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Praise for the All-In-One Clamp Guide

Unless you have a lot of shop space and very healthy tool budget, dealing with anything that comes in sheets can be a major chore. If you've ever tried to run a 4' x 8' sheet of 3/4" plywood through a small contractor saw, you know just what we mean.  For the multitude of woodworkers who can't set up shop like a cabinet manufacturer, a clamp guide is the next best thing: It offers a compact and workable solution for sizing panels, routing dadoes, and for doing anything else that involves straight lines and unwieldy materials. If you're working under space and budget constraints and have any type of cabinetry project in mind, its definitely worth a minute to learn more about how a clamp guide can speed things up. You'll find the basics in "Clamp Guides - A Good Solution for Small Shops" here on the Rockler blog. You'll also find out why we think the All-In-One Clamp Guide is a standout example of this handy tool. But you don't have to take our word for it. Here's a sample of what other woodworkers think (from our All-In-One Clamp Guide customer reviews) -
"This all in one clamping guide is the best guide that I have ever used with a circular saw or router. With 50" Clamp and a circular saw I can now cut a sheet of plywood perfectly straight and square. When using the clamp with a router I can put an edge on a board straight enough without any flaws that can be joined together." "I picked up the 24" model one day when I was in a Rockler store and thought I'd try it out. I've only used it once to make a cut and a few times when routing, but I've used it many times for other things. It has become an extra hand. It's lightweight, can hang on a hook, easy to adjust, it's great. I'm buying a second."    "I have used several methods for getting straight cuts on sheet goods, the best I got until All-In-One Clamp Guide, was the slide together aluminum guide. The problem with that was "it didn't keep straight"! I got Bowed edges on projects, which were "cute", but utterly useless. The edges I have gotten from using the All-In-One Clamp Guide have all been extremely straight, AND the setup time was at least half of other methods even without the Squaring Attachment, which I do not yet have. I expect my setups will be almost instant when I get the Squaring Attachment. I give the All-In-One Clamp Guide and A+++ for usability and accuracy." "I used the All-In-One Clamp Guide system to cut some 3/4" x 8 ft x 4 ft oak plywood with a circular sawfor a built-in bookcase project (see photo). The system worked great for me. Smooth, straight, and accurate cuts were the results. I purchased the 96 in., the 50 in., and the 24 in. guides with the circular saw plate and the router base plate. Both my router and my circular saw worked great with the guide system. I found that both the saw and router plate ride very smooth along the guide system. The entire system is built to a very close tolerance and fit together nicely." "These are GREAT!!!!! You can cut plywood better than a table saw. BUY ONE!!!"
And there are many more. Read the rest while you get the details on the All-In-One Clamp Guide and a great collection of add-ons and accessories.