of small pieces that hide it are 1 inch, not 1.5 inches. I would recommend not drilling the holes the locking pins slide into until the whole thing is assembled. It is just too precise to line up otherwise. Good luck, otherwise very satisfying and beautiful project.
November 4, 2014
Great product. Fun but challenging build
I’m almost done with my Hiddenbed and I have mixed emotions about this product.

On the positive side, there’s really nothing else like this hardware and it works great!

On the other hand, building it has its challenges. It is definitely not for the beginner or even the average amateur.

So let’s start at the beginning. I purchased the queen size hardware and it came with three different plans. I build the “Queen Curved” using the PDF version of the plans. It does have a cut plan which specifies 6 sheets of ¾ and 1 sheet of 1” plywood. The 1” plywood is used to make the bed frame and I substituted a good grade of poplar instead. NOTE: the cut sheet is designed for a painted bed. If you want stained and you want the good sides of the plywood visible, you should plan on an extra sheet of ¾.

The plan also calls for a few pieces of steel, but I substituted wood instead. Lastly, as designed, the bottom of the bed would have a steel bar visible when in desk configuration. I build my bed frame entirely out of Poplar and used ¼ plywood to make the bottom look good.

Therefore, my BOM was 5 sheets of ¾ maple plywood. 2 sheets of Radiata Pine plywood. 5 pieces of 1x2x5 Poplar. 2 pieces 1x2x8 poplar. 250’ roll self-adhesive maple veneer edge banding. Misc screws and bolts. 1 gallon polyurethane.

I laid everything out on ¼ under layment plywood and then cut it out carefully. Then I used a pattern matching router bit to cut out the final pieces. I strongly recommend using this method.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the plan I used put the location of the hole for the lock on the side of the bed in the wrong place. It should be 1-7/8” closer to the top of the bed. (I called HiddenBed and they made note of the issue, so a correction may be forthcoming) My recommendation is to avoid drilling this hole until you are assembling. Then put a short pencil in the lock hole and use it to mark the exact location.

Last but not least. The plans are in metric measurements. They have imperial measurements as well, but all are very odd numbers. Therefore, I suggest you purchase a metric tape measure and forstner bit set. You’ll be glad you did!

