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Home Depot Husky H1504FK Air Compressor Nailer Kit Fully Featured but Hefty

Husky H1504FK Nailer Kit Husky's H1504FK Nailer Kit is quite a bit heavier than the other nailers on the market, but has a lot of nice extra features for a lower priced nailer. Husky is the “house brand” of Home Depot. The package I tried — the only compressor-nailer combo Husky offers — mates a framing nailer with an altogether nifty compressor, at a competitive price ($199). The framing nailer doesn’t exactly match up against the other packages, but it does reflect the variety of the marketplace. When I spied a three-tool nailer package being sold by Husky (for $99), boasting a 23-gauge pinner, an 18-gauge brad nailer and a 16-gauge finish nailer, all tucked into a compartmented soft carrying bag, I added that to the collection. For a low-price compressor, this Husky has a lot of high-end features. The motor is rated at 1-1⁄2 hp. The twin hotdog tanks total four gallons. The unit sports a maximum pressure rating of 155 PSI — topping all the compressors — and delivers 2.8 CFM at 90 PSI. It isn’t quiet or lightweight at 43 lbs. But it does have a pair of 7" rubber-tired wheels along with a collapsible pull handle, so you can roll it around the shop or wherever it’s needed. All of the controls — pressure gauges, regulator, two couplings, even the power switch — are up front. To round out the features, the compressor has hangers for stowing the hose and nailer (although it seems wimpy for a big framing nailer). I won’t say much about the nailer; I have no others for comparison. Suffice it to say that, like all framing nailers, it is heavy — twice as heavy as any of the 16 other nailers here. Its kickback is significant compared to the smaller guns, too. For specs, the carriage is angled at 21 degrees to the nailer’s head, and it is swung several degrees out of alignment with the handle. It shoots full round-head nails, 2" to 3-1⁄2" long. The firing mode is switched by changing triggers, and the trigger for bump firing comes standard.