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Dust Right - A New Answer for Small Shops

dust right systemOver the past several years, woodworkers in greater and greater numbers have started taking woodshop dust control seriously. As this new health and safety awareness has spread, we’ve seen the demand for dust collectors and dust collection equipment grow exponentially. To keep up, we’ve greatly expanded our selection of dust containment tools, adding everything from a range of dust collectors to specialized dust ports and fittings.

In doing so we’ve paid special attention to our core constituents - hobbyists and small-shop owners who may not have the need (or funds) to call in a consultant and set up an industrial-class system. In keeping with that, we’re proud to introduce Dust Right™, a new system of integrated components that we think has the potential to revolutionize dust control in shops on the more compact end of the spectrum.

The Dust Right system is really about appropriate dust collection. In a one or two-person shop, hooking up dedicated dust collection to every single tool on the floor and powering the system with a giant cyclone can be a cumbersome, expensive and unnecessary enterprise. With the ever-broadening variety of small to intermediately-sized portable dust collectors available, moving portable dust collection from tool to tool is now the most sensible solution in a great many cases.

Dust Right master system dust collection kitThe Dust Right system, with its easy-to-attach tool ports and quick-connect fittings, is designed to make tool-to-tool portable dust collection as efficient and hassle-free as possible. Beyond that, the Dust Right system lets you harness the air and debris moving capacity of your dust collector for use in cleaning up the floor, your bench top, and any out of the way crevice in your shop. With its easy-to-connect floor sweeps and bench nozzles, large port sizes, 4” diameter wand and dust collector-class air volume, the Dust Right system will make piles of shavings and debris that would choke even the best shop vacuum disappear in an instant.

We’re excited about the Dust Right system, and about the way we expect it to interface with both the needs of the weekend woodworker and the equipment already out there in countless shops. And we’re not stopping there. In the near future, look for other small shop solutions, like an affordable wall-mount dust collector designed to maximize precious shop space. In the mean time, to help you see how much sense this all makes, here’s more on the Dust Right system (from a recent press release):
The new Dust Right™ accessories center around a hard plastic handle component that connects to 4" hose, linking it to the dust collector. The handle/hose assembly then fits over the other Dust Right accessories (including attachments for cleaning floors, benchtops, and more) to eliminate dust — instead of simply pushing it around — and fully utilize the dust-collection systems most woodworkers already own.

“When you put a 3/4 or one-horsepower system behind 4" hose and these wide accessories,” said Dan Banasik, a Rockler product developer, “the volume of air-flow is so much greater than anything a shop vac can generate—it's really amazing. Dust just disappears.”

rockler dust right tool portIn addition to strong suction, the Dust Right accessories provide unprecedented convenience. Just slide the handle over the Extension Wand and Floor-Sweep to clean floors in seconds. Connect the Bench Nozzle and make quick-work of messy surfaces. And with Tool Ports attached directly to table saws, jointers and other power tools, controlling dust while working is as easy as moving the handle from tool to tool. Plus, when you’re not using them, the accessories stay out the way on wall-mounted spring clips.

“This system allows you to clean your shop so easily, and in so little time that it stops being a hassle,” said Banasik, “It’s even kind of fun.”