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Rockler Rolls Out a Line of Colorful Casters

For the same reason inline skaters choose them to glide effortlessly across the asphalt, Rockler has chosen inline skate wheels to glide furniture across floors. Engineered for peak performance, these wheels have an elliptical profile that presents the smallest possible footprint to the ground for incredibly low rolling resistance, far less tendency to hang up on obstacles, and minimal surface area to gather sand and debris. Couple that with soft formula, non-marring polyurethane and PVC tires, and the result is one-finger ease when moving furniture, and zero scratches on hardwood floors. With a variety of colors and a clean, trim profile, they blend in nicely with modular furniture, kitchen workstations or visible-xs-inline bookcases for apartments and lofts. They also make a fun, colorful accent to children's furniture, and their superior rolling qualities make them an excellent upgrade for the shop. Lightweight, low-profile wheels in a variety of colors — either vibrant or subdued — lend a fresh look to almost any furniture item. Simply step on the lever to lock it in place. Non-marring polyurethane casters are available in a huge variety of colors in both lockable and non-lockable varieties. Other options include ceramic, hardwood, steel or polished brass. Whether using a stem or plate interface, installation is simple. Casters make an industrial-strength furniture glide — one that never needs replacement. A perennial favorite in industrial settings, this colorful lineup ushers the practicality of the workshop into the living room for a clean, contemporary look. A wide selection of casters is available at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nationwide, Rockler's independent resellers,, or from the Rockler catalog. For store locations or a free catalog, please visit or call 800-279-4441.