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Remarkable Rockler Reviews: SOY-Gel Paint and Urethane Remover


In our twenty-first century world, where everyone is much more aware of the environment and the importance of protecting it, people are more and more often looking for "green" ways of doing things. When it comes to refinishing, a product called SOY-Gel™ is rapidly becoming the stripper of choice. This soy bean-based product is safer to work with and safer for the environment than harsh chemical strippers. It's non-toxic, non-caustic and biodegradable! Our customers are raving about SOY-Gel™. I'll let you hear it straight from their reviews:
  • Soy Gel is awesome. It... saved me a lot of time, money and sandpaper.... I was amazed how quickly this product worked.... The surface cleaned off easily with just water and a damp white rag. It has very low odor and was extremely easy to use. Thanks for a great product. It made my life easier. -David, from Rockford, IL
  • I was initially drawn to this product as it's made from a natural and renewable source and doesn't have the same dangers and cautions as other strippers - the fact that it's safe for use on lead paints too as the gel encapsulates the lead particles is most impressive and the ease of use and performance is amazing! -Rachel from Rawley, MA
  • It worked beyond my expectations. -Adam from Hickory, NC
  • The stripper adhered to vertical surfaces without running, stayed active for hours and was easily scraped away using only old credit cards. I was not able to smell it. I didn't sting my skin. I recommend this product without reservations. -Al from Los Angeles, CA
  • Best paint stripper I've used... it does all the work for me. I highly recommend. -Tom from Savannah, GA
  • Perfect for stripping paint... in the winter when you can't ventilate the house. -Karen from New York, NY
These are just some of the many five-star reviews for SOY-Gel™ on If you haven't tried SOY-Gel™ yet, pick some up for your next refinishing project, then let us know what you think! has over 15,000 customer product reviews to help you choose the right product for your application. Just another way we help you Create with Confidence™!