Craftsman NEXTEC 11890 12-volt Combo Set Includes Drill, MultiSaw and Worklight Along with Two Lithium-Ion Batteries

Craftsman’s NEXTEC 11890 12-volt Combo Set Craftsman’s NEXTEC 11890 12-volt Combo Set comes equipped with a worklight, drill and multi-saw, two batteries, a charger and carrying case. You’ve likely heard, by now, of Lithium-Ion. Craftsman’s tool line using this battery technology — which allows more power in smaller, lighter weight packages — is called NEXTEC™, and the NEXTEC 11890 12-volt Combo Set includes a Drill, MultiSaw and Worklight. The drill’s a 3/8" that weighs 2.2 pounds and delivers up to 195 inch-pounds of torque; the Worklight has 24 LED lights and pivots up to 135 degrees — and the MultiSaw gets its name from its split personality: dual positioning means you can use it either as a reciprocating saw or as a jig saw, delivering up to 2,000 strokes per minute either way. Together, the MultiSaw, Worklight and Drill, along with two batteries and a carrying case, sell for $149.99 in 2009.