Overall a great product and I’m very pleased with the result so far.
November 22, 2018
Woodworking Experience:
difficult assembly directions
we have been considerably delayed because the assembly directions are not clear, not legible and also in metric rather than inches mesaurements.
December 31, 2016
over 3 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
Incredibly Difficult to Get to Work.
We bought the queen bed kit, hoping that we could get this built in a couple of weeks before my family came for the holidays. We are still fiddling with it to try to get it to work properly. The CAD instructions that come with it lay everything out on sheets of plywood, but don't take into account the kerf of the sawblade or anything in their measurements. After we got everything assembled, we have had to make a million tiny adjustments and remove the side pieces to get the legs to fit into the cabinet, even though we followed the measurements. We will also have to relocate the pivots for the desk, and had to dissemble part of the cabinet to sand and cut down the front top so the bed would even fit in. Very disappointed with the quality of the included instructions and measurements. Additionally, the mechanisms (while they all work) have several sharp bits of missing enamel coat.
January 5, 2018
over 2 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
If you have a CNC router it wouldn't be bad. It don't have a lumber sheet or cut sheet everything's in metric and you have to convert everything 2 standard US then back to metric it's just a problem. Everything is figured for MDF board. People building Furniture don't use that in everyday life only a factory. It's just a lot of hassle trying to convert everything to regular wood and then to standard measurements. I wouldn't recommend this for an average woodworker
July 21, 2016
over 3 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
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Why did you choose this?
Rockler Store
wanted to build a bed system for my daughters new apartment.
Thomas S on May 6, 2018
Good price; need this for a room that needs to serve double purpose.
Randolph W on May 21, 2017
wanted to build a bed system for my daughters new apartment.
Thomas S on May 6, 2018
To un-clutter my sons bedroom
William A on Apr 19, 2018
Good price; need this for a room that needs to serve double purpose.
Randolph W on May 21, 2017
I needed a way to have a dual purpose, guest room and office. Seems a perfect solution.
Barbara W on Dec 17, 2016
I am downsizing and want the ability to have both a nice office and a bedroom for guests.
Frank W on Aug 20, 2016
I need a bed to my son. We want to save space. It is working great.
Jose V on Jun 28, 2016
We were looking for the Murphy bed hardware and saw the desk option and loved it! Can't wait to build it and see it working.
Bobby V on Jan 6, 2016
I want a full/double sized desk/bed built for me by a local carpenter.
Allows me to have an office/study room plus a bed room for visitors/guests.
Ernest W on Dec 10, 2015
Fun project turned out great love it
David F on Dec 1, 2015
Wanted a desk/murphy bed combo. It would be nice, though, if you sold all necessary parts for the sizes you carry. You do not have the hawrdware fastener kit or the stiffener kit for Queen size (The one I wanted/bought)
Alessa W on Aug 10, 2015
We are very excited to have the multifunction of desk and bed. this will provide extra room where we need it.
Michael T on Jul 21, 2015
karen s on Jul 1, 2015
I have been looking for this sort if item for some time but due to high cost, I opted for the kit instead as there is no shop near us.
L N on Jul 1, 2015
We're remodeling our office this will allow the room to double as an additional guest room for our granddaughter when she visits.
Earl N on Jun 28, 2015
Only place I could find the desk/bed only mechanism
Bruce L on Jun 16, 2015
Looks perfect for a small bedroom we wish to use as an office and occasional guest bedroom.
Paul D on May 8, 2015
To un-clutter my sons bedroom
William A on Apr 19, 2018
I needed a way to have a dual purpose, guest room and office. Seems a perfect solution.
Barbara W on Dec 17, 2016
I really like this idea of the desk bed, but I am not an advance woodwork person. does anyone live in Houston and willing to help make this or predrill the holes so I can just put it together. I will be willing to paid some extra money to get it done. The apt. is really small and I really need this desk bed. Does this company sell the wood parts already predrill too? Thank you for any help or suggestion.
deskbed on Aug 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I built this desk/bed for my daughter's NYC apartment. It is a LOT of work cutting the pieces and drilling the holes. I have about $1000 in the materials plus the price of the kit. You should be ready to pay $1000 minimum for the work you are asking. There are literally hundreds of holes that must be drilled perfectly and to exact depths. I probably spent more time thinking and measuring than I did actually cutting and drilling. It is a fun project but only as a work of love.
I have purchased the queen kit and would like to ask the previous builders some questions.
What wood would you recommend to use for this project. I would like to use decent wood and not MDF.

I too found some critical measurements missing on the tall vertical sides which when I wrote the company, they promptly sent me a copy of the revised drawings with the measurements that I needed added.

