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Ridgid R3002 Fuego Reciprocating Saw Overmolded by Still Uncomfortable

Ridgid R3002 portable "Fuego" reciprocating saw Ridgid's R3002 "Fuego" reciprocating saw has easy to use blade and foot clamps, and it's body is extremely light. At 6 lbs. 9 oz., RIDGID’s “Fuego” reciprocating saw is the lightest, most compact saw in this group. The R3002’s narrow body, contoured two-finger trigger and rubber overmold bears some physical resemblance to the Makita saw, as does its rubber-covered blade clamp. But, while the clamp doesn’t lock open, it’s always useable regardless of blade stroke position — nice. Its pivoting foot takes the prize for the greatest number of adjustment positions at six. Unfortunately, its plastic locking lever felt flimsy and didn’t lock the foot firmly. [caption id="attachment_11706" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Ridgid orbital blade setting dial For adjustable orbital blade cutting, the Ridgid reciprocating saw has an easy-to-use dial on the top of the body. For aggressive cutting, the RIDGID’s orbital blade action worked well and was selectable via an easy-to-turn dial atop the body. But when I put the saw through my pedal-to-the-metal 2x8 cutting test, the R3002 turned in a third-worst time of 19 seconds. Despite the saw’s small 9-amp motor and short 3/4" blade stroke, I’d expected faster cutting performance due to the saw’s blade orbit and high top speed of 3,400 strokes per minute (SPM). Most of the other saws have a 2,800 SPM maximum. What the higher SPM did do was create a lot of vibration, which made this saw relatively uncomfortable to use.