Concealed Hinge Selection Guide

Note: If you are constructing new cabinets, Rockler strongly recommends that you choose your cabinet hinges before you begin construction. Concealed Hinge Cabinet

What is a Concealed Hinge?

Concealed Hinges are hinges that are hidden from view when the cabinet door is closed. European hinges are a special category of concealed hinge, originally designed for use in a systematic method of cabinetmaking. European hinges have since been adapted for use in a wide variety of applications beyond the strictly "European style" of cabinetmaking.
Why choose a concealed hinge?
Concealed hinges offer easier door adjustment to compensate for slight imperfections in cabinet construction. Also, many European concealed hinges allow doors to be mounted and demounted using a tool-free clip-on mechanism. This tool-free installation and removal of doors makes the installation process much easier, and is a real benefit when it comes to removing or adding shelves, cleaning the cabinets and other maintenance tasks.
What does Rockler carry?
Rockler carries hinges from a variety of top manufacturers, including an extensive line from world renowned Blum, Inc. Blum
  • Blum hinges are preferred throughout the world by cabinetmakers, kitchen manufacturers and consumers.
  • Rockler is proud to have offered Blum Hinges for nearly 20 years.
  • The Blum CLIP hinge has become the industry standard for concealed hinges.
  • All Blum hinges are backed with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Blum is ISO 9001 certified which means that you are assured of consistent quality in every Blum hinge.

Choosing European hinges begins with an understanding of cabinet type:

Concealed hinges are designed for two types of cabinet construction. For more information, and help choosing the best hinges for you project, follow the approproate link:
Face Frame
Face Frame Cabinets with a wood frame overlaying their front surface.
Frameless Box cabinets with no wood face frame attached.