I am an amateur woodworker with a fairly equipped shop, table saw, planer, drill press, compound miter saw, router, and sanders and this will be my first furniture project. I live in a log home and don't want expensive woods or exotic but still want something to make it worth the value of building it? Where can I get furniture grade wood? I was thinking a red oak or maple would be nice.
Lenny on Nov 26, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I used Red Oak and it is looking great.
Can a full be built vertical ? Are there plans for it?
Angie T on Aug 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You can purchase the plans for a vertical double hiddenbed at hiddenbedusa dot com for 99 cents.
So where do you plug in to an electrical outlet and connect computer and monitor power that stays connected when you transform to the bed position?
A shopper on May 3, 2015
I'm confused by the description, as all styles seem to be for a horizontal bed but some of the Q/A suggest there is a vertical plan. I know Hiddenbed makes a vertical (Majestic) model desk bed. Are plans/kit for a vertical (I'm specifically looking for double/full size) included in these, or is it just horizontal?
Erin F on Mar 6, 2016
BEST ANSWER: When you get the kit, a thumb drive with many different plans are included. Vertical and harizontal. Also, I've built 3 of these so far and the Rockler plans are outdated. Hiddenbed is constantly updating their plans to make them easier. When I get a new kit, I just email HiddenBed directly for the latest plans. They've always supplied them without charge in a day or two.
Can the desk be mounted at a lower height? As in, I have short legs and find a desk height of 28" more comfortable to work at.
Tgirl on Jul 18, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I answered no earlier with a slight "maybe" with a good mechanical engineer. But now that I've studied the plans more it looks even more impossible. There are 4 pivot points in the mechanism and these points form a parallelogram. The parallelogram is what keeps everything level as you move the bed/desk up and down. The steel lifting arm forms one side of the parallelogram so that length is pretty fixed. 3 of the 4 pivot points are fixed too. so that being the case, you can't move the 4th pivot point (the pivot link) without destroying the parallelogram. So the answer has got to be no without a major redesign and a shorter lifting arm. Follow the plans, get a higher desk chair and a foot rest. Thanks for the question. I enjoyed working on it.
what are the dimensions for the fold out bed and desk in Queen? It's not listed anywhere
liz d on Apr 13, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The width of the Queen bed is 65.5".
The height is 90.375"
The desk projection is 50"
and the bed projection is 85"
What are the dimensions of the full/double size bed?
Marcie A on May 28, 2015
BEST ANSWER: 40" X 79", You will need 5 sheets of 3/4 plywood and two sheets of 1/4" You will also need enough wood slats to cross horizontally across the bedframe for the matress to rest on
how high is mattress from the floor when open
Keith K on Feb 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The top of a 8 inch mattress is 28.5 inches above the floor when the bed is open. The desk surface is 30.75 inches above the floor surface. I built the Maxima Twin model TD 255 MX. 492mm (bed frame) +130mm (dsk side rail) = 622mm (24.5") for the frame height plus the extra height for an 8 inch mattress plus comforter.
I need an XL twin, 80" long?
nelson r on Sep 11, 2016
Instructions call for STEEL stiffeners, anyone substituting with wood? Or if you used steel, where did you source it from? PDF files and instructions are now online.
Pat H on Oct 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Purchased from Home Depot and cut to size.
What are the hiddenbed dimensions for the horizontal queen desk bed?
David M on May 17, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I did not get any instructions with that just dimensions that you need a microscope to read so I haven't built it yet going to try and figure out how they work on my own.
I did call The manufacturer to try and get standard dimensions they gave me those but I never got an answer from rockler or the manufacturer on instructions .
I have the mechanism kit but need more detailed plans . Can you help?
Corri F on Feb 25, 2019
BEST ANSWER: You should have for sure gotten a usb drive that was packed with info. It’s a little scarce and almost not user friendly. But a great tool for those who dive a little deeper into it. It’s not really worth getting the converted version because there isn’t one. They are europion. We are not brits. If you use the emperial system like I do you may be better off just converting for just a that project.its okay in the end we all want the same thing. Same place to sleep at night.
My room is 7 feet wide---will the twin size unit fit in it?
Susan S on Nov 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The finished width of the unit is 81,31/32" so it would fit in an 84 inch space. However, the final assembly requires that you drive screws from both ends. You would not have enough space to drive screws from the ends. You could NOT spin the desk/bed if assembled on a longer wall, to later fit the 7' wall. Too tight.
Does the bed have to be mounted to the wall? Apartment owner does not allow screws in wall
R I on Oct 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I could not mount mine to wall and I was worried about it tipping. So what I did was build a large cubby case for over the bed that reached from bed to ceiling. Now, there is no way to tip the bed without removing the cubby. It was also a nice place to store seasonal sports gear and clothes in baskets
Anyone out there who go this bed to work properly have any corrections to the measurements on this plan. The bed mechanism in binding so it appears either the measurements are incorrect or the arms supplied are too short. I have measured and re-measured and no matter what i do OR where I place the holes the desk part binds and will not work properly. I have spent lots of time and money to get this project to go. I would appreciate any advise. Iam NOT am amateur with regarding to carpentry and am quite frustrated. Thanks! Any ideas?
