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Woodworking Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Your go-to source for expert woodworking knowledge you can trust. Below find articles and videos full of useful tips, tricks, techniques and advice for woodworkers of all skill levels. From setting up your workshop to finishing your projects, this section is full of information to teach and inspire you to create woodworking projects with confidence.

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Learn how to use a wood lathe and
turn your first project.

Sanding & Finishing

applying stain on wood

Learn about different wood finishing techniques and when to apply each.

Woodworking Joinery

two boxes with dovetail joints

Learn common wood joinery techniques and how to cut them.

Skill Builder Videos

skill builder videos

Learn different woodworking techniques through video tutorials.

Tool Reviews

table saw

Learn more about the best woodworking tools, accessories and hardware.

Installing Hardware


Learn how to install cabinet handles, drawer slides, hinges and casters.

Cutting & Shaping Wood

man using router table

Learn how to use various tools to cut and shape your project parts.

Assembling Your Project

putting glue on wood slab

Learn how to use wood glue and fasteners to assemble your project.

Routers & CNCs

man using hand router

Learn how to use hand held routers, router tables and CNC routers.

Woodworking Projects

clamping being placed on wood project

Get started building with these free woodworking project plans.


multiple wood species

Learn how to identify and work with solid lumber, plywood and veneers.

Jigs, Tips & Tricks

Rockler jig in use

These expert tips and jigs will save your time and make your projects easier.

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