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Finishing Woodworking Projects by Dipping Them in Danish Oil or Other Finish

Q: I’m making some intricate scroll sawn boxes. Finishing is a challenge. I’m currently using Danish oil and I’m happy with the results. Do you think there is a way I could dip my pieces in Danish oil and get a good result? The challenge is getting the finish on all surfaces. Dipping vase project in wood sealer To get a perfect cover over all surfaces of delicate projects, dipping them in Danish Oil (or similar products) and cleaning off the excess is a very viable option. A: Yes, you can dip the pieces in Danish oil then wipe off the excess. It’s a quick, easy way to get good coverage all over, and you would be in good company. Quite a few woodworkers dip small pieces. In fact, they dip them in a variety of finishes, from sanding sealer to shellac — if you’re happy with Danish oil, stick with it, but don’t feel that it’s your only option for a dipping “sauce.”