JohnP on Jul 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I spent over 30 hours and finally just got so frustrated I lost my temper and beat it all apart. Don't make my mistake. I ended up redoing and making the bed if I remember right I think I cut it 3/16" smaller than plans said I ant remember if I moved the holes back or not. I'm thinking I left them alone and just made it smaller hope this helps
single bed - Do you have single bed side folded kit mechanism, or is it possible to use the queen size mechanism to build the sigle side folded?
Leonardo N on Jun 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Leonardo, the "Item # 44833, Twin" is the single bed folded kit mechanism for the bed to desk feature. Be sure to order the hardware kit to get all of the nuts, bolts and screws - item # 46521. It will make the job easier for you. If you do not want the model that folds from desk-to-bed, but prefer the "Murphy Bed" type mechanism, which just folds flat against the wall, you should call customer service to discuss with them what the differences are in the kits. The Murphy style twin model # is 89616 for vertical mount and # 45315 for the side mount Murphy style.
Can this design be modified to accept a taller monitor than 17" on the desk? I have an iMac it is 20.5" tall, so with a little extra clearance 21" space between desk top and bottom of the bed frame when in the down position. Is there a design plan already made up for this modification? My regular bed on a frame is 31" from the top of the to the floor. Any help would be appreciated.
nagafd on Feb 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Would it not be possible to mount the iMac screen on the underside of the bed?
Is this in metric?
CaitSO on Jul 19, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it is. I ended up converting everything to standard, that was a challenge .
does it arrive in pieces and you have to put together? Do you need to buy the nuts and bolts and screws separate. they don't come with the hidden bed?
Dante K on Mar 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: What you get is the hardware and plans, you can buy the screw set separately, which I recommend. You have to buy the wood, it does not come as a kit. All the measurements on the plans are metric, so you need to buy a metric tape measure. If you're not use to working with plans and have not done a lot of woodworking and don't already have the tools, this project is not for you. But, if you do have these skills, the bed works great, I love it.
Can a twin horz. Murphy bed be purchased as a kit with everything needed to install it except mattress, etc. So that almost anyone who is somewhat handy can put it together?
Will G on Jan 22, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I built the queen vertical bed, not the twin bed. I built it about 1 1/2 years ago and there is no complete kit, you have to buy all the wood. You get the hardware and instructions which were not real clear at all times. I had to call the US rep several times for clarity. Also, the screws needed did not come with the kit, I had to buy the screw kit separately and the kit that I got was for a different bed. I had to call the US rep for additional screws. Also, the measurements were all in metric, so I purchased a metric measuring tape, so that really didn't end up being a problem (But don't try converting metric into inches, you will spend way too much time and it will not be accurate). So if you get frustrated easily, this kit is not for you, but if you like a challenge, go for it. That being said, I love the bed/desk, I'm typing this note on it now.
I see comments that people had to drill holes, is that correct? The holes don't come in the wood drilled already?
Turfa T on Jul 18, 2016
BEST ANSWER: What you receive is the plans to enable you to both cut the plywood to size and determine where the holes need to be drilled. You neither get the wood, the screws or the anything predrilled. The kit includes the plans and bed mechanism only. This is not a project for the faint at heart or a complete newbie to woodworking.
How many sheets of plywood are required for this project? Queen and Twin?
Mathew H on Jun 8, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I needed 7 sheets (4x8) to build the Queen size. As I recall I ended up with a lot of large scrap pieces. There are large pieces to cut out leaving large scrap pieces. ALSO, piece #9, the slat cover, requires 2 sheets that need to be pieced together. The plans don't show that detail or how to accomplish it!! I ended up making a less than perfect seam and positioning it so it isn't visible. I made a drawing of how I cut the 7 sheets which I can email to you if I can get your email address. BTW, All dimensions are metric, AND you will need to get metric drill bits and a tape measure. Conversion to English dimensions doesn't work!!
Do you a single bed & desk version?
Stephen P on Mar 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi Stephen, are you in UK or USA?. I purchased the 'twin' version which makes a bed base unit 39" wide. I then brought a 36" wide UK single mattress. There is a small 3" gap but this just makes it easier to fit the bedding. It would also be possible to buy a 'twin' kit and just make the bed base narrower, but you would be fully responsible to make sure you amend any other measurements to keep the correct geometry for bed to desk conversion. Cheers. Daz
Can the vertical queen be converted to a short queen?
Nancy R on Dec 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: What do you mean by "short queen"? There are two basic problems with modifications. The first is basic geometry, you need to modify dimensions such that all parts still fit together and moving parts clear any obstructions. That is actually the easy part. The more significant issue is the lifting mechanics. The mechanism includes 2 (sometimes 4) pistons that balance the weight of the bed going up and down. This may not sound significant but it is!! Too weak and the bed will be hard to lift. Too strong and the bed will not stay down. So the simple answer to your question is No...
Can you build the queen bed for a side lift like the twin? Vertical is too tall for where I want to put it. I have the width but not the height.
Troy T on Oct 21, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes, there is a horizontal model:

