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Great Deals on Jigs and Accessories

There are dozens of specialized tools and jigs that, while not exceptionally versatile, are often invaluable in their specialized areas. And as most woodworkers know, adding a couple of key jigs and accessories can have a dramatic and immediate impact. But when there are so many ways make your time in the shop a little more efficient, how do you decide where to put your money first? It’s not always easy, and for better or worse, finding a really good deal often turns out to be the best arbitrator. And with that in mind, here’s a sample of the great deals on time-saving, efficiency-increasing, and sometimes necessary gadgets on hand right now at Rockler.

(Editor's note: please notice the date of this posting - the products mentioned may no longer be on sale.)

Cutting tapers on a table saw isn’t a task that comes up every day. But when it does, there’s no option other than to use a taper jig. It’s a fairly simple apparatus; you can certainly make your own, if you prefer. But there are advantages to buying one that's ready to use, like Rockler’s Precision Taper Jig. Mainly, you don’t have to waste time gathering the necessary materials, making a trip to the hardware store, and constructing the jig when, instead, you could be working on your project. And it wouldn't be all that easy to reproduce, in any event; the Rockler jig has a couple of features - the precision angle scale, and adjustable stop - that would be a challenge to replicate in the shop. Right now, the Rockler taper jig is on sale at considerable saving over its already modest regular price. If you don’t own one, it’s a great opportunity to feel extra-smart twice: Now, when you get the good deal, and down the road, when you need the jig and you’re all set to go.

A router table is a central tool in countless woodshops. The benefits of making improvements here are obvious, and there’s no more likely place to start than with the fence. Many perfectly good router tables come with a fence that works well for run of the mill edge shaping and other one-off tasks. But when it comes to intricate joinery and other operations that require the exact repetition of fence positions, most router table fences will stick you with maddening set up problems. Happily for anyone who doesn’t have several hundred dollars on hand for an expensive fence positioning system, there’s an affordable, accurate solution: the Incra Universal Precision Positioning Jig. If you’re not familiar with this amazing and amazingly affordable tool, we encourage you to read our Incra Jig article. We think you’ll be convinced of its value at the regular price. And right now, it’s an even better deal.

If you make your own cabinet doors, but aren’t having the easiest time coping door rails, now’s a good time to buy a tool that makes the process easy and reliable. The Rockler Rail Coping Jig lets you move on from one rail to the next in a couple of seconds, eliminates common problems with tear-out at the back of the rail, and gives you a safe, easy-to-grip support for each and every cut. If you’re new to frame and panel construction, you can read more on the wisdom of using a rail coping jig in Rockler’s article “Raised Panel Door Tools and Techniques”.

For most of us, the prospect of installing a dozen knobs and drawer pulls doesn’t exactly inspire a thrill of anticipation. In fact, many of us would consider any tool that speeds-up the process a bargain at any price.  So, to round off the discussion, here’s a little something to take the edge off of your next hardware installation project. With the Rockler Deluxe Drawer Pull Jig-It, you’ll mark off knob and pull screw hole locations in about half the time you’re used to spending. The jig comes with a self-adhesive tape measure to help you get set up fast and has a side stop block for repetitive centering. Best of all, it’s drilled with pre-set spacing for all of the most common drawer pull bore dimensions. You won’t waste time squinting to find the same spot on your tape measure over and over and over again, and you’ll speed through knob and pull installations with virtually no worries about drilling a hole in the wrong spot.

And that’s just a glimpse of the selection of jigs and specialzed toolsdesigned to make your time in the shop a little more efficient, enjoyable and productive that you'll find right now at Rockler - all at a price that would be tough to beat. Check out the Rockler Outlet and you'll find many more; and more added all the time.