Hiddenbed Majestic Queen Mechanism Kit - Vertical or Horizonal
The Queen Majestic Mechanism Kit is can be used to build a Vertical or a Horizontal Queen Hiddenbed with a mattress lodge of 60 x 80". The mattress weight should not exceed 85lbs. The kit includes fitting set, legs/leg screws, technical drawings in CAD, PDF and assembly instructions.
(No materials or hardware screws are included) Weight 17lbs

Kit Includes the drawings for both the Vertical Model and the Horizontal Model.
What are the weight limits on a full/ double bed? My bed is often required to hold 900+ lbs
sl s on Oct 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: According to the manufacturer, the max weight is about 500 to 600 pounds for the double
The Slat cover is larger than a 4x8 sheet of plywood so it clearly must be pieced together. How and where? I considered a lengthwise seam but then realized there is no support on the ends. The seam could be hidden below the desk BUT would be long and unsupported. So I considered a short crosswise seam. That could be centered but would be clearly visible. Any other ideas or do I just need to make the seam as best I can?
Louis C on Aug 3, 2015
I presume you are building a double bed size, as the single bed will fit from one sheet of ply. There is support on the ends, as you are fastening to the slats directly, so I would probably go with the length wise seam. I would use a piece of 3/4" molding to hide the seam. You might consider making it higher up than half way where it could be used as a place for post it notes or clips for whatever you do on the desk top side. You might also consider going to the hiddenbed site and ask them for suggestions. I contacted them and found they were willing to send me the proper nylon inserts for the pivot points, which were not part of the original kit. I hope this was in some way helpful. I just received a note from my granddaughter who is using the one I built earlier this year. She loves it. Good luck.
I understand that the queen size desk/bed can be completed either horizontally or vertically. What are the dimensions of the vertical queen option?
Christopher C on Oct 4, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The plans only come in vertical for the queen option.
The overall hieght is 89.5 ". Keep in mind, with a regular mattress, the top of the mattress ends up being 35" from the floor. Also, the plans were in metric and seemed to be written to be cut on a cnc machine. It was a very challenging build.
Can you use this mount in a vertical fashion or only horizontally?
Richard c on Feb 25, 2019
BEST ANSWER: This kit has prefab parts designed to be assembled as a horizontal bed/table. It would not be able to handle the weight of a vertical assembly
Prop 65 WarningWARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

Prop 65 WarningWARNING: Drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products can expose you to wood dust, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer. Avoid inhaling wood dust or use a dust mask or other safeguards for personal protection. For